Replacable Batteries !!

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 12:11 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Firstly, I have found that more n more manufactures are doing away with replaceable batteries. While, I’m a big fan of ALL-THIN concept, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I want my battery to be glues into my phone with no access. Basically that’s like telling.. IF You get a problem with the battery, replace your phone. I want to have the flexibility of replacing a low battery model with higher power battery in the same phone without much trouble. The ones that do come with replaceable battery have a air like battery cover which is easily breakable.

Secondly, I feel like it’s time someone steps up to design a Common Battery technology that’s fits all 1-platform type phones and easily switchable between variant phones out there like Samsung, HTC, Moto and so on.

Same goes for Tablets too.

Any Thoughts !!

  • wild

    As for phones I agree, it’s great to have a replaceable battery and you are losing not much in thickness. Also it’s great to have spare battery in your pocket, just in case .
    As for tablets, especially 10″ tablets , batteries there are huge and they are using most of the space. If it will be replplaceable 1) it will add much more to the thickness of the device, not like in phones , 2) Probably you will not take with yourself huge 400g spare battery :)

  • Chris Clark

    Yeah, I don’t mind a slightly thicker phone to make up for a replaceable battery.

  • Ryan McFadden

    We need more phones like the RAZR MAXX

  • KPeter0314

    And without a replaceable battery you need to carry a paperclip to hit the ‘reset’ button when your phone locks up. Not a great option!

    Anyway, not really a fan of the super thin phones anyway. I’ve held on to a few and anything thinner than my Droid X and they are actually hard to hold on to. Then again I’m a few inches over 6 foot and have larger hands than most.

  • McLovin

    Non-user replaceable batteries is a “sin against mankind”. It’s irresponsible, bad for the planet, terrible engineering and bad for the consumers. It’s another legacy gifted to us from the almighty Steve Jobs. Thanks for the kool-aid Steve! Plenty are drinking it right up.

    In Europe there was a move to mandate all batteries needed to be user replaceable to abolish this terrible practice.

    It called the EU Battery Directive.

    …”It states that it must be easy for consumers to remove batteries from electronic products.”…