S3 wireless charging..

Posted Dec 17, 2012 at 1:29 pm in Threads > Rumors

Has anybody heard anything about the wireless charging being available for the S3 from Samsung? Asking specifically about the one from Samsung because it is suppose to utilize resonance charging and I’m excited to see how well it would work.

  • jonstle

    It is available for the s3. There are several articles I have found saying they are available at Verizon stores.

    But I have not seen anything else. As far as ones being produced by Samsung.

    • tommydaniel

      I know they are available in other forms, which is why I specifically said from Samsung. :)

    • decker

      So this is solely a 3rd party add on?

      • tommydaniel

        Yeah, jonstle is referring to the Verizon branded, LG manufactured charging pads. There are also ones made by ZEN. But those are all inductive. I was interested in the resonance charger Samsung announced but has failed to release.

        • jonstle

          I was referring to the Samsung produced inductive charging back cover for the Galaxy s3 phone the only people who are selling right now are Verizon at their retail outlets it is Qi compatible so it will work with any Qi compatiable charging pad.


          There is currently no Samsung produced charging pad for the Galaxy s3 for sale but they are working on it.


          • decker

            Thank you for the follow up

        • cody

          Resonance is Inductive Charging. We should Class Action Samsung because this feature was the main reason I got it to add to my Life style of Induction I already have in my home, Business and Vehicle.
          Feeling I have to build this myself is not making me happy at all. I do not want to be one of the Qi Standard people.
          Samsung/Qualcomm’s Wireless Power Group is here http://www.A4WP.org…and Duracell Powermat is part of them and their site is Powermatters.org…
          That story in October about mass production of charger units isn’t true and got started by a bored editor,,i found that exact story with one word changed from 2 years ago..
          Also check out what they have planned with Qualcomm’s new company they bought….Look up WiPower…it’s like WiFi electricity..I have another company’s working in my home

    • khogali

      i thought S3 doesn’t support it

      • tommydaniel

        The S3 does support wireless charging…

  • Nostril

    The S3 has some pins where you can connect a wireless charging receiver. They sell some third-party kits for this on Ebay, but I don’t have any experience with them:


  • Suszko

    The back cover blocks NFC and it has two extra tabs that need to be cut off for the case to lay properly on a non-Verizon S3. Not sure if they plan on releasing one for AT&T. I’ve been waiting since August for this to come out. I’m very disappointed in Samsung for not releasing this with the phone as an accessory or internal. This was a “feature” of this phone and its been out 8 months now and nothing. The S4 will be out by the time his comes out.

    • tommydaniel

      I agree, it was a feature I was looking forward to. Especially with it utilizing resonance charging. Maybe they will still release something soon. One can hope!

  • klcow92

    its just funny why Samsung did not market the wireless charging function when they first launched the phone. look what Nokia is doing now! everybody is so hyped up about wireless charging now

  • deegan87

    They should start building them into all the phones.

    Also, Motorola: I think wireless charging would be a great feature to add to a Defy 2

  • Superjorn

    Anybody seen anything yet? Ive tried to ask Samsung about the wireless charger, but everytime i post a question on their Facebook wall, the delete it. This is very disapointing!

  • Superjorn


  • gmaninvan

    Really wish they would just properly standardize this. It is going to be like gsm vs cdma all over again. Now it is Qi vs. the wireless charging consortium.

  • d7llu

    I posted the question on their Samsung Mobile UK facebook page

    “hi. i’ve got the samsung s3 i9305, and am still very impressed with it. but is there any news on the inductive charging yet as it was announced with the original but ha not materialized”

    The answer I got was

    Samsung Mobile UK Hey d7llu, no dates on this release yet but when we know more it will be on our news page – http://spr.ly/6033VUN5 ^George

    So no definitive answer!

  • nipunali

    Don’t know if it is too late to reply, but i got this wireless charger kit from Amazon for $34.99, works great till now. Here is the links: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DS34MO6/