S4 vs G2 vs One vs Nexus 5 ????

Posted Feb 01, 2014 at 10:48 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I’m a cheap Android user i get a phone every 2 years when my contract is up and then I only go for the one I could get for fairly cheap. This go round it looks like they are all $0.01 except for the Nexus for $35 on Amazon.


The camera is an important factor to me but i know i really like the Nexus line since i just got a Nexus 7

Help guys!

  • SGB101

    All cameras are great, so I’d choose the phone by battery and then Dev community. Even tho the nexus wins on Dev, it fails on battery. So I’d see which is supported best out of the Sammy and LG. Probably going to be the s4.

    Then I’d either put the Google play edition rom or cm11 on it.

    So for me it would be the sgs4, if buying on contract.

    • MisterLee

      im soooo interested in that cm stuffs…. but im scared i’d messed something up and get a brick or something.

      • Ryan Gails

        CM is awesome, but depending on what carrier you are on you won’t be able to do the whole custom ROM thing. I usually root/ROM my phones, but ATT locked down my S4 so I’m SOL.

        Other than that, I love my S4. Camera is great on it as well!

  • rohail

    Got nexus 5 and loving it..

  • Bill Pan

    When it comes to camera, it’s: 1. LG G2 2. GS4 3. Nexus 5, but only by a small margin. When it comes to battery, the LG G2 is the clear victor. I’ve actually had all three phones for at least two weeks each, and I can confidently say that. Overall, if you’re going to install a custom ROM or a launcher, definitely go for the LG G2. Beats out all others hands down.

  • JS

    Moto X, hands down.

  • kazahani

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    • Ryan Gails

      This comment though

  • NVardan

    I would suggest the G2, since it has a much better camera than the Nexus 5/HTC One and slightly better camera than the GS4. It also has a fantastic screen! I have the Nexus 5 though, since I’m a Nexus person. It is really an awesome device in every aspect except the battery life and speakers.