Samsung S III – Sexy or Ugly?

Posted May 03, 2012 at 3:42 pm in Threads > Opinions

My vote: Sexy!

  • iamXiV92a


  • jamal adam

    I can’t say it’s sexy but I can’t go so far as to say that it is ugly. It just seems so bland and uninspiring unlike the One X. However, that doesn’t mean that is doesn’t have appeal to others but for me not sexy nor does it give of a sexy vibe.

    • Nick Gray

      Ugly is a strong word. I’m not a fan of glossy phones. I’d rather have the HTC One X with its matte which or gray finish since you never have to worry about fingerprints.

      • erikiksaz

        Neither. It’s boring. Hello 2008/2009. Might as well call this the Galaxy S3s, they’ve pulled an Apple in terms of aesthetics.

        • erikiksaz

          And I forgot to add, it’s designed for humans? REALLY Samsung, I would not have known! What the hell else is capable of using a smartphone, something that has thumbs–an effing monkey? I’m sure glad they weren’t in mind when designing the phone! We sure would be embarassed!

          And a pebble, SERIOUSLY?! When was the last time you looked at a pebble and associated it with technology and/or anything that was aesthetically inspiring/cool? Are we or are we not in the year 2012?

          As much as I hate to say this, it’s bullcrap like that that makes Apple the market leader. Sure, they do an “s” rehash, but guess what, their original design is amazing and they CAN pull it off for another year because the design was THAT good.

          • skugern

            The Motorola PEBL was damn sexy (when it was out)

            Beauty/aesthetics doesn’t look to see what year we’re in.

          • ZzX44

            The iPhone was designed for sheep. I think that’s what they’re getting at.

          • Nuno Veiga

            Seriously? Is your brain so sheep oriented that you can’t understand a simple figure of style?

            The emphasis here is in “humans”, meaning that they’ve gone further to adapt the phone for daily “human” use. When they designed this phone, “human” was their leitmotif.

        • CHalvorsen

          It is not boring, though it is also certainly not ugly… It is different than anything else on the market right now(different does not mean better) so applaud samsung for at least trying to differentiate itself from the black slab form factor that characterizes so many of todays phones.

          The only phone right now that I think can be truly called sexy is the One X. But again everyone sees things differently.

    • bill c.

      Bland is the iphone.

    • Jasonhunterx

      You can easily get a better looking back cover or buy a metal one an your looking at the screen so does look matter that much?

  • Dr.Carpy

    I’m having a vision of love, and it was all cause the Galaxy 3!

    • bill c.

      I think a vision of love is closer, it looks classy.

  • kazahani

    It’s sexy. My wife’s jealous.

    • jaxidian

      I sure hope you mean that she’s jealous because you’ll be spending a lot of time with the phone and not because you think it’s sexier than her!

  • kzlife

    My main concern is the glossy back.. a fingerprint magnet :/

    • kazahani

      They don’t show up that much on a white background.

      • kzlife

        Yeah, I’m sorry, was referring to the pabble blue.. that one show fingerprints :/

        • jaxidian

          While I really can’t tell for certain by the photos, it seems to me that the blue isn’t glossy on back – it seems to be more of a matte finish. Or at least that was my thinking of it (and the reason why I had a preference towards it).

  • mkstvns

    Calling it ugly is a bit of a stretch. Sometimes I’m not sure if people properly understand the meaning of ugly, haha.

    Is it plain, boring, uninspired? Sure, possibly. But it can have those characteristics and still be described as handsome, professional, clean. That’s what Samsung was likely going for here.

    Would I have liked it to offer a more innovative design? Absolutely. Would have liked Samsung to give it a more expensive-feeling body?

    Admittedly, yes.

    It’s not the most important thing in the world, but I’m really looking forward to someone taking the body design and materials game right up to Apple, who I think is still killing the competition with the feel of the iPhone (no, I’m not forgetting that its always suffering shattered screens and backs).

    HTC has come close with the materials of the One X, but I don’t like its visual design, so that’s still a moot point for me.

    Overall, the GS3 looks fine. It’s not amazing to look at, but it could have been worse. Sometimes that’s enough to be thankful for.

    • commandlinekid

      It’s cool but the physical button you need to use to get back to Home is annoying and counter-productive I think.

      Try – A Command Line for the Web

  • redraider133

    I really like the design of it. I hope they do not change much for the carriers and can’t wait to see this on verizon, hopefully not to long after the other carriers.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Compared to the HTC One X, it is ugly.

    • Taknarosh

      100% agree. I think the One X sets the bar as far as smartphone design is concerned.

    • mlynch01

      I agree 100% I would have say even compared to the One S as well.

    • Cyryl

      Fine. Have fun checkin’ out your HTC’s body.

      Meanwhile… I’ll be feasting my eyes on that FAR SUPERIOR screen.

      It’s an excellent design. I don’t know about “sexy” but it’s simplicity is definitely merited. Especially because the SAMOLED+ screen IS, by far, superior to all other smartphones.

      • Alex

        Except the SGS3 IS NOT SAMOLED+. Just SAMOLED. Pentile + Horrible design = One X wins.

        • kazahani

          Galaxy Nexus screen is both PenTile and beautiful. Sub-pixel density stops mattering when you get to 720p definition.

          • superlinkx

            Except that it causes text to look a little fuzzy, and technically, it is an inferior display tech, even if it is somewhat unnoticeable in daily use.

      • Lightning7

        1. The SGS3 uses regular SAMOLED, not plus, just with a 720p resolution.
        2. Super LCD 2 has been regarded as the new standard (better than Super Amoled+).
        3. I know I have bagged on HTC about many things, including taking thinness over battery life, but after seeing the SGS3, HTC has hit the nail right on the head with the HTC One series. I’m really starting to hope that they do make the next Nexus.

        • leon

          yeah and google just announced samsung as their partner for next nexus!

          • jaxidian

            They did? I missed this. Can you give me a link, please?

      • James

        Are you guys kidding calling this thing ugly? I went and took a close look at the HTC One X and I don’t know what phone You’re looking at but the HTC One X I saw was UGLY. This phone however is pretty, it’s thin and has a beautiful display, and will inevitably be the best selling Android phone on the market until the next Nexus comes out at least. You guys are crazy calling this thing igly!

        • James


    • kazahani

      I disagree. I like the GS3 better. For some reason I really don’t like the big knobby camera bump on the One X. GS3 seems smoother, like a Palm Pre.

      • Kyler S

        Well since Palm failed I don’t think Samsung should be taking design ideas form them. It might not turn out so well

        • Jonathan Mallett

          Palm failed because of their very (very!!!) cheap build quality and lack of developer support.

        • kazahani

          If I remember correctly, the G1 didn’t sell very well either. Good thing Android OEMs don’t take advice from you, or else we might not have Android as we know it today.

          • nipun

            yeah bro,
            u r ryt ,sammy might look at these issue and try to solve them in next flagship…like learning from siri sammy integrated s voice …..and some other cool feature …..but i dont understand y so criticism for design and all it got some pretty heavy specs

  • Ardrid

    It’s alright, but I would take an iPhone 4S, Nokia Lumia 900, or HTC One X over it any day of the week.

  • Lekz

    Not sexy for me, but not ugly at all. That said, it’s not as pretty as the One X. I’ll have to weight out the (US version) specs before deciding which to get this summer.

  • Wunako

    like everyone else says its really not ugly but its not at all sexy its borderline plane borderline sleek. the one X and S both look gorgous next to the GS3. i read somewhere that samsung suffered from over hype which i can see how i really was also expecting something…. i guess different? well if anything i have to say the features on it are pretty cool concept cant wait to see how devs port them and see how google’s own assistant goes up against it

  • Jaywrayson

    Looks just like the original Samsung Galaxy.

  • Lox

    Definitively sexy but the issue are the materials used.

  • droiddewd

    I would say not sexy. Though ugly is too harsh. I would agree that if it was designed like the One X it would be far more appealing design wise.

  • kwills88

    It’s like a combination of the S1 and the T-MOBILE SII… I think with all the hype and the “leaks” I am kinder underwhelmed. But the specs are a beaut.

  • sbiki85

    Bleah… very uglyyyyyyy!:(

  • furius

    Almost indifferent… Now I’m sure: my next device will be an HTC…
    One X or One S? Argued suggestions are welcome! :-)

    • Wunako

      all honesty i have the one s and i love it but if i had the choice between the 2 for tmobile id jump at the chance to get the one x not for the 4+1 but because i wanted a screen size bigger then 4.3 and nfc but ill take what i can get. and if rumors hold true about a g4x variant ill find a way to get one lol

  • Doan

    Middle of the line. I can’t call an ICS device with physical or capacitive buttons sexy.

  • paul

    The front is very nice but the back is typical boring samsung very plane.HTC & Sony do better

  • rijans

    It’s too much ugly and childish design. Why the fucking Samsung didn’t keep S2 look atleast? Indeed I wanted a S3 like it >>

    My S2 is enough good! Will never buy it, rather go for 4S or One X !

    • leon

      SII being sued by apple for its design so samsung try to avoid patent laws even the design not from samsung will! samsung partnered with a lawyer to design this phone.

  • jian9007

    It’s ugly. One hardware and 2 capacitive buttons? Either make them all hardware, all software, or all capacitive buttons. Look at the speaker on the back. It looks like a bathtub drain. The back has the black sticking out on both sides like a Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie. The front sides are also too far away from the screen. Also, the quad-core on the inside is last-gen A9 (with a last-gen Mali-400 GPU) and the display is pentile, so it’s as ugly on the inside as it is out.

  • Reggie

    I’ve always told myself that if htc can have the guts as a Samsung device, or Samsung could have the design of an HTC device , then I would take either or because of those qualities. htc because of the design. They finally managed that with the one x series. I’m really leaning towards the evo 4g lte.

  • Steve Nutt

    I’m sitting here comparing it to my SGS1 and thinking, “oh look, they made it curvier… and that’s it…”

    Honestly I’m waiting to see what Sony’s next phone is, as I really like the squared off Xperia S design compared to the HTC and Samsung designs.

    If I needed to chose out of the 3 right now, I’d probably go Xperia S, One X, SGS3…

    p.s. I still think the worst thing about my SGS is how it looks.

    • jaxidian

      I actually have an Xperia S (white) that I’m evaluating for a couple weeks. At first glance, it’s a neat looking phone and certainly looks different than most other phones. However, the more I use it the less I like it.

      1) The screen looks really faded and it just isn’t a pleasant experience (compared to my Galaxy Nexus or a Galaxy S Fascinate I recently setup for my mother-in-law).
      2) The battery cover is FAR too easy to remove. I have inadvertently removed it a couple times already without meaning to.
      3) In a dark room, the location of the capacitive buttons are far too difficult to see/feel. I find myself having to hit them a couple times before I actually really hit them.
      4) No ICS yet.

      It’s by no means a terrible phone, just I’m not sure I would include it as being comparable to a Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X/S, or Galaxy S3.

  • Slith

    Sexy and it knows it.

  • bolanrox

    ehh its ok but whats up with the buttons? i thought we were past those now :)

  • Clark Wimberly

    I won’t call it ugly but it could easily be better.

  • Manuel Ricci

    Absolutely SEXY!

  • Hank

    Any phone bigger than 4″ is too big. Id like this on better if it was smaller? So as of this year every android phone is ugly. Sad I’m being forced away from android because every maker wants to make ~5″ phones.

    • jaxidian

      If you’re on VZW, wait for the HTC Incredible LTE. It’s essentially a 4″ HTC One S. Sounds perfect for you!

    • osamadroidladden

      Little phones seem like if squeeze them to hard I’m going to break it….iPhone is to small for eyes…then its like a woman’s phone or a status symbol

  • George

    I wouldn’t say its horrible looking. But, I wouldn’t call it gorgeous either. In terms of design, the GALAXY Note and Id say even the GALAXY S II look far better. Then again the GALAXY S III isn’t Samsung’s only flagship phone.

  • skugern

    On a scale of 1 (ugly) to 10 (hot damn), I’d vote it an uninspired 6. This is mainly due to the lack of attempt to hide the camera/prox sensor on the front of the phone.

    Also, I’m not a huge fan of the more rounded corners – but more square corners might be misconstrued as “copying apple.”

  • aranea

    I need to hold it i my hand but so far the pictures look good.

  • Radu

    If you don’t like it don’t buy it. I wouldn’t mind being the only one to have it.

  • guest

    Ithink it looks simple and clean but it is not very inspired as others have said. I think the design is good but it just doesn’t have that flagship feel that needs to be associated with the galaxy sIII. Maybe for like a lesser phone such as the galaxy y series or whatever they’re called.
    But it is definitely not ugly and I love the front of the device at least!

  • Matt

    hey guys i think i know why the galaxy s3 design is . . just like we see it today

    and thats explained everthing . . the galaxy s3 is designed by LAWYER!

  • robiun

    I won’t call any phone sexy but I rather like the design of the sgs3 and my main wishes have been granted ; hardware home button and notification led.
    I have spend a few hours comparing the screen of my sgs2 against a galaxy nexus and an iPhone 4 and I can honesty say that pentile isn’t a problem FOR ME.

  • Jonathan Mallett

    I like it. It’s not the best looking phone in the world, but I’m tiered of squares so I like how curved it is and it’s slightly quirky how it’s got different angles at the top and the bottom. Besides the spec underneath that shell are amazing (other than the display). Removable 2100mAh battery ftw :)

  • BSG

    Not sexy, but beutifull. Good form, and very usefull.

    • Manroth

      I can agree with that assessment.

  • ZzX44

    The corners bug me. I hate curvy gadgets. The whole we put nature in a phone sounds like the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Otherwise it looks like a great phone. SGSII E4GT is moar sexy however =D

  • BSG

    I like mine SG2, because it is very very useful, and because of the plastic cover, the phone is able to take a meeting with mr. asphalt or mrs. cement without bigger problems :)
    I’m sure SG3 will be a super smartphone, packet with functionality and can meet mr. asphalt and mrs. cement with same hospitality as SG2 :)

    I don’t know why some people are expecting that Samsung will have the same design as the iPhone, because it isn’t a iPhone, it’s more a Lamborghini.

    And why metal or glas cover, it will only make it more heavy…

  • Robbie

    It’s neither sexy or ugly. It’s just ok.
    Samsung could have done better

    • Guitaraholic

      Agree with this – I wouldn’t called the HTC One X sexy either tbh…..

  • Jonathan Mallett

    I think the one thing everyone can agree on is that Samsung cannot put on a good cohesive presentation. The videos they used to display the phone’s features where confusing and some quite disturbing…

  • Reiner

    Remember this phone is not made for geeks, it’s made for the mass consumer market and this is a very safe design and differentiated from the boxy design to attract the ladies. They are not aiming for a Ferrari but more of a Toyota Camry / Corolla which sells a lot more.

  • osamadroidladden

    so r we gonna see victoria secret on a phone next…lol….its not sexy but I love it. If it was designed like the one x ppl would say Samsung is a copy cat. I don’t see y apple says that the s2 looks like iPhone and it doesn’t at all but I think Sammy will do well, you can’t please everyone

  • CHalvorsen

    You cannot judge a device just by the image you see on your computer screen or smartphone (in my case the One X). While the GSIII may look uninspiring from the numerous hands-on videos and unboxings anyone who is visiting this site has undoubtably watched, it is unfair to judge a device until you actually have held it in your hands. Though Sammy is often criticized for its build materials, they are marketing this device as being built to seemlessly blend into the human and his daily pursuits.

    All I am saying is don’t rush to judgements until you have actually held the device in person, because honestly I thought the same thing about the GSII until I actually held the beast for the first time. Give Sammy a chance.

  • kevjj10

    Its not sexy but its an aesthetically pleasing phone, it looks good and the U.S version will hopefully look better maybe bringing that sexy title back into the mix.

  • MehMaster

    So what we have here are mainly ravenous HTC fan-boys, still hungry from scent of blood stemming from this potential rival (seeing as it may have bested their recent purchase), and hitherto are attacking this phone’s design left, right and centre.

    It is easy to distinguish these people from those actually interested in the Galaxy brand itself: for starters, the Galaxy S owners (of all prior iterations) will be considering an upgrade, and as a consequence wouldn’t jump to forgone, explosive conclusions like “its ug-ly!” before properly observing it.

    Next, the HTC One X design is being lauded over and above what it deserves. Admittedly, the front of the phone is appealing, but the BACK has a massive cyclops of a camera jutting out from it (e.g. just an inch short of a grown man being able to slide down the shutter slopes). it is also NO POORER in quality than the latest Galaxy’s offering, as both sport a poly-carbonate finish- save that Samsung (and maybe unwisely) have employed the use of Hyper-Glaze to shine it all up.

    Lastly, both phones have drastically broken the mode from there prior iteration. Sammy has neglected the boxy, rigid look (which some GSII owners will evidently despise them for), whilst HTC have dropped their aluminum design, and drastically cut down the phone’s premium weight and UI flamboyancy. Its just that Samsung followers maybe do not appreciate change.

    So what do I think of the phone’s design, you may ask. Meh, I don’t really give a toss what the design is, but I certainly know it is not UGLY and not bested by other brands. To be honest, people more concerned about the design than the capabilities of the phone should not be out here in the Galaxy- but in that tiny little sheep-fold somewhere in the British countryside (ya know what I’m talking about).

    • Rovex

      Clearly you have no aesthetic sense then. Sure features are important, but for me the look is just as important. I wont buy an ugly car for example because i wouldn’t want to have to look at it and not desire it. What each of us find attractive is different, i hate the Apple look for example, but for me this phone is dull and i dont desire it.

      • MehMaster

        Ah, so now you’re ‘aesthetic’ taste is the determinant of the global preference in smartphone design? You may not buy the ugly car- but I guarantee you someone else will.

        Besides, the main jist of my argument was not to state the GS3 was “sexy”, but to enlighten many HTC fanboys that this phone is not diminutive in appearance when contrasted to the looks of the One X. The rest I can not be bothered to quarrel with you about, since I neither feel here nor there to your opinion. Meh.

    • SGB101

      The thing is, we have got to a point where specs don’t matter as much, as the hardware has out passed the software, just like PCs have done.

      there is no need to upgrade ever 12 to 18 months , as your phone will work, so no you need to make the phone look old by producing look looking devices.

      So now looks and feel matter more than ever.

      • MehMaster

        This is a respectable post. Yes I agree that the looks matter, but essentially, if we all bought phones for the looks, we’d be at CNET trolling about how the iPhone is the greatest. Comparing this phone (whom’s design is neither her nor there in my mind) to One X’s design, then calling the former ‘ugly’, is just a waste of a post. There is no quantifiable or justifiable reason for it: its merely a HTC fanboy clawing at the Samsung product. I can give a few reasons why each phone is better than the other aesthetically- so in the end, we reach common ground.

    • swazedahustla

      So…..first you rant on about fan-boys, then you proceed to expose yourself for being a fan-boy, except your on the samsung team. I guess since you want to be a copy of apple I can’t call you a sheep because I might get sued by apple. So instead we’ll call you a goat.

      • MehMaster

        … smh. And you are?

        If this is a reply to me, I’m presume you feel a little butt hurt from my bluntness; consequently instilling within you that burning desire to troll, without a cause nor reason- please: don’t reply with worthless comments.

  • Rovex

    Its not so much ugly as boring and cheap. Simply put it doesn’t look like the most powerful phone you you can buy, it looks like a low end device with a massive screen.

    If it were black i could just about tolerate it, but the white is ugly (i hate all-white phones) and the blue is positively disgusting. It looks like a cheap case bought on ebay.

    Im trying to find it acceptable, but i cant, maybe if i didnt love my S2 so much i could swap, but i do. Sorry Samsung, you lost a customer.

  • nipun

    in my opinion
    its a device with heavy specs, but the thing is that android users dont accept a half good product….thats make us stand apart from isheeps who will accept whatever apple offers them cuz any guesses…yes becoz they dont have any option…..iphon 4s same as iphone 4 but no…thses isheeps bought them like anything ….this the whole this actuall we are not biased like isheep…we have courage to mock a great device like samsung s3 because we think something is missing… the end its the android which will evolve ….

  • Just a Guest


  • masterpfa


    Not too impressed with the backside but I do like the look of this baby from the front and as the saying goes,”you don’t look at the mantle piece as you are stocking the fire”

    Chances are this would be face up on a desk most of the times and she looks good enough from that angle

  • theDL


  • fc1032

    It’s not UGLY, but I wouldn’t call it sexy either. It’s acceptable and I think white looks better than the blue.

    I would say it’s a little BLAND for a flagship devices and it seems uninspired considering how close it looks to the Gnex.

    I’m really not like touchwizz on this though, it looks like those tacky widgets from the market put together…

  • Kashif Mansoor

    It is big and ugly. If you can make nearly border less TV why not less wide Phone. It is too big and extremely ugly on top it is pentile display big no no for me and I have already got rid of Galaxy S2 and will get rid of Tab 10.1 due to slow update

  • skyflakes

    For a phone, it’s not ugly at all.

    But we’re talking about a FLAGSHIP phone here. Compared to other phonemakers’ flagship devices, it looks terribly uninspiring. It’s very thin but everything else about the design is just blah.

    • jaxidian

      Just to play devil’s advocate here…

      What if instead of trying to make a phone that looks incredibly unique and eye-catching, they were actually trying to make phone that looked “normal yet nice”? Instead of trying to make this device something that stands out, maybe they’re trying to make this device blend into a non-geek’s daily life while still providing the amazing features/performance of the best on the market?

      I’m not saying this is what they are or should be doing, but just saying, what if? Is that a bad idea?

  • Laurel laurel25

    I like it because it’s just nice and simple. I don’t like flashy phones and since I usually put a case on my phone, I don’t really care so much what it looks like. I

  • tmihai20

    I think it’s not bad, but I choose One X over S III, for many reasons. I just don’t like the big Home button, in comparison with One X (it has touch buttons). S III looks a little like the One X, having round corners. S III has not convinced me to buy it, sadly.

  • vlooas

    Ugly! I’m a droid fanatic but that looks like an iphone rip off and that shiny plastic is terrible on the back. Also HTC and Motorola make their rear lens and light look sexy while Samsung always has those weird squares separated at the top, hideous..

  • BSG

    Coveret er måske ikke specielt smukt, det er det hellere ikke på HOX for den sags skyld.
    Men forsiden og siden er smuk (en kvinde er sexet, ikke en mobil).
    Hvorfor de har beholdt “home” knappen” er lidt uforstÃ¥eligt, men de ved nok hvad de gør.
    Hvis jeg købere den, er det for alle dens finesser og grim er den bestemt ikke.

  • MoSDeeb

    It’s an okay looking phone, but I think we were just let down by our own expectations. I didn’t think they would still be using capacitive touch buttons.

  • Yonas

    Sexy curves,sexy upfront,but DANG that back ugly.

    • jaxidian

      Do you like the blue one? I think the back on the blue one looks quite nice!

  • acostaisasmendi

    It’s the UGLIEST phone I’ve seen. SERIOUSLY.

  • h0ruza

    I don’t think its either. If anything its bland.

  • marcus1518

    This thing is as ugly as a naked mole rat…..

  • yurma415

    i have the pebble blue. i don’t think it’s ugly, but it’s slick and i wish they’d worked a texturized battery cover on to in like the g2.

  • Nwemo

    Not ugly as such,but it’s boring.I think the S2 looks nicer.
    In direct comparison with its competitor (HTC One X) I think it’s much nicer looking & a better phone overall:P

  • Dorkstar

    Definitely sexy.

  • overclockthesun

    Its sexy alright. Absolutely no doubt about it.

  • darkgreen

    i’m not a fan of rounded phones.

  • kookeetree

    Looks sexy but feel wise, not so much.

  • lephilwld

    very ugly, yet it has too much processing power for the battery to last long enough

  • kelltrash14

    Sexy front, ugly back.

  • bdub

    I really dig the overall looks of the S3… with the exception of the home button. My wife has the blue model and it just looks good in hand to me. If that phone had on-screen buttons I would have considered buying outright from my Gnex.

  • Thor997

    Definitely 7/10.

  • RogerSpruce

    Sexy as hell.

  • melloburger

    You don’t get the full effect until you hold one and swipe across the screen for the first time…. definitely sexy. There’s a reason why the S III is the best selling Android device.

  • decker

    I like but after seeing it side by side with the Note2. I vote Note.

    Don’t be hating.

  • pliu.2014

    I agree with another comment that a matte finish gives that premium touch because it looks kind of cheap with plastic shiny material but there is much that you mask with plastic. They should of made it from metal.

  • acuda27

    Super Sexy…..I thought the One X was very sexy, but the camera pimple doesn’t impress much!

  • gp126904

    Ugly, Samsung needs to ditch the physical buttons and adopt the on-screen buttons. I just cant stand the huge home button, it irritates me.

  • Brandon Thomas

    Damn sexy, especially compared to my work cranberry I’m still stuck with!

  • Stig03


  • Prasoon Tiwari 1

    Sexy in Peformence but Ugly in its Looks because My friend has SIII and when i saw it i felt that its screen is too big for daily use . If its screen would be 4.0 Inches then i will love it .

  • fbrubbo

    Sexy. Love mine

  • crossbred900

    I like it. I prefer black though.

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    It’s okay but definitely not sexy.

  • mory

    I dont like plastic covering :)

  • Jeffdwisc

    Neither. It is a decent looking phone, but the design is nothing mindblowing.

  • bbmore2

    It get a sexy vote from me! I love it.

  • titanium man

    It’s not Ugly or Sexy. it’s nice, streamlined, not too bland or too out there. It’s a pretty nice design and it appeals to different people. I myself don’t mind it much. I’m not sure if i like the rounded corners. I know my girlfriend loves it though haha so she gives it a Sexy vote.

  • lou2cool88

    It’s sexy hardware but less-than-sexy software. It’s such a sleek phone. Touchwiz has some great features but it definitely falls short in the looks/aesthetics department. It would look great with vanilla android 4.2 though!

  • r90a22

    Look good to me. Like very good

  • VerticalCobra

    At least the S3 looks better than the S2! However, its a dash on the larger side. Sexy 1: Ugly:0

  • Tom Crusing

    Reminds me of Shrek. I’d rather have a more aesthetic phone with half the specs and half the price. For a top of the line phone, UGLYY

  • whatever…

    This phone looks just horrible. WHenever i look at an S3, i see a sensitive device that can break by just touching a wood surface with it. The S2 looks a LOT better than this crap. Also performs faster in my opinion.