Samsung’s Campaign for the SGSIII

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 12:47 pm in Threads > Opinions

… Will all the anti-Apple affect your decision on a Samsung device?

I think the references to iSheep and the Australian “WAKE UP” campaign are completely unecessary. I would still buy a Samsung if it’s the best choice (among Android devices) all things considered, tho.

  • Chris Clark

    I’ve always preferred ads that just tell me about the device. What is it, and why is it good?

    That’s all I need. Nothing flashy or strange, no giant robots, no dancing in the streets, etc…

    In Canada, The Bay does great radio advertisements. A lady just talking, describing the product currently on sale, why it is good and how much it is. Though I’m not interested in any of those products I love the ads.

  • B2L

    Not at all, with these ads I might even be more inclined to purchase a Samsung device. I think it’s quite hilarious that Samsung is making a joke out of it. In my opinion Apple deserves it for starting all of those lawsuits.

  • wild

    Is this campaign effective? Probably yes
    Is this good ? No, but they are in patent wars, so it’s normal.
    Is SGS 3 still best choice in the nearest future ? Defenetly yes :)

  • bolanrox

    I am still not sure if if find it funny or just childish. If they can play up the joke factor then it is pretty funny, if it turns into muck raking from both sides, then i might as well what the political debates

  • RX-78-7

    I found the whole wake up thing to be silly. Their Note commercial have been a lot better.

  • TopherM21

    I love my SGS2 and the ad campaign doesn’t affect me at all in terms of future purchases

    • RX-78-7

      Oh, it wont affect my future purchases either, but the campaign seems out of touch.