Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, just won my heart over.

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Introducing GALAXY Note II (First Launch – KOREA)

Samsung Galaxy Note II S Pen features (Korean)

I already wanted this phone to begin with, but watching this and the introduction to the new features made me really want to sell everything i own just to buy this phone (wont get an upgrade for now)..Never thought i’d ever be this excited about a phone in my life, but there i was, in awe.

It really amazes me just how far Samsung has come, who would have thought that the company who’s known for their flip phones would be, in my opinion, the most innovative cellphone maker to date. Granted they did use apple as an inspiration for their start up, but once they did establish a name for themselves in the world of android, they took the momentum and separate them self from the pack, and to me, that’s what i call a true competitor and what competition should be all about (take ideas/inspirations from others, learn, and better yourself).

  • Dr.Carpy

    Well what took you so long!!! I kidding! The Note 2 has been the phone I’ve wanted since I got the Note 1. I’m hoping the Note 2 gets released early. I need the magic that is the Note 2. Plus I think that buying a phone unlocked is the only way to go. No one should be beholden to a carrier, no matter how good service is.

  • redraider133

    The note 2 does look awesome. I cannot wait until it makes it to a verizon store so I can go in and play around with it. I definitely thing the phone is big but from playing around with a note, definitely isn’t as large as some think. This is an awesome phone.

  • kwills88

    I am kinda worried these are just exclusive to the Korean Model, if so, it would be a silly move by Samsung to pull something like that, hoping this will be a global thing and not an exclusive.

  • orangestrat

    Not to temper your enthusiasm, but Samsung has a long history of marquee features that sound awesome and just straight up don’t work. See any note 10.1 review, or literally any s-gimmick on the S3. This phone is probably awesome for all the reasons the OG note was: its huge, fast and has a great screen. Just don’t trust what Samsung tells you, try before you buy!

    • Bpear96

      I got a Galaxy Note 10.1 a couple days ago, and I can tell you right now, the majority of the features samsung added are very useful and not gimmicky.
      1. The miniapps samsung added are very cool, and most are useful. And they will be adding a bunch more when Jelly Bean arrives
      2.S-Note, Polaris Office, and PS-Touch are all bundles and work great. The polaris office on this tablet has many unique features compared to others
      3.The multitasking works great and very awesome, but it is limited to a small set of selective apps, but looks like samsung is added more, like in the video, and on the Note 10.1 galaxy note JB leak (its for 3G model, and freezes randomally on my WIFI model, thats why im not running it)
      4.Game Hub, Music Hub and Media hub, they work how they should, but i will likely never use them, and end up removing them with root probably. May be a slight gimmick
      5. I actually quite like S-Suggest, its apps Samsung suggests for the S-Pen and just apps in general, I love the fact that Rom Manager is there :D
      6.This tablet does not have S-Voice, which is a good thing IMO :P, I loaded up Google Now for ICS from XDA

      Oh and this is the only Android device I have ever been happy running it stock, its fast has next to no bloat, except for maybe Nook app, and S Hubs, and has lots of Samsung Exclusive features id miss if a ran a ROM like CM10 etc. If a nice Samsung FW based rom is released, i would probably run it.

  • aichaco

    Bought myslef a french model and works totally fine :) Just today, I sold off my Note 10.1 as Galaxy Note 2 cover everything I did with S3+Note+Note10.1

    -Fast… Really fast!!! Galaxy Note 10.1 has 2GB Ram but has lags compared to this.
    -Pen reacts better on Note 2 than Note 10.1. I’d prefer drawing on Note 2.
    -Battery 3,100mah
    -Accessories are now availballe (few though)
    -screen is crisp than the old Note. feels like an upsized S3.
    -Camera better than old Note, looks same as S3′s
    -Multitasking at best (split screen) etc like Note 10.1 (but not that useful… only works on few apps and not tolerable for this screen size)
    - S-pen is thick enough for my fingers now. No need for pen holder kit :p
    - overall internet experience seems faster. seriously.. is this something that jelly bean (4.1.1) does??

    - It is so ironic that this looks so similar to the old Note at a glance. Does not feel refreshing on hands :p feels like i’m holding my old white Note.
    - Battery did level up but consumption is higher than the old note.
    - IS THIS THICKER? HEAVIER? being honest it feels that when your used to S3. (obviously.)
    - Lacks accessories for now.
    - Only white is available for the time being
    - S-pen’s button is so hard to push!
    - No favorite apps installed.. like polaris, photoshop, (but u can get em on the internet)
    - from regular sim size, trimmed down to micro sim.

    There, i can make a review if needed (-w-)v
    Conclusion: Get a Galaxy Note 10.1 + S3 + Galaxy Note and put it in a blender… TADA!!! you get a GALAXY NOTE 2!!! o(>w<)o

    • kwills88

      Congrats on your purchase, and from your cons list it seems there isnt a lot to really complain about it.

      thanks for the quick overview.