Samsung’s mocking of iOS users – overdone?

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 7:17 pm in Threads > Opinions

I’m all for the little commentary jabs at iOS every now and then. My girlfriend’s an iOS fan, so I always hit her up with the backhanded comments about her new ipad =p “The new screen is so nice, damn shame you’ll have to repurchase all your apps to enjoy it!”

But that’s user-to-user goofing around, which is fine. Samsung on the other hand, has taken this mud-slinging too far and seems to have forgotten about promoting its own products. Most of the commercials I’ve seen from Samsung have little to do with their products. Given the length of the commercials, a good chunk of the run is indirectly mentioning another competitor’s product. Then at the very end, the Samsung product gets shown ever so briefly, with little to none of its features extolled.

More or less, what they’re saying in their overpriced, stupid commercials is, “Don’t be an iOS sheep, blinded by what little Apple offers you, PERIOD.”

WHERE IS THE SELL?! Seriously, what makes your product compelling? What does it allow you to do that competing product doesn’t? Is it just me or do they need to switch advertising agencies?

  • danferan

    I agree. I think there are better strategies out there. Some jabs are justified, but I think Android has a lot more to offer – real, superior experiences – that they could use to sell.