Sesame Street previews augmented reality for kids

Posted Apr 13, 2012 at 10:47 am in Threads > Apps & Games

Makes my original Gameboy look like shit.

Also, here’s a preview of the future of AR ads coming to magazines near you.

  • bolanrox

    yay more toys to add to my Daughters holiday / birthday wish lists :)

  • Matthew H

    Just what we need, to turn the three dimensional world into a flat 2D environment. I don’t see this taking off until we have real hologram-like displays, where the world and look* 3D again.
    *simulated 3D, not actual objects.

  • bolanrox

    makes me wish i bought that Nintendo 3d set up back in the 90′s :) that infrared looking migraine inducing headset :)

  • Shay D. Life

    I think the gaming side would be cool. For one it would take away from installing huge games when you could just whip out a piece of paper. Lol. Also, I’m sure everyone has had a moment where they could see how something works right on the page in a magazine. Just give it time. This looks good.

  • thekaz

    I wish someone could create an AR app that let’s me live in the reality my kids seem to live in…