Should Google help T-mobile?

Posted May 17, 2012 at 1:45 am in Threads > Opinions

Its no secret that t-mobile in the US is struggling and I was thinking~If Google could help T-Mo how could they?
Some people give T-Mo flack but personally (and as a customer) I think T-mo is the best carrier for android. Verizon is Verizon -__- AT&T really only cares about how many I-Phones they move and Sprint only advertises EVO phones. I think Google should throw T-Mo a bone. With their new unlocked nexus a good majority of those are most likely going to be activated on T-Mo since no one wants to be on AT&Ts bloated and bogged down network. So they are giving them some business but I really want Google to give something good to T-Mo, maybe a game changer? ‘
what are you guys thoughts?

  • ranwanimator

    T-mo doesn’t seem interested in helping itself, so I don’t see why any other company would help them out.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    T mobile has made it clear that they are willing to take on the unlocked Nexus. I think going forward they are going to be the choice for folks that are not wanting to sign contracts, or those folks that buy their devices directly from Google.

  • Carlos icee0711

    My family was with them for 13 years. They started calling us on all lines multiple times asking us to switch our plan because it would be “better.” What they meant was less data and minutes even, and a higher fee for messaging. They can rot in hell.

  • preemoney

    Yes Google should help or buy T-Mobile. And T-Mobile needs to build out in rural America. And if possible go in build in the Caribbean where a lot of Americans go for vacation. Then grab up the iPhone just to say yes we have the iPhone and it has not help our sells at all.

  • Dee

    I don’t think buying T-mo is good idea.

    1. Google bought Motorola and now they don’t know what to do with it. Imagine them with a whole wireless provider?

    2. I’m sure it would be some kind of issue with the FCC

    3. It would create conflicts with other carriers

    I just think that Google should throw T-mo a bone and give them dibs on the Nexus program. Obviously an Iphone isn’t coming T-mo’s way anytime soon and it probably isn’t a good idea since it degrades networks.

    • professandobey

      Are you absolutely sure that they don’t know what with Moto? It’s not uncommon for companies to keep their plans quiet until after the purchase is finalized, and even afterwards they often give it some time before making changes so that they can learn all the ins and outs of the company.

  • jak2rocks

    I really think they should. After all, Android launched on T-Mobile… Remember the G1? Still have mine. As for what they should do, I honestly have no idea…

  • Alex Pitts

    Personally, I’d like to see a Google subsidized Nexus device on T-Mo. A top end device with a price point of $99 dollars or something along those lines.

  • TraceYaromi

    As a sprint employee I sell more iphones then all android devices combined and only steer people away from HTC. Why? because I like Apple? Hell No, because they don’t get returned, But I digress. I’m not much for the HTC line up. However I think sprint works best with google just because of how much google relies on cloud storage, and how Sprint gives unlimited data

  • PapaLos

    I’ve been saying it for a long time: T-Mo should be the unofficial Android provider, with Google behind them or not. Not only because they need an edge so they can focus on it, but because they’re the only ones without an iphone – a fact that I am COMPLETELY happy with -.

    Aside from a few minor issues I never had any problems with them and when my contact is up late this year, I’m going to try to talk the wife into staying with them because I feel they’re finally going to be stepping up their game next year. All Android with Googles help? Maybe not, but there’s gotta be something.

  • jaxidian

    Simple fact of the matter is that Verizon has decided to help T-Mobile. In the next year or two, T-Mobile will see a surge of transfers from Verizon.

  • Jiltedae

    I don’t see why google should favor one carrier over another simply because they’re doing poorly. I could, however, see google throwing a bone to whatever carrier keeps unlimited data plans available. This trend of cracking down on data use may start cutting into google’s advertising revenue from youtube and elsewhere.