Should i still get the Asus TF700??

Posted Aug 02, 2012 at 9:51 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

So like many who want the TF700, i have wanted it for a loooooong time. It is barely now coming out, with a 3-4 week wait on Amazon (its not even on Newegg) {Fyi i want the Champagne 32Gb version) and the keyboard dock with a 1-2 month wait. Disappointing that it’s release of Mid-July seemed to be on paper only (low stock).

So my question really is: Is the TF700 still THE Android tablet to get? It seems like right this second, it is..but its been announced for so long and not actually out, i am not sure if there’s anything in the pipeline by the end of 2012 that is better.

Thankfully i don’t have to bring up the question “What if the TF700T doesnt get jellybean?” cause ASUS announced it will:

We are pleased to announce that many of our tablet products are scheduled to receive an update to Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. The ASUS Transformer Pad, ASUS Transformer Pad Prime and ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity are all scheduled to receive Android 4.1 updates in the coming months. We will provide further guidance on our expected timeframes for these updates near their release.

  • NamelessTed

    The tech waiting game definitely sucks. I would say that if you have to wait a month or two to get the product from the time you buy it, then I wouldn’t do it. Not because it wouldn’t be worth the wait, but because there might be a better tablet that fits your needs at that point.

    While I really like ASUS, they have had some major problems getting their tablets to market. I originally wanted the Transformer Prime, which launched back in December, but was impossible to get. So I ended up getting the standard Transformer. Since then I have sold it and gotten the TF300T which I absolutely love. I actually prefer the non-metal backing of the TF300T and the cheaper price is a plus as the slightly better screen isn’t an issue for me.

    How long are you willing to wait to get the perfect tablet? I would bet there will be a Tegra 3+ tablet out by the end of the year. Then there will be the new Tegra 4 coming out next year. I am happy with my Tegra 3 powered tablet now but who knows how I will feel a year from now. With technology, I think the best advice is to buy the product that meets your needs that is available right now otherwise you will be waiting forever.

    • orangestrat

      It actually already has the 3+, so there’s that.

  • M3rc Nate

    I pose that this TF700 has been the worst waiting game of any modern day smartphone/tablet tech. From the time announced and shown off to the release date delays and even now, the total lack of stock. Super annoying.

    The tablet is 3-6 week wait. The only problem with waiting for something else that i see, is im quite picky and the TF700T really does hit all the right spots. Basically plain Android OS, M-SD card slot, its build quality, High Res screen, great back camera and HD front camera, etc. From what i gather, all of those together in a 10″ tablet wouldn’t be a guarantee.

  • tcip46

    I also ordered the champagne tf700 and I was wondering if it would still be possible to download flash player even if i didnt get it until september. After august 15th i understand that google play will not support the download, but does that mean that you cant get it anywhere else? should i go with the gray which will be here before the deadline, or wait for september to get it in champagne??

  • Leo

    Received my Infinity tab yesterday from Best Buy. This tab is AWESOME! Asus is to be commended for this build. All issues that everyone has and is experiencing with the Prime (which I own) does not exist on this tablet. WiFi – fixed, GPS – fixed I locked 11 satellites in my two story house Prime = 0 even with the dongle attached. Hot mail issues no longer exist and is up and running perfectly. The HD display blows every other tablet out of the water. Speed – verrrry fast.

    The only regret… No Jelly Bean as of yet.

    • M3rc Nate

      This is really good to hear. Im annoyed it seems across the board the Grey’s are in stock but the Champagne’s are the ones that arent in stock everywhere. Sucks.

  • Leo

    One thing i forgot to mention… my Prime dock works with my Infinity tab without issue.

  • Leo

    The gold were in stock yesterday at

  • Steve

    I also ordered the ASUS Infinity tablet through Best Buy only having to wait a week to get it .

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I’d say it will be a top tablet for the next 6 months. Early next year we will probably see the next Transformer tablet with a Tegra 4 processor.

    • pekosROB

      I kinda wish tech would slow down, my wallet is going to be hurting (or I will be left out of the awesome tech because I will be spending money on a baby and not tablets lol).

      • M3rc Nate

        I agree, for almost everything i wish the cycle was more like 2 years. Let me have my top of the line ____ and not regret it/lose money/feel lame if i keep it because the new version comes out a year later. Also the upgrades would be much more impressive, instead of tiny differences each year, they would be bigger jumps.

    • M3rc Nate

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Taylor. Thats kinda good to hear. The nice thing is i really dont know what could be upgraded that would make me jealous or regret buying the TF700.

      A even more HD screen? ehh…Android apps arent optimized enough as it is. A better camera? ehh do none lame people really take pictures with a tablet? A Tegra 4? I think my 4 core (+1 ninja core) will hold up for quite a long while and be able to handle games/new OS updates. There isnt really anything they can update for quite a while that would interest me. Its one thing to go from 1280×800 dual core decent GPU 3mp Camera to a Quad core 7mp camera 1920×1200 high end GPU….but its not the same to go from that Quad Core etc to a Tegra 4 Asus Inifnity 800T (or w/e it will be called).

  • M3rc Nate

    I had newegg notify me if they came in stock, which they did on monday, (newegg being my second best online store to buy from) so i decided to order it. It gets here friday. Im very excited.

    As for the keyboard? Amazon doesnt have it in stock (1-2 month wait) and Newegg doesnt even have the Champagne version listed. (Also major complaints regarding the grey one, because apparently it is the TF-200 keyboard dock version but with TF700 sticks on it).

    I just checked bestbuy and they show as having the Champagne Dock (though its $10 more than the grey, wtf?).
    Do you guys know the difference between the TF200 dock and TF700 so when i go to the store i can make sure im buying the TF700 dock? Any visual differences? Weight?

  • MD

    I have bought the TF700T, and after waiting months to get it, it has been exceptional! I agree that newer and better are always coming, but this is so far in front of everthing, it really will be king for a little bit yet. The screen is amazing, especially if you zoom into stuff to see details, like maps or charts, the battery for my use has been 6 – 8 hours consistently, very good! I did buy the dock as well and its tactile feel is very nice too, not a desktop feel, but good enough to work with. Android is new to me, so the market is good, found what I needed but it’s still behind apple in some respects. After only 2 weeks with the unit, I am very happy with the build and the quality.

    Recommend Highly

    • Curious

      Curious in what ways is this still behind Apple? Would really really really liike to know and why it is behind Apple?

      I have a Palm back ground for Years and finally moved to Android and have avoided Apple as I do not like companies that prevent me from using my hardware the way I want to use it when I want to use it.

      Palm until HP put it to bed recently really was leagues ahead of all of the field. HP just had no clue what to do or how to do it with the hardware and software they had. The hardware was always way ahead of the crowd including Apple. Many of the Palm crew has jumped ship and moved on to Apple so you should be seeing much of Palm WebOS in Apple shortly. Also many of the Palm crew moved on to Google to be part of the Android staff. So watch for developments there as well.

      The Patent Trolls are always a thread and Apple has become one of the Biggest Patent Trolls in my estimation.

      I believe innovation is job one immitation and improvement is job two. When industry is not able to improve on ideas and move the industry forward because the threat of lawsuits because someone has seemed to been infringed upon, when it is beyond obvious that the base idea was improved upon and the original never improved what so ever, then the original has to sew in court to catch up,,, they deserve to loose.

      Our Patent System and Intelectual Property Rights System is like trying to run an race in a straight jacket once people register an idea. This is hog wash. Designs should be registered. Not Ideas. That is just flat bullshit. It restrains trade and needs to be reversed and the current lawsuit of Apple to SamSung and all the others Apple has need to be torn up and tossed in the wind as what they are, felder carb of a by gone day

      • Luke

        Well said man. If it were up to crApple, technology would be well behind what we have now and competition wouldn’t exist. It’s sad that these companies need to continue with their war on copyrights to ensure their own pockets are filled instead of pursuing innovation so technology is at its best to benefit all humanity. Readings from William Patry paint a beautiful picture on these issues.

  • WeaponX

    Just got the 64gb version in gray. Sent my old transformer prime to Denver to my son. The display is nicer, however, I find this device to be laggier and has more jitter then the transformer prime on some apps. I’m really hoping jelly bean fixes these issues. On a side note. DO NOT buy the ASUS rebranded TF700T Docking Station that is $159.00 everywhere. It has a removable sticker, which if peeled off, says TF201. The TF201 is $99.00 at Best Buy and works perfectly. I’ve read some reviews saying the TF201 didn’t auto engage the locking mechanism. Mine does just fine. ASUS is apparently ripping people off for an extra $60.00 for no reason. It is the exact same unit.

    • Steve G

      It isn’t the same. It has a better battery for one.

  • Fugu

    Depends what you want. I owned the original Transformer and it was a good machine, I just don’t like the 10″ for factor on a tablet, I find the 7″ much more useful over all.

    Honestly after spending the last 2 years playing around with tablets, phones and laptops, I’ve come to the personal conclusion That a 7″ tablet and an ultra portable laptop is the way to go. Something in the 11-13″ range.

    Personally I’m waiting for the Microsoft Surface series to be released and try one of them. That might be the best compromise for laptop and portability.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Think I agree with you. I’m toting around a Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook and I prefer the Nexus 7 over my Transformer Prime now.

  • Taknarosh

    At this point I would, according to ASUS North America’s official Facebook page JB is very close to hitting several ASUS Tablet.

    This would make it one of the first OEMs to push out JB to a non-Nexus device (aside from Motorola with the XOOM but I’m not sure that counts now).

  • Slith

    I walked into and bought my TF700 on Thursday. They had plenty in stock. I also bought the old 201 keyboard and it works just fine. The BB employee actually told me to do it to save $50.

    Love the tablet!

  • Danny M

    I am having difficulty forwarding received e-mails. I cannot find the button to do it. Do I need to load a different app?

  • Danny McClendon

    Where do I find the forward button on my e-mail screen? I wanted to foreward a e-mail to my sister but could not find the button. Do I need another app?

    • orangestrat

      Its the straight right-pointing arrow on the email screen, next to the reply button. You can long-press on action bar items to see what they do. This is definitely not the right thread for this :-P

  • PureCoffee

    I waited and waited and i love the tablet. However now i am waiting for the docking station.
    A positive note is Jelly Bean update was seemless, and flash updates are not an issue either.