Should I still get the Galaxy S 3 At this Time?

Posted Aug 31, 2012 at 11:58 pm in Threads > Opinions

I’m on tmobile using an unlocked galaxy nexus and I have been waiting for the s3 price to be lowered. The retention department finally lowered it enough to the point where i want to purchase it. After seeing all these crazy devices from IFA and then upcoming WP8 and motorola device launch i’m not sure i want to buy the s3 anymore. Being the spec whore that i am I REALLY WANT THAT S4 PRO <_< This is where too many choices are bad. The galaxy s 3 hasn't been out for that long and it already feels old. With so many great devices coming out (HOX+…blahblahblah) do you guys think i should still get it?

  • Bpear96

    I think you should , if you spend your time waiting for the next best thing, you will always be waiting.

    • zerosix

      Google will probably show their next Nexus phone (or phones?) in a month or two (GNex was shown on 10/19/11). I think, it’s not too long.

  • Esoth

    Well, what’s wrong with the Galaxy Nexus? It only has two cores, sure, but surely you’re not stressing the CPU all that much. The screen is pretty much on par with anything out there at the moment. If it was me, I’d wait and see what the Nexus phone/s later this year are going to be.

    • Anjie Cai

      i use my phone as a camera a lot and 1. not enough storage. 2. camera isn’t the best. I don’t understand why i only have like 1.7 gb avaliable when i have around 5 gb used :/

      • Lane

        Get the Sprint version. It is free and there is plenty of great 3rd party ROM support. Oh I forgot, it also has 32GB onboard storage.

  • redraider133

    By the time those phones are out the next big thing will be right around the corner and then you will continue waiting. The s3 is still a top of the line phone and going to be samsung’s flagship until the s4 comes out next year.

  • Anjie Cai

    Decided to get it. Ordering today :D

  • masterpfa

    Too late, was going to suggest Galaxy Note II, but that phone is not currently available and is in the ‘coming soon’ bracket expected October 2012

    • Anjie Cai

      I could have ordered it and waited for tmobile to refram their network. Is the screen brightness on the note lower than the s3? I know for a fact that the brightness on s3 is crazy low to save battery.