Should I Wait For Nexus 4?

Posted Jan 08, 2013 at 10:45 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I was doing some reading online as to when the nexus 4 would restock. After a few articles, I came across one that thought Samsung didn’t mind making nexus devices as they really didn’t see it as a competitor to its phones due to low sales of nexus devices (low sales as opposed to the galaxy series).

If this is true, do you think Google is purposely controlling the supply chain in order to limit the supply? That way, Google won’t turn off future manufacturers by making them think, “Oh, if I sell a nexus, I’m cannibalizing my own sales but Google gets a cut & I lose potential profit.”

I thought I would wait for the Nexus 4 to come back in stock but after reading this I’m questioning if the nexus 4 is really out of stock or Google is just holding off to not dissuade manufacturers from working with Google.

Any thoughts on this or whether I should wait? First time thread here so don’t be too nasty :) Thank you

  • duffguy123

    Here’s the story I was talking about. I guess Samsung argued in court when Apple tried to go after the galaxy nexus. They said the sales were so small, it would not affect Apple and no ban should be placed on it.

  • redraider133

    Google isn’t controlling supply, they and LG just underestimated the demand and it seems like you can’t get one, when they just never had that much stock to begin with. Rumors say it has sold less than 400,000 devices which is nothing compared to devices like the s3, note, etc

  • gmaninvan

    It is a double edged sword. They don’t sell many Nexus devices because they don’t get even close to the marketing budget of a Galaxy S3. On the other hand, google won’t push it huge with ads because then they would piss off their OEM by cannibalizing sales.

    It is a niche device and is supposed to be that way. What is going to end up happening with the success of the Nexus line is companies that are struggling with android are going to jump all over it to boost their sales. Samsung made a Nexus tablet since they don’t sell a ton of Note 10.1′s. You likely won’t see another Samsung Nexus phone unless Galaxy sales suffer.

    This is why it makes sense to LG. They have been making decent devices for a while now but can’t seem to crack any market share. This gives them a chance to do that. They know that the g is not going to compete with the S3 on sales (even though it is a better device imho) but they can build momentum with a partnership directly with google. If they really push the Nexus line, they can grow sales and eventually compete with Samsung in this arena.

    • duffguy123

      Interesting, never saw it that way. I was thinking that HTC should do another Nexus since I saw that story on this site that HTC has had it’s worse year in 9 years profit wise.

      I wonder how it would be if the nexus did bring companies to the top to compete with each other. Can you imagine Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, huawei, Vizio, & Apple all competing in the mobile market? I’m sure I left some out but that would make for an interesting marketing battle.

      • gmaninvan

        I agree. I think it would be really exciting to see a Sony Nexus after the unveiling of the Xperia Z. That is probably the nicest looking phone I have ever seen. I also agree that HTC could benefit from a new Nexus now that the Nexus moniker is becoming a household name.

  • thymeless

    nexus devices tend to be good value for the money, but are often less fully featured than devices with a more commercial intent. I like my Galaxy Nexus for just that reason, but am finding the missing uSD slot a bigger and bigger hindrance every day.

    The Nexus program is run to drive content and apps for the Android platform. They’re intended to be development platforms and as such need to be affordable to help entice developers and to be upgraded yearly. It’s no coincidence that Ubuntu launched their phone OS on the SGN. It’s a product that’s well entrenched in a development community whose code can be easily ported. It breathes new life and opportunity for them into a device they already own. And since many of the developers have moved to the Nexus 4, Ubuntu gets developers who are ready to commit the software to older hardware that’s probably not their primary device.

    Consumer use of the Nexus line is just gravy. Google is not really a hardware company. They do hardware mostly as proof of concept and as a support mechanism to drive the market forward in their core areas.

  • lars

    duffguy123 i think you are right on the mark. i think google dident mean to make the nexus outpace every other phone on the market. i think somewhere in the pipline google thought phones would be further along by now, and made a plan for the handset accordingly. as it turned out nexus 4 made every other handset maker loose face. google venver intende for the nexus line to compete, its a show stand for the android platform, but inadvertently googler made the best phone at half the price basically cutting deep into other handset makers profits. only way to limit the damaged is to limit the phone untill handset makers cath up. since the nexus 4 was availably here in Denmark handsets like S3 and Xone have gone down significantly in price to match the nexus 4.