Should we be rooting for Nokia to fail?

Posted Oct 12, 2012 at 8:26 pm in Threads > Opinions

As we already know, Nokia and it’s faithfulness to Microsoft isn’t helping it, and there hasn’t been a lot of signs pointing to that changing, and in that regard I wonder if we should root for them to fail in order for them to finally call their faithfulness quits and come on over to the “dark side” that is android.

No matter how faithful a company might be to its partner, its pride isn’t going to let it go down in flames because they refuse to jump ship, not saying they should completely leave MS, but they should at least think about branching out in order to save their brand.

  • walker

    I don’t think any conclusion should be drawn yet, true I think Nokia should explore alternative OS in expense of it’s loyalty… since Microsoft is releasing their homegrown products.

    No one has experienced its hopeful Lumia 920, but no we shouldn’t root for Nokia to fail. It’s had a grand history of innovative products, and it’d be a pity to see it fall behind amongst other giant companies. It’d be great to see a Nokia with Android (if possible a Nokia Nexus)… because the strongest competition is Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. It’d mean new blood and more competition.

    Lumia 920 is worth looking forward to. Great specs, new software experience etc… but I’m still sided with Android devices.

    • ionorov

      I’m one of the few seriously considering the Lumia 920. Like you though, I’m still hesitating to take the plunge.

      I have an ipad and a Tab 7.7 for all my reading, games, movie and work/gmail needs. For me now, a phone is just a phone. Only extra things needed are a good camera and driving/maps, which the Lumia has. Plus, it has a unique design and a decent battery.

      Problem is the lack of microsd… and I worry about access to essential apps. Hmmm.

  • ionorov

    No, I hope they don’t fail. I want them have a decent run with the Lumia, get some wind back, and then release an Android.

    Them and Sony are, IMO, are the few makers who care about good design (HTC been improving too lately). They’re always trying new things and both have regularly came up with mouth-watering beauties.

    Problem is they suffer from “giant corporation” issues. It takes them ages to develop anything… while the rest run rings around them with Octo-cores and Android 9.5. I swear they must have sloths as upper management or something.

  • CTown

    I wouldn’t say we should root for Nokia to fail. They really have contributed so much to the open source community.

    If anything we should just ignore what Nokia is up to because:

    1) Android is still paying Samsung’s bills.
    2)Jolla is making a phone based on Mer (which is Meego reborn as a community effort).
    3)Mozilla is building an OS which basically builds on Android’s Linux kernel (making it compatible with devices meant for Android) that only uses Web technology. Even though it only uses Web technology it runs surprisingly smooth on older hardware.
    **Which is a big deal. The HTML facebook app might run like crap on Android and iOS but it will be native on Firefox OS.
    4)Nokia doesn’t even deal with open sourced projects like Linux and Qt.
    5)Android’s main rival is still iOS not Windows Phone (which is essentially dead as it gets replaced by Windows proper with a tablet UI).
    6)And most of all: Rumor has it that HTC, not Nokia, is building Microsoft branded products (Surface will be for Microsoft what Nexus is for Google).

  • Dr.Carpy

    I would hope that failure or rock bottom would be the last way that Nokia would need to learn to adapt to the changing climate. They haven’t been successful with their current strategies or initiatives. So the logical conclusion would be to change course, and not bottom out. Nokia’s employees can’t afford this, nor the shareholders. So if they haven’t signed some exclusive contract to Microsoft, then change direction tomorrow. Make the Lumia Nexus, and make some positive revenues.

    • kwills88

      Basically everything you said, I just feel like they’ll never do anything with Android until they get a wake up call and finally say that their reliance on windows mobile isn’t taking them anywhere.

    • jaxidian

      Just a thought…

      So it’s clear that Microsoft is considering HTC the “flagship OEM” for Windows Phone 8. They’ve been pretty straight-forward about this. And we all assume this is Microsoft giving Nokia the middle finger.

      But what if, it so happens, that it was actually Nokia who walked away? What if Microsoft knew that Nokia is now working on some Android devices? That would make a LOT more sense then!

      Something curious to think about…. :-)

  • Laurel laurel25

    I, personally, do not want to see them fail. For a long time they were a very innovative company and their hardware, while relatively plain and simple, was rock solid. I would love to see what they could do with an Android device and would jump all over it like a hobo on a ham sandwhich. I really hope they get themselves together and explore other alternatives (Android) instead of just sticking with MS.

  • redraider133

    I actually want them to succeed. More competition=better products for everyone. I like Nokia’s designs and how they “think outside the box” when it comes to phone designs and colors. Hopefully they will do well and maybe even make an android phone to compliment their wp lineup.

  • kazahani

    I don’t think we need to root for very long. They’re going to get bought soon. Maybe even by M$.