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Androidandme has a lot of really creative people who are really passionate about … well.. android.

And I’m certain there’s more than 10 of you that have android apps on the play store. But sometimes the hardest thing in a store so big is getting any amount of notice. So this is your chance! Show me your app. And I will review it in a new thread.

Notes: Depending on how many apps are listed, this could take up to a week. I have a full time job after all. But I will do my absolute best to be timely.

I will start as many threads as I have points for. To try and save some points though if your app is a quick review, I may try and group it with another. I’ll play that by ear.

The next time #thenextinstall comes around, I’ll recommend my favorite app to be considered (assuming it meets the requirements).

So show me your app!

  • Canterrain

    Just a quick comment so I can follow the thread. Hey Taylor, could we maybe add an option to receive emails for new comments to threads we start?

    • jaxidian

      While it’s not the same, you can always go to your own profile and view your posts by category. One such category is “Threads”. In that list, it tells you the number of comments posted. Again, it’s not the same but it’s at least something. :)

  • Canterrain

    I’ll take a look! But it may be hard to review an app that doesn’t quite exist yet.

  • theDL

    I actually love both of those designs. Only thing is in the Hang-It app some of the text was a little hard to read/see, but that may be different when looking at it on the actual phone.

  • Canterrain

    I actually like both of these designs. The second one really flows well into ice cream sandwich.

    The hangitt app camera screen might use some tweaking. The camera controls itself seems incomplete in comparison to the rest of the design. I like the size overall, but it’d almost be better if the grey were transparent and you could see more of the area you are trying to take a picture of. I might play with moving the zoom slider around.

    I like your inquery logo. Maybe you could integrate it into the loading app somehow. Maybe make the circle look more like the magnifying glass you are using.

  • mkstvns

    I’m no longer involved with the project, but I was involved early-on with Boid, which is currently in Alpha stages and getting a lot of positive feedback.

    These are my early concepts for the Android-based Twitter app, Boid.

    The project eventually took a slightly different course after I left, but I still have a very soft spot for these mockups.

    • mkstvns

      Thanks mate, nice of you to say. The app definitely went for a more dedicated Android 4.0 look in the end, and that’s okay (not really my decision to make), but I definitely would have preferred my approach, haha.

  • Nik

    Hey m8 check out my game: Its handmade with sweat and awesomness.

    Greetings from Germany

  • Jack Thakar

    Its still in beta, with a few kinks to work out, but I created a music player called LimesTone.

    It has most of the standard features found in music players, but I’ve also added a few features that aren’t as common:
    -Full ICS support, including an ICS style even on 2.x devices
    -Pool Mode (for which I need to think of a better name), which allows you to rate each song and artist from one to ten, and then it picks songs for you based on them (to set ratings, tap on the album art for a song) in this mode (there’s also a Queue Mode which has the typical options for playing songs in order or randomly shuffling)
    -Embarrassed Mode – Add any artists that you’re embarrassed to have on your phone to this list and they should not appear in the app when embarrassed mode is turned on (Note the should. Every once in a while it glitches and something shows up that shouldn’t)

    There are a few things that I’ve wanted to work on, but I haven’t had much time due to schoolwork. I should be able to work on it more in a few weeks, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

  • pedroimai

    Hey Guys! This is my app called Drumbeats.

    Drumbeats Pro Version:
    Drumbeats Lite Version:


    Drumbeats is a new drums experience for Android. Only on Drumbeats you can:
    - play the drums easily touching and dragging your finger across the screen;
    - Play along your favorite songs in “With a Song” Play Mode!
    - tilt to the left or to the right to set hi-hat or ride chymbal auto;
    - configure the BPM

    Only on Pro version:
    - no ads
    - More drumskins
    - configure drums volume x Song volume
    - BPM: 30 ~ 300
    - skip tips
    - disable auto mode

  • ufoq

    HI ;) Here is my app on Google Play:

    shortly: it’s an arcade game (kind of runners) but with alternative controller – drawing ;)

  • Xclusion


    I really like this initiative!
    I actually created 2 apps recently, let’s start with the one with a hot subject;

    OlympicWeather shows very accurate weather forecasts for all Olympic sports that are held outside (see play-store page for all events). Last time the UK hosted the Olympics weather was of great infuence, and with the current weather conditions this year could be the same!

    F1Weather is a must have application for all Formula1 fans and enthousiasts! The most exciting Formula one races are the ones where weather plays a part. With F1Weather you’ll exactly what weather will hit the upcoming grand prix!

    I hope you like ‘m!

  • Jesus Tarre

    May be is too late for this but anyway,

    This is my latest app, The Flashlight-Saber a different buy very useful flashlight specially if you are a fan of Star Wars :-)

    Enjoit it

  • allMemoirs

    Check out my Gift Ideas App

    About the App

    Find the perfect Gift for your loved ones, awesome Gift Ideas handpicked for every Relation and Occasion.
    - Find Gifts for your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Uncle, Aunt, Friends and Kids.
    - Find Gifts for Birthday, Anniversary, Diwali, New Year, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and more.
    - Find Gifts for Men, Women, Boys, Girls based on our mood n budget and their interest n age.
    - Gifts that suit your Mood; Happy, Romantic, Naughty, Sorry, Trendy or Useful.
    - Gifts that suit your partner’s Interest like Fashion, Collectibles, Gadgets, Home Decor, Travel, Adventure, Music, Movies, Sports or Spiritual.
    - Farewell and Birthday Gifts for Colleagues and Friends
    - Birthday Gifts for Boys, Girls, Kids, Babies, New Borns.
    - Gifts that suit your Budget, from less than INR 250 upto INR 10000 and more.
    Our goal is to make Personalized Gifting a real pleasure; use our App to find that extra-special gift for your loved one that nobody else can get.

  • Elephants Will Be Mine

    hi let me introduce our game:

    The Page Ball is a very complex electronic version of the popular game called Paper Soccer or Paper Football.
    have fun:)

  • apollohospitals

    We have developed a free Emergency 24X7 App to help people in an emergency situation. This application helps people reach out to their near ones with the click of a button. It also helps people locate the closest medical services like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes etc.
    We would like to submit the App for review on your website and we want to encourage more people to use it.

    The Google Play link for the App is

  • Nid Apps

    Hello guys, here is my first app.

    The cult game “Tubby Pingu” is now available for Android.

    Little Tubby Pingu was abducted by a mean witch to Candy City. Help him to escape from Candy City and resist the sweet temptation of nibbling from the candy canes.

    Are you already a fan of Little Tubby Pingu, too ?
    Support us on Facebook and tell us your suggestions for improvement.

  • Kanchna

    Hai, we have developed a new app mainly useful for legal professionals. It helps them in managing their cases and maintaining their clients, contacts and appointments. Download our free android app from the below google play store link.

  • Zim

    This is my first app ever created. The link is below.

  • ah
  • ReIndustries

    My 3 games:

    Castles Under Siege:
    Castles Under Siege is an action card game that lets you fight wars against other lords. Your goal is to destroy their castle or to build your castle to great heights. Defend or Attack, it is your choice. You can fully customize your own battle plan by creating your personal deck of cards.

    Boxy 3:
    Boxy 3 is a high speed action arcade puzzle game (lumines clonish). Your object is to connect as many blocks in squares as you can before the timer goes to zero and all connected blocks are destroyed after which you have to do it again. The more you destroy, the more points you get!

    Block Hopping:
    Block Hopping is a game I made in one day. Block Hopping presents you with difficult but fun puzzles where you have to hop on all blocks in order to solve them. The numbers on the blocks indicate how far you can hop clockwise or counterclockwise. Can you solve the puzzles?

  • Kaden Abring

    Hi, I’d like to show SocialCamp for Facebook & Twitter, which we’ve just released.

    SocialCamp is a social media management platform for Android, so you can:

    - merge your Facebook and Twitter streams from all your accounts into one stream
    - send posts to all accounts with one tap, retweet and reshare between accounts
    - schedule posts for later
    - view most liked and commented posts with “viral posts” feature,
    and more.

    Unlike other social apps, SocialCamp 1) doesn’t use third-party servers and processes all data on your device so it’s secure, and 2) doesn’t require subscription for scheduling posts on Twitter.

  • AnRaEl

    Hi there!

    Here is a link to the fresh-all-new air hockey rethinking – Epic Ball Game: Space Soccer:

    For those who interested in more info about the game visit its homepage:

    • atdmobile_world

      i like it, bud! :x

  • atdmobile_world

    Hi friends,
    I wanna introduce my favorite game :
    Jewels Blast (Jewels Dash) is a Match-3 game with creative gameplay & features. In Action mode, try to match as many jewels as you can in 60 seconds, get special gift or tap large block of diamonds to earn bonus scores. In Endless mode, you can enjoy addictive levels but very challenging mission to get high scores

    You can download here :

    Share your score or any cheat you have to me :)

    Tks guy so much!

  • canmiapp

    Hello, Do you like football? Challange your self with a new different football game.

    Unlock all the shields of the better european leagues and try our three differents difficulties. Play alone or with a friend with the multiplayer option and probe who is the better.

  • Yasir Perwez
  • Brainservice Apps

    Here is a new price comparison app called Price Cruncher. It is a unit price comparison app that stores historical prices and lets you know if you something you are going to buy is a good deal.

    It allows you to compare against different units, save prices, create your own units (ie. sheet, tab, etc.), create stores, and also add all your items to shopping lists. Using your pricing data, it then estimates how much your shopping list will cost.

    Please check it out if you like to comparison shop.

  • Melanie

    Hey I have found a nice App. It is a Number Game and it is very addictive.
    It’s called Numbers Game and in the App there is an instruction how to play it.
    I play this very much cause you can play it some minutes and can continue playing it later.

  • canmiapp

    Hello, Do you like American football? Challange your self with a new different football game.

    Unlock all the shields of the better european leagues and try our three differents difficulties. Play alone or with a friend with the multiplayer option and probe who is the better.

  • hemanti

    check it out our photography app available on googleplay :

    • srijan


      • srijan

        hey thanxs

  • Liquidfire3d

    I have a live wallpaper app based on a youtube short I made. It displays art work from the animation and changes the picture every time you return to the home screen. You can find the link at The link to the short is below.

  • czernedo

    hey, maybe you like to party with your friends. So you can try my Kingston – Kingscup DrinkingGame App when you’re partying next time. :) Or it would be nice when you just give me feedback or recommend it to others if you like it. It is very funny and I tried to make it as simple but also nice looking as possible :)


  • kimcuongden1712

    My app find friend nearby – just click me here and tap where you, u can find friend easily.
    Download Google Play


  • Alex Popov

    We’ve made a 3D live wallpaper based on awesome artwork by beeple. It is called “Potus 3012″ –

  • Kanchna

    Product stock manager is a simple and free android app to take an inventory of products. It is suitable for small warehouse, store room, office or any other area where an inventory needs to be taken. Its features includes scanning barcode, updating stock, adding and deleting products manually.

    Download our app for free by clicking the below url:

  • Diana Levi
  • Seth

    If someone don’t want to leave you in peace or you are getting anoying ads via sms each morning
    Try this:

    Tool able to block both sms and calls from given or restricted numbers.

  • Car

    Hi there.
    Here is the link to an useful free app – Fax from Android – named Popcompanion :

    I’ve made the last release of this application.
    The details of the last release can be found here:

  • Michael Weber

    Hi Canterrain,

    I have released a new android app today.
    Geo Champ is a social competitive Google Street View Quiz game. You can challenge your friends and be the Geo Champ.

    Details on

  • Anh Tran

    Me here where you updating sound, and animation for chat group… amazing coming soon

  • Boba

    I made my first game & it’s now published in the store.

    It’s another simple-to-play, addictive game!

    Would appreciate a review!

  • Fabio Silva

    I’ve made my first Android Game and I’d like you to give it a review if possible ;)
    The app is called Corundum, here’s the link:

  • alis

    Here we go.. the Demon’s Balls !
    Full FREE Game with no ADV.

  • Gustavo Soares Vieira

    Dillo feels like rolling away, but he needs your help to avoid the many obstacles on the way.

    In this fun and addicting infinite runner, you must control the level and move away the walls that are blocking Dillo’s rolling path.

    The game features leaderboards for you to challenge your friends, and more than 15 achievements to keep you going.

    Download now and have fun!

  • JaykaLabs

    Here’s a new casual game with experimental gameplay. It’s a free game. Feel free to review it


  • Peter Drew

    Hi!! We have developed a new app (Fastabuy) that helps in selling and buying items with your friends and neighbours. Download our free android app from the below google play store url

  • Indu

    The link to my app is mentioned above.

    Balloon Hero – Valentine is a fun and entertaining game. It is simple to play but difficult to master.
    So, Lets fill the hearts with love :)

  • 1mobiles

    Discover the latest ANDROID apps and games. FREE and enjoy instantly on your Android phone.

    Search over 800000 Android Apps & Games