Simple game vs. Rich game?

Posted Aug 20, 2012 at 5:28 pm in Threads > Games

Mobile games are certainly becoming more and more fleshed out, but their original limiting factor of power and control gave way to super-simple games. So now that we’ve had several generations of hardware and software to play things through, which do you prefer?

Do you like the big development (or port-over) of games like Infinity Blade or GTAIII, or do games like Gyro and Angry Birds get it done for you.

It seems the answer lies in the travel habits of people, regularity of their mobile gaming, pricing, and sometimes age. I plan on moving to the city soon, and I won’t have a car anymore, and that will certainly affect my mobile gaming. What say you?

  • Himmat

    Well, I am certainly one for the big ‘uns. Having said that, the big games are far and few between, so when I find myself with no major title to play with, I go hunting for a decent casual game, usually a puzzle, strategy or platformer.

  • h0ruza

    I constantly find myself wishing there was a game with more depth that I could do bit by bit on long journeys.

    Something like a snes game but without the need for a controller. The hunt continues…

    • geiko

      I think having traditional games ported over to mobile platforms won’t work. Games that are developed with the mobile platform in mind are gonna work best, and that’s probably why full games currently rub me the wrong way. But I do wish there were some deeper game experiences for Android. As it is though, simple games work best, IMHO.

    • Zagrash

      If you are at all into strategy/simulation type games, check out any of the Kairosoft titles (I’m a huge nerd for Kairosoft games). I’ve honestly put more time into some of their games than I have in console or PC titles. They all have free demo versions too, so you can try without dropping $5 on one of them.

      I’d definitely consider them on the “simple” side of the argument, but something about the gameplay/stat building/etc. really just hits me the right way.

  • vforvortex

    I think the rich games are more suitable for the tablet or android tv market which people use mostly when they are at home. That market is still in its infancy. Main problem with phones is that people dont spend that much time on it so they prefer casual games and the other reason is that phone battery life isnt too great yet for that much juice.

  • GreenH0rn

    In my usage I mostly play simple games because don’t really have time for more complicated ones if I am on my mobile. But the by now even the complex games run well on mobiles and can be fun.