Smartphone Help!

Posted Feb 04, 2013 at 9:39 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I will be moving to a new carrier in the next four to six months. It will either be Verizon or US Cellular (where I live ATT and Sprint are horrible and there is no T-Mobile).

I want to get a new android phone but it has to be under 4.2 inches. But at the same time have a high resolution screen. Does anyone know of anything on the horizon?

  • uknowme

    US Cellular has a Galaxy S III Mini variant. I think that’s about as good as you are going to get. I believe it’s called the a Galaxy Axiom.

  • chestont

    Razr M. Excellent build quality, size, mostly stock Android feel and it has a qHD screen.

  • HowlPendragon

    Hmmm, do you not like Cricket? Or is that not available? The Huawei Mercury is an excellent phone for the price.

    It has a screen size of 4″ and a 1.4 GHz Snapdragon S2. It blows my Inspire 4G out of the water.

    Here are the specs:

    • LukeT32

      Cricket does not run on USC or VZW towers…… So out here in the midwest your only real options are VZW and USC.

      I would agree the RAZR M is probably your best bet.

  • Linda Pearson

    Is a tablet a laptop computer?

  • SGB101

    One S, great little device, not sure about carrier tho. I’m in uk.

  • mcopeman23

    Thanks for all of the advice! I’ll keep you posted.

    I’m still looking at the two carriers. My job has discounts with both, and in this areas the service is similar- but I get a better dta discount from USC.