So about that “pre-G1″ Android demo video…

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In case you’ve forgotten or haven’t seen it:

I noticed the video isn’t a re-upload, and in fact has an original upload date of Nov 11, 2007. So out of curiosity, I went to the oldest page of comments ( as of this post). Some of them are pretty funny in hindsight.

Examples (emphasis mine):

This is what all developers can start building apps that simply ROCK!!!
Long live to JAVA!!!!
I’d like to see what iJobs can say now….with his Object C!
javathreads 4 years ago

It seems a cool protype, but I don’t get what’s so special about it. I haven’t seen anything that I could not do with my Nokia N95.
renoxwolf 4 years ago

There’s nothing special about this platform and I feel there’s the same amount of hype around android as there is on the iPhone. All of this is already possible with Nokia’s symbian. Also there are already a big list of on device portal vendors around, like abaxia, opera mini and thurderhawk, which also work on open standards (J2ME).
Too be honest I don’t understand why this get so much attention.
phoeven 4 years ago

This guy is a prophet:
Very nice. With the iPhone and Android, Windows Mobile is history!
israelandersonvideo 4 years ago 2

what a s**t a** name ‘android’
nokia are way ahead, google and mobile phones just dont add up..
i hope this phone is the beginning of the downfall for google.
They just couldnt be happy with making billions with a search engine, nooo they had to make a FONE!!!
well f*** you google.
Bomb on yo dirty momma, who is a dirty database.
izlamz 4 years ago

Anyone else find any other gems in the old comments?

  • Bpear96

    “Ohh an open source iphone.  Apple will open up the iphone soon enough and V2 will have 3g. Nothing special here.
    sump22 4 years ago”

    ahaha yeah apple will “open up the iphone”, yeah that will happen

  • Glenbot3000

    ahaha, brilliant! and yet, people still write WP7 off as useless…

  • Noven

    I like these Android history lessons. Not only does Android and Me show us future Android tech but also where it came from :)