So,..the Toshiba Excite Write

Posted Jul 13, 2013 at 12:53 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Well, if you don’t know, Toshiba has a new tablet that’s stepping up to the plate of the Galaxy Note 10.1. I am heavily considering getting one for when I start college in the fall. However, although initial “hands-on previews” seem positive, there is almost no information on it. I can’t even tell if it’s been released yet!(although I think it has)

So does anyone here have any information on it? In depth reviews, experience using it, when it is actually available, etc.?

  • Bpear96

    If you don’t mind a likely locked bootloader (based on previous Toshiba tablets) and maybe one update to a newer android version (again based on previous Toshiba tablets) than it looks like a nice option.

    • LucenNox

      Do they generally get hacked, or is the boot loader pretty secure?

  • MC_Android

    Check out my comment from an older thread:

    My personal experience in regards to tablets for college

    • LucenNox

      Noted, and I do already have a solid laptop. however, I’m not considering the iPad for one reason, I’m looking to replace notebooks more than textbooks. The apps don’t matter much, because I have other things to do the heavy lifting, and textbooks have many alternatives.

      ugh, this is probably full of errors, but it gets then point across.

  • BL

    I just bought it online from Toshiba’s website, and i was pleasantly surprised that the tegra 4 duosense chip (one chip for an active digitizer and multitouch) is compatible with my note 10.1 s-pen being wacom based. The duosense chip is from n-trig which is why I freaked out pleasantly though. Better yet, the digitizers work vice versa (hovering effect…identical! !!) Since toshiba’s resolution is 4x that of the note I practically stopped using the note 10.1. The res alone makes clicking, ,handwriting recognition 100X better. It’s amazing really ,….still in shock.