Sony could be king

Posted Aug 20, 2012 at 6:49 pm in Threads > Opinions

I have a super love hate relationship with Sony, more so because they have so much potential to dominate Android, yet they don’t pull out all the cards, they say they are invested in android, but i feel like they aren’t enough.

You’re Sony, you have a PSP running android, why stop there? I feel they’d make so much more money if they offered their PS games to a wider range of devices and not limit it to their Xperia line, I don’t have a problem with them making exclusive games for Xperia, but why not branch out, get a deal with Google/Android and merge
PlayStation, Imagine the possibility, Windows phone has XBOX all around integration.

The PlayStation UI needs a serious overhaul and if they can add some android on top of it, imagine how great that would be, hell even get rid of their browser and add Google chrome to the batch, other manufactures use android and butcher the UI and put their own twist on it, so i don’t see why Sony cant do it.

Would be nice to see the future of Sony be

  • Full access to PSN
  • Access to the android market via the PSN store
  • Play your games you already have downloaded right on your PS3

It could probably be bigger than OUYA

So much what ifs with Sony that i wish would be a reality.

  • pliu.2014

    sony should be like nexus and offer the system nova and all that as a buy in from the app store. That way they can also just expand from the hardware and software. Try competing with nova and others. This could be a very easy market if the can capitalize on the upgrading market. the software companies often leave some wiggle room so they could give the upgrades a better. The 4.04 jelly bean on nova is still not so good. And the comments could boost the companies image.

  • CTown

    I doubt Google would ever let its store be included in another company’s store. It’s a giant conflict of interest for Google.

    If Sony makes an Android device with both stores they would have to convince Google that the PSN store will not hurt the Play Store (by only offering games that couldn’t be ported to Android). Perhaps to coax Google, Sony could make a Nexus device and agree on a smaller than usual profit margin (so the phone can end up under the $400 dollar mark while being unlocked).

  • GreenH0rn

    The issue is that Sony doesn’t want to compete with itself. They think they will lose PSP sales with this. They lose them anyway but currently to other companies.
    I think it would be the right move but I also think it’s unlikely for Sony to do it.
    Same applies for the video capability of their DSLRs btw (they don’t want to hurt their prosumer camcorder sales).

  • Dustin Earley

    Sony is going to implement a buy once, play everywhere feature that includes PlayStation certified Android devices.

    Pair this with a Sony Nexus, and it would give them a huge boost over the holiday season.

  • CTown

    Another note, Sony the Android OEM doesn’t really act like Sony the PlayStation Manufactor… As an OEM, Sony is open, takes from the community and adds back to the community. As the PlayStation maker, Sony just sucks! For example: Even though Netflix programmers ported Webkit to the PS3 (and since the Netflix team does distrubute Netflix they have to provide the source as required by the LGPL when asked for it), the PlayStation team would never use that hard work to produce a better web browser… they seen discounted from the real world. You cannot even sue the PlayStation maker due to the terms of use in the newer updates (though I hope those terms can’t hold up in court).

    We already get angry when manufactors lock down their devices but just imagine a “true” PlayStation phone… it would be as locked as the iPhone (bootloaders and all).

  • reverenddak

    Nokia could have been king LONG TIME AGO if they adopted Android. The standard Nokia phone was always of higher quality than any other company. Now they seem like the smartest alternative to Apple by adopting Microsoft…irony.