Sprint’s New 4g LTE Network, will you be trying it for the $$$?

Posted Apr 05, 2012 at 10:37 am in Threads > News

Well, Sprint is getting oh so much closer to launching their new 4g LTE network(at least in a few cities). I guess I am bound to try it out, especially since I am in the Dallas area. So, with the new LTE devices and the price for an unlimited data plan, will any of you be jumping ship or if you are already a Sprint customer, will you be trying out the new LTE devices and Network? I am actually somewhat excited to try it and compare it, since I also use Verizon’s 4g LTE.

Let us know what you plan to do and what you think might happen.

Update: Now that some LTE devices are starting to be released, what is the verdict? Any takers?

  • Bryan Stoner

    I would love to switch in order to try out their new network. The EVO 4G LTE is gonna rock everyone’s socks off. Their plans have awesome rates too. If only my folks got off the verizon boat -.-

    • txbluesman

      I have been pretty happy with Sprint. I am sure the LTE is gonna be nice.

  • Wilson Lara

    I recently switched to Sprint from Simple Mobile.

    I wanted to wait for an LTE device but i realized that its going to be some time before LTE makes it to my area so i had to get one of their current 4G phones.

  • oddball

    I have Verizon and for me the network is far better and I get a very generous discount for service. For 3 smartphones with unlimited data, texting, and enough 1400 shared minutes I am paying less than $150 makes it really difficult to find a good reason to switch

    • txbluesman

      Yeah, that is a great deal. I wouldn’t switch either.

  • yankeesusa

    I’m with sprint now and although my 3g sucks and I can’t get signal inside target or walmart I will stick with them for now. Can’t wait to try out lte and the new 3g upgrades. If by end of year things still look bleak for sprint then I will think of jumping ship to big red. But for now I am saving too much money to drop them.

  • Joel

    Currently I have the Epic Touch on Sprint, but the speeds could definitley be better in my area. I saw the coverage map for the LTE and there seemed to be a nice shade over my area so maybe. Whatever the case, im gonna be getting the GS3 which will most likely be an LTE device.

  • txbluesman

    Well, I will let you know the differences as soon as I get one of their new LTE devices.

  • txbluesman

    Anyone trying the new LTE Spint GNex?

  • kazahani

    Love that Sprint is being so aggressive with their LTE rollout. Just, please, don’t buy the LG Viper.

  • lynn

    I currently have the samsung epic 4G phone on the sprint network and still do not get the 4G service in and around my area. The 3G signal is sooooo slow. I have always been a sprint customer because their prices for me are better for what i have. I am waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy S3 to come out with the 4GLTE. I amhoping the $G LTE will be in my area this time as I have not been able to experience the faster speed, If not, I WILL DEFINATELY CUT MY TIES WITH SPRINT AND MOVE ON.