Straight Talk & AT&T Sim

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Is there anyone who’s using an AT&T or unlocked phone on Straight Talk with an AT&T version of their SIM card? Now that Verizon is doing away with their unlimited data plan, I’m looking into other options and I was wondering what coverage and data speeds are like on Straight Talk. I don’t know if it’s actually a viable option or not.

  • B2L

    Yes, I’m using it with my International Galaxy Note. Coverage will depend on your location, so it’s hard to say. I’m in northern Utah, on average my data speeds range from 2-3 MBS down, which is just fine for me. (I use wifi most of the time.)

    You can check your AT&T coverage here.

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

    • lunaizthaizh89

      I am about a Galaxy Note internationally. I wanted to .know if I will be able to use stright talk on it?

    • Robert

      I have only had Straight Talk 3 days and was very first and great signal til day 3.The first few days i was getting 5.07 mbps download and 1.17 mbps upload speeds. Its new so i was testing it out downloading some apps and surfing so i used 680 mb. Now they must have cut me off cause im getting no download speed and same upload speed at end of only day 3.Very unhappy i had tmobile and for $15 more you get 2 gb of high speed then throttled after that.They don’t completely spot your download.Im just going to see if its better tomarrow.I’ve got the the bring your own phone same plan as tmobile.

      • DAndre

        That Happened to me I called them they told me they slowed my data because I was using too much I don’t see how if its supposed to be unlimited

        • Jus’me

          My employee uses the net a lot on his phone, and they actually took away his internet services saying the same thing. (That he was using it too much) Just what I would expect from Walmart!

          • jj

            Umm..all Walmart does is sell the phones and plans. Straight Talk is actually owned by Tracfone. If you have issues, contact them. Know your facts before you post.

      • Harrison

        It’s not straight talk that slows ya down it’s the carrier ie sprint at&t. To return service to a usable state just go to setting- about phone -reset firmware or. Prl or your service. This gets ya going again. Note wait fifteen seconds after reset

    • jose

      I have n HTC since can I use a strait talk sim

    • Mike king

      I got a galaxys3 and just got a galaxy note3 and want to switch phones how do I do this without the bring your own phone thing. I remember that you used to do it but I’m not sure now

  • Hue Three of Five

    Yes I just switched from Verizon to ST using the At&t network, but my Google Galaxy Nexus will not be here for a couple more hours. I will test data speeds when it comes in. I am in a small town on the edge Western and Upstate NY.

    • amanda

      So all I have to do is buy the unlock code and my att phone running thru straight talk will have hot spot

  • Laurel laurel25

    We’re in rural central MN, and according to AT&T’s coverage maps, they have pretty decent coverage here. My husband used to have AT&T before he switched onto my Verizon plan, and at our house he actually had better reception than I did. I’m not crazy concerned about having superfast (4G) data, but I’d like to have 3G speeds. Does Straight Talk throttle data speeds after a certain threshhold or is it truely unlimited?

    • B2L

      They won’t throttle you, but I’ve heard from other users if you use more than 80-100 MBs of data per day, they can, or will cancel your service without giving you a reason.

      • Laurel laurel25

        Thanks, that’s good to know.

        • Nick

          IK its a lil late to comment lol but after about 3 or 4 gigs they throttle you to about 20 or 30 kbs down and full speed up

          • Wil

            Never too late to comment. People like me may find this page by search and that is good to know! :) Thank you!

      • straight talk turns off ur 3g

        On march 29 2013 my husbands 3g was shut off on his store bought st phone at 5 pm in southern arizona and when we called st they refused to speak all they did was send him to a recording saying high data users will be turned off of their 3g

        • twp

          Mine done the same thing i have an lg optimus dynamic an mine just stopped workin last month an st told me they cut my data off because of over use and that when i refilled my service it would be cut back on. i refilled my service and it didn’t come back an st keeps sending me to the automated data service so if you happen to get your data back post how you did it cause they sure ain’t gonna cut mine back on from the looks of things

      • BOB

        I find that I have problems during certain weather conditions. I can upload and download, email, youtube, what have you better on clear days for the most part. I’m saying up to 300 & 400 mb/day and sometimes more on the sprint network through straight talk. I’ll admit that sometimes, it’s frustrating at times, but I live in a rural area but coverage seems to be somewhat weather dependent. Kind of like rain fade on satelllte tv. I’ve been with straight talk now for almost 5 years and don’t regret it. I switched from Ntelos because everytime I signed a new contract, monthly payments went up and Data was like outrageous. Needlless to say, I DON’T MISS CONTRACT CELLULAR SERVICE.

        • sosh

          I’ve a att fusion 2. How much data can u use safely per day

          • megan

            I have had st for 3yrs now and I don’t have any problems but I use wifi a lot. I do know, however from the past that if I meet 3gig/month then they cap it until my 30 days is uP. When I renew my plan it goes back to 4g. I have the st sim program and am using an att note3, but you also have the option of using their Verizon or sprint CDMA Phones. Whichever works best in your area is the one you aim for. For me it’s att but others may do better using st’s CDMA program

    • TG

      The key with Straight Talk is if you get good ATT reception then ST is perfect. Now we use ST with unlocked iPhone 4. Pic messaging from non-iPhones doesnt work without a tweak in jail breaking. Also, technically ST is unlimited if you agree not to “stream any audio or video”. However I listen to streaming radio, Pandora, TuneIn, etc frequeny. Sometimes checking out some videos (not often though). I’ve heard if you stay below 3GB and use streaming video sparingly you’ll be ok. But there is no throtling at all.

      • Guest

        Funny ’cause they advertise streaming Pandora in the commercial where “Andrew”(Android) is the butler

      • Shawn

        I have ST and they throttled me down after using 2.5gb. They claim not to know at what point they will do this. So unlimited, yes but throttled down to the point that YouTube is not worth waiting for.

      • Eddie

        Not true I have been doing hot spots from St on my GS3 I’ve used about 5gb and today my speed dropped immediately at 4gb maybe I hot spot to my imac to watch Netflix and hulu and it dropped to avg of 15kb down 16kb up and I am very disappointed. I cannot watch anything now.

      • BOB

        Thanks for the info everybody. My first ST phone was a samsung slider, unlimited talk and text and 30 mb data for $30/30 days. I thought it was amazing until I reached 30 mb and couldn’t even interact with websites.
        I’ve got an lg optimus slider now and can interact on internet and just about anything I used to do when I could afford dialup internet.
        Some days it seems like you can’t do anything on the phone except for phone calls, and they can be hit or miss.

    • Moonangel4evr

      They most certainly DO throttle you. And like others have said, admit its cuz you use too much. Umm, unlimited?! I think its false advertisement and see no fine print explaining it anywhere. They should say something like restricted unlimited or such. Cuz you’re not supposed to tether to computers and stuff. Though people do anyway and it uses lots more. I think that’s why Verizon stopped it. More people tethered than just got hotspot. There’s no such thing as truly unlimited. There’s always some catch. Or else they’d have to charge an unaffordable price. They throttle me to the point it takes minuteS to load pages. Some have said they’ve cut them off completely but I haven’t had that. Overall, it works for us cuz we are strapped for cash right now. For Verizon $140 some and higher speeds per montg or ST $45 and inconvenience of lower speed a month. ST wins for now. Unless I get a higher paying job again. A Verizon bonus– EXCELLENT customer service in my opinion. ST sucks ROYALLY. They barely speak English, beat around the bush, repeat over n over same unhelpful things, rude, etc. Sorry late post. Better than never.

  • Hue Three of Five

    Just got mine setup. I am getting 7 mbps down and 0.8 up. Hell of a lot faster than Verizon in my area.

  • Blstooks

    So if you use over 100 MB per day straighttalk will throttle your data speeds ? Because I talked with them
    on the phone and made sure they would not throttle my speeds bc Im now with at&t and they throttle my speeds after 3 Gigs and I’m on the “unlimited ” plan …. It’s rediculous !!! Not getting what you pay for … After my contract is up I’m definitely thinking about switching to straighttalk but I NEED to know FOR SURE they won’t throttle , cause if so its sprint ….

    • jaxidian

      StraightTalk will not “throttle” you, they’ll simply cut you off if they feel you’re abusing your “unlimited” plan. The general concensus of what “abuse” means sounds like it’s 100MB per day and 2GB per month. I don’t know this first-hand, just from what I’ve been researching from what others have said.

      • B2L

        It’s really odd, yesterday, I used 150 MBs of data. My service is still up and running, so I think it has to reoccur a few times before they cancel your plan.

        • Blstooks

          Well i stream a lot of tv shows and movies and I do not have an at home wifi connection, sometimes at&t throttles my speeds n other times they don’t … And just to stream one movie is over 300 mb usually so if straighttalk kicks you off for data usage after 200 mb then I would be better off to stay with AT&T on their fake “unlimited” plan so I can at least use 3 gigs of data a month with fast speeds then my speeds are slowed down after the 3gigs, so I just download the movie or show overnight n watch it the next day cause it takes a couple hours to download …. Cause once I’m off at&t’s “unlimited” plan then I can’t get that back ….correct?

        • jaxidian

          Yeah, it’s not the first time that you do this you get cut off. It’s some arbitrary, and totally unknown, time when they simply cut you off. Some people get phone calls as warnings while other people simply loose connectivity, and their phone number they’ve had for years.

          #TonsOfHorrorStories #NoThx

          • jss

            Yeah I have straight talk and they do throttle it down. After 2.5 sometimes before that, icall and they make it faster but it goes back to slow in a day or they told me it was slowed because of violation. Not worth it. To much BS with straight talk plus its like 48 dollars with tax. I need to find something better for the price.

        • Guest

          It doesn’t have to occur alot of times.

          It’s pretty simple; You pay per month, not days. So is 2GB per month, not 100MB per day. 100MB/day can be equivalent to 2GB/month, but you pay per month not per day.

      • kahlis

        Bullshit!!!!! They throttle me every month after 2 to 3 gigs….I’ve used as much as 6gigs…

      • Jeff

        Stright Talk will throttle You. Trust me. Employee

        • Ern

          How do you reset the APN settings to prevent this?

    • TG

      ST cannot throttle. They are what is called an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). They do not have the ability to throttle. If you stream content they can kick you off their service; FYI: It’s paragraph 6 in the terms under “Unlimited”. I have used the service an I still do, we save cash. I stream audio frequently, but use streaming video rarely, and the speeds are the exact same as ATT (3G). I have not yet used it in a 4G area, but I’ve heard it works.

      • Daniel

        this is second time straight talk throttled my speed to about .12 Mbps down and 1.22 Mbps up, they kicked me off data before and i had recorded phone call that were before i got plan representative told me can use as much data as i want to watch videos, browse web or do what ever i want on data except tether, so after using 5 gb first month they cut me off and i called and told them i can file with fcc or what ever part of government that deals with scams and fraud, and have proof of recorded phone call (representative agreed to recording ahead of time) and basically gave 2 weeks free, then next time it happen like month free (few months ater i think) and then i notice where places like home once got even 8Mbps, but average of 4-6Mbps, it was around .12Mbps down, but full speed up, and on other straight talk service on iphone (i have iphone too) it was fine until they used to much data same thing for like month or 2, then starts working fine, and now just today same thing, when to .12Mbps down and full speed up, i dont know how they tether but some how they do, maybe att helps them, but they are bunch of liars, and now i just dont have time to deal with them, and when i need my data for gps or something important they turn of data, or like now super slow, i can switch to t-mobile and their edge would be faster on iphone, and good price, any way sick of straight talk and anyone using more than 3 gb in month STAY AWAY unless you have time to call them and deal with them all the time

        • Shawn

          Periods. Please use them.

          • phuck streight talk

            phuck you and all the rest of that tink you are the spelling and grammer police

          • me

            …and this one time, at band camp…

          • EmilyMJohnson

            When I called st about the same things they said u can only watch ex 5 YouTube vids in 1 day but no internets radio. its not unlimited. unlike sprints truly unlimited plan.

        • It’s a phone NOT a computer!!!

      • Shawn

        ST can and they do throttle you down, they did with me after 2.5gb.

      • Yee Boiii

        This is the most accurate debrief of StraightTalk’s back end operation.

        MVNO is the middle man between you and AT&T (Assuming your switched over from AT&T with the same phone or using AT&T Coverage. Pretend AT&T is a Club, MVNO is the bouncer that lets you in, contracted from StraightTalk, Tracfone.)

        Straight Talk users are allowed Unlimited Data, however if you go over a certain amount, this case, 2 to 3.5GB and since its on AT&T’s traffic, its registered as an “external device”, this is when AT&T goes “Hey theres an unregistered device taking data or causing traffic to our Customers” then AT&T, legally, as signed with Tracfone, throttles your line. Until MVNO or ST refreshes your line for the month.

        You would then be at the kb/s at this point instead of mb/s.

        One solution is to wait out until your month is up and time for refill


        Call StraightTalk’s BYOD (BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE) DEPARTMENT, to reset your data to “Provisioning”. These “special (ironically, the contrary) representatives” will then reset your DATA (acting as MVNO Middle Man) pretty much puts you back on AT&T’s traffic again.

        I have the patience to F*** with customer representatives, so calling in to reset my data to full speed is no worry, but if you dont have the patience or the mouth to nag off, go to a premier provider.

        So far ST has saved me money for the same exact coverage.

        FYI for people who doesn’t have ST and has an unlocked phone or preferred phone, select ATT sim card, even though the TF64 simcard is universal with Tmobile’s version, ATT will more likely give you better data coverage.

        Please do not bad mouth a provider who actually delivers what they state, just cause you did not read the terms and condition.


        • Yee Boiii

          STRAIGHT TALK does not throttle, the actual Coverage provider does.

        • phuck streight talk

          well i do not ever use that much data because i do not watch vidios on my phone and guess what? they cut off my service for over use .

          • wbrown

            You did use a lot of Data you said it yourself that you used over 5gb and they cut you off. You know the average user uses about 500MB a month? When that’s compared to your 5GB usage you do indeed use a lot of data.

            I use about 500mb myself a month checking Facebook, G-mail and light web browsing every day so it seems a bit like you were using their service as your normal internet connection which is obviously not going to get you in good standing with ST.

            Stop using so much data and ST will be your best friend that saves you a ton of money.

        • Weedogse

          Well said Yee Boii, well said. I wish every person would just read terms. They are there for a reason! Again well said!

          • Trucken

            Yes it is well said but here is the problem. By law just reading terms and aggrement do help. But a company also has to have a signiture of a person agreeing to those terms. Also u jave to go to st site to read needs to make people sign or e sign the terms. Seeing how they do not the terms are just worthless words untill signed. There for they are able to be sued fornfalse advertisement wich i am speaking to a lawyer about right now. Also was stated that because i activated my phone i auto agreed to terms. This is not true stated my lawyer. A signiture of agreement is needed. So i will be going after them for false advertisment and what ever else i can get out of it just because i can. And yes st does regulate speeds when they feel like it. They also told me if you do not like it leave. Some compnay they are. Well thats the truth and no point to argue been with them 3 years and never had prob till now. So lawyer up and join the fight for they lied and still lie to us all. Unlimted pfffffft yea right

        • kelly

          Love this…..made my day..thank you

      • CK

        They do and will throttle…I have used 1.95GB. and my download speed is now 75k 1.8MB up…

    • Joe

      Dont go to sprint it seems like you are always throttled down

    • Chrissy

      They will throttle you. I have straight talk now. When I first signed up I could view you tube videos with no issues now it’s no use. Plus I called to ask a question and they told me If I don’t reduce my data usage they will disable my sim card. I only use pandora and tune in radio besides facebook and getting mail. This is not what I signed up for. They need a class action lawsuit.

      • edna

        I’m not happy I just bought phone a week ago and now phones very slow can’t download any also I’ve called like 4 times I’ve been told that I’ve vialted coded 6and 7 I don’t know what that means that can’t even explain it to me I’ve tried recetching not getting no where I just feel that fautse apertize how can it be unlimited if u can’t even do things not a happy camper I don’t have money to keep wasting on this ui

    • shawn b

      Me and my wife are using at&t gs2 with straight talk sims cards. After 10 days of paying for straight talk they shut our phones internet off and will not turn it back on till we add another $45 card. They said we wnet over our data in only 10 days. They will NOT work with you at all. Very poor support i was hung up on 9 times took 2 hrs to get the answer nothing we can do for you. And if u go over again they will not allow you to own a Straight Talk phone. Totally unhappy with this horrible company. My advice is go gglet anything but a straight talk.

    • Debb Young

      I’ve been with Straight Talk since tbey started, I’ve used non-smart phones and 2 versions of iPhone plus we had a Galaxy S3 using it also. Total of 5 ST accounts in the last few years to current. Never has anyone in my family of ST users been “throttled,” but all of us HAVE had our data shut off POOF gone at 2 gb of data usage. We are currently changing over to AT&T. We are not data hungry users and mostly try to use wifi but we have traveled and away from wifi the usage racks up fast. We had that hurricane last year and power was out over a week and within 4 days ST cut off data to our phones (not at the same time), too bad because anyone giving true unlimited data would really be the wireless king-Queen network and rake in serious money. At least with AT&T my data stays ultra fast to 3gigs! More $ but it works. ST gets my family’s thumb DOWN.

      • nickey

        So, am I correct in assuming that using the wifi will be just fine as long as it’s not the bluetooth? I’m a new st smart phone user and I’ve been reading all this and getting nervous. But if I use whatever wifi is available and only use bluetooth data in emergencies I shouldn’t have anything to worry about?

    • megan

      They do throttle…I don’t care what anyone else says, they DO! I haven’t had any issues with a daily limit but I guess it’s possible depending on useage. But I do know if you meet the 3 gigs/month they throttle it so that you get too frustrated to try and use the iNternet. I have a useage tracker on my phone I can set it to start over when my plan does and set the end date, when I’ve met 2 gigs for the month I have it send me an alert..just so I know to take it easy. I’ve seen others say they are throttled at 2 gigs or 4 and that may be the case w/them but for me it’s 3 gigs

  • Byron Floyd

    Yes they throttle you

    You can tell when they do your data crawls and any net test app will show http port compression. Carrier induced

    Ice confirmed this. Be aware!

    • TG

      Not true.

      • tek

        It definitely is true, you can see the throttle kick in-it seems to allow you a very brief data burst to like 700kbps before it kicks it down to that 160kbps level. Really terrible.

  • franz

    Straight talk does throttle I had to test this my self after download several game data downloads at 200mb+ they took my speed down to 100-150kb speed still faster than virgin mobile 3g and T-Mobile 2g in my area

  • redraider133

    I am probably going to look into something similar once my contract is up. At least with a gsm provider I could easily import phones and not have to wait. Hopefully within the next year or so these pre-paid will iron out some more solid plans and not have the uncertainties of whether or not they will shut your service off if you use a certain amount of data.

  • Derek

    Yes, they throttle you big time. I could watch Netflix, MLB.TV, YouTube, etc. And now I can’t do any of it! Its not just me though. My wife, best friend and brother all have been throttled by straight talk. What pisses me off is they deny it to the core and will insist it’s a problem with your phone! They also send out the stupid “your using too much data” text at complete randomness. For instance, my mother whom uses ZERO internet has received the text warning about her account being cutoff for excessive data usage. They always say the same thing like “you are not closing your browser properly” or “have you been streaming or downloading”. Straight talk has no accountability and denies everything. Isn’t this illegal?! Nothing about throttling is disclosed and they are just pushing buttons in a control room randomly picking accounts to mess with at their will. They do what they want how they want and deny anything and everything and you will never get passed the third tier of management because after that is a “non-public” department (aka someone finally in the USA) but we are not allowed to talk to them. Dumb!

    • Derek

      P.S. all of our speed tests are identical on three different phones (htc one x, galaxy note, iphone 4 & iphone 4s) proving the throttling even more. I don’t want to sue for money but it would be nice not being lied to.

      • Blstooks

        Yes it should definitely be illegal for any company to say they don’t throttle and have truly unlimited data when it’s not that way at all . Sprint must be the only truly unlimited data plan out there right now and be my best interest to move to them after my contract is up with AT&T … That is if they really are not going to throttle me or kick me off for excessive data usage …. These companies are setting us up with these data hog machines such as iPhones n expecting us to pay close and sometimes over $100 a month and we’re really only allowed 3 gigs of data …. That’s nothing I could stream 3 movies in one day n it would be close to that ….. I don’t see where having to pay for data usage has just come to be accepted by everyone …it’s just a way for them to “pimp out” data to us and another way for them to make more money . But correct me if I’m wrong .. Is sprint the way to go if I’m wanting unlimited data that is truly unlimited

    • TG

      In their contract streaming is not allowed. I use it sparingly and have not had any issues.

  • Laurel laurel25

    It’s that throttling/cutting off that I was worried about. I don’t want to run the risk that one day we’ll use more than they consider allowable and your service is cut off.

    • byronfloyd

      Ok just to clarify yes they throttle and I called them up they removed it by resetting my browser settings on their side.

      I pushed downloading to the limits so now I know, just use an app called dataman

    • byronfloyd

      Ok just to clarify yes they throttle and I called them up they removed it by resetting my browser settings on their side.

      I pushed downloading to the limits so now I know, just use an app called dataman it will tell you if you hit over 2gn per month. No big deal if you got wifi at home.

      It’s worth the cost savings but to feel really comfortable you can go to sprint they’re unlimited but show data.

      Straight talk is worth the cost savings but just have a backup plan. AT&T sis a board member on American movil, the company that owns straight talk so they know full well if data becomes too much of a loss to them for renting data to straight talk

      • Nena

        so i can use wifi when im at home i heard if i turn on my wifi i have wireless internet yes that its against their TOS so its not ? or is it ?

        • wbrown

          Using your home internet connection through WI-FI will not hurt you. StraightTalk will probably encourage this as you are not using a cellular connection, therefore now costing ST a dime.

  • dialdayo

    I have a Galaxy Nexus on an AT&T sim card. I switched from Sprint which yes it is unlimited data however the Internet speeds on Sprint were sooooo slow it was unbearable. First month on straight talk I was downloading at 7 m/b per second but went over my 2GB limit. I got a call from them saying excessive usage but my phone has not gotten cut off. HOWEVER they have throttled my data to an Abysmal .2 m/b per second.. its been a week and a half and I’m at 1.2 GB of usage Smh… this is no streaming or tethering just browsing downloading apps and instagram. These carrier data caps are crap there is no real best carrier its the same shit

    • Hue Three of Five

      In your APN settings for StraightTalk leave the proxy field blank, instead of putting the tracfone one in like they say to do.

      • Peter Joa

        This worked for me. Speedtest showed 7kbps down (horribly slow) but after the omission of the proxy field I am over 6600kbps on a GS2.Thanks

        • Abe

          Would you whether this will work on other carriers such as Simple Mobile which throttle you after 2GB downloaded?

      • John

        Leaving proxy blank worked!! This doubled my speed thanks for the info!!!

  • Lut

    I live in NY and had to go to a conference in New Orleans for a week in April. I had no wifi and I used 2.5 gigs of data that month. Since then they do throttle me and deny it when I call the customer service. Even the manager is reading from a script that doesn’t even make sense. They claim I do not have a good phone and maybe I am out of the service area. I told them I even bought a new micro sim card for my iPhone and I used to get speeds 30-40 times before this nonsense. My current upload speed is 2 Mbps while my download speed is 0.1 Mbps. They told me that they do provide me internet service (I should be grateful) and they do not advertise any speeds. It is lame to do it that way I think. Even after my month was over I am still throttled, I will cancel it at the end of the month.

    • Hue Three of Five

      There is something wrong. Even if they throttle you your speeds shouldn’t be a 0.1. Do you have your apn settings set correctly? Did you trying leaving the proxy area blank? The iphone requires a sim adapter I believe.

      Sorry I have to ask since you posted as guest …. You don’t work for a carrier and are trying to sway people from leaving you to go off contract right? Just checking

      • Hue Three of Five

        Sorry not trying to be a dick, but it seems as if there is some sort of social marketing campaign going on against people leaving carriers. If someone posts as a guest on these blogs and forums I have to ask.

      • Bronson Fischer

        Yeah I have the same trouble. I got 5 to 6 mbs when i first started using my iphone 4s. after a couple days my 4g signal went blank. I restarted it and only got 0.10 mbs but i still got 1.7 upload speeds. I called tech and they reset the network on their end and it worked at full speed again. A couple days later back down to the slow speed. called them they reset it. worked again for one day then throttled again….very frustrating..whats the use of having a 4s if you cant get fast internet speeds on it? If anyone knows of a way to bypass the throttling i’d much appreciate it. But I think that would require hacking into the carriers network servers..;o)

  • kazahani

    Long story short: you get what you pay for. Verizon won’t lose me to prepaid anytime soon.

    • kazahani

      And no, I dont work for VZW, thank you very much.

      • Hue Three of Five

        Sorry about my accusations. I have a couple friends that are social media experts for certain companies and they are on blogs and social sites all day trying to sway peoples decisions.

        StraightTalk works for me because I am getting the exact same quality of service I was getting from Verizon if not better…while saving $40 with no contract. But different users that use an ungodly amount of data might not like the service, but Verizon is going to start capping everyone at 2gigs anyways…same as what straight talk does. Except for the 100mb per day limit which is probably not an issue by clearing the proxy…I don’t see a real difference.


          so, if you leave the proxy field blank, you don’t get your daily or monthly throttle? I’m tempted to switch my wife and I over to Straight Talk (I have a Galaxy Nexus and I would have to wait for her to come off contract). I rarely go over 2GB / month, but I can see myself going over 100MB in a day several times / month. This daily cap is what would keep me from moving over to Straight Talk. thanks in advance.

          • Hue Three of Five

            Some users are reporting that that is the case, but I am not sure myself because I don’t even come close to hitting 100mbs a day. Most of the music I listen to is stored locally on my device and I don’t watch a lot of video on my device. When I am on HSPA+ I am mainly reading blogs, websites and forums.

            See the following link. There are user over at xda that have used way more data than I have had luck with keeping the proxy field blank. Also an alternative to StraightTalk Att is a prepaid-bring-your-own-phone plan from Tmobile, which gives you 5gigs per months with limited calling.


          • Hue Three of Five
        • B2L

          Thanks for the info, I decided to create a new APN and leave the proxy field blank. After doing that, it seems like my data speeds have increased. Recently, my data has been slow, so I assumed they were throttling me. (Guess I was right.)

          • Hue Three of Five

            No problem. Glad to help! Hopefully ST doesn’t find issue with us leaving the field blank. But its seems to be working for us over at xda thus far.

        • babadukes

          “social media expert” ahahhaa, most BS job description ever.. not even a real job, anyone can be that, even a 12 year old can be an “expert in social media” –takes no skill, just fill in forms and call yourself a “social media expert” — And I actually e-market for and

          • Juan

            Did you get your attention fix? Or are you going to leave another post looking like a little kid who just got his sucker taken away


    thanks for the links. I did find those earlier today. I’ll just keep an eye on them. like I said, my wife is still on contract through the end of the year, so I have time to decide. Thanks!

    • Hue Three of Five

      No problem! It really is a good deal for me at least. I find I am using a lot less data than I did on Verizon because I am actually turning on wifi, managing background data, etc. I think I will stick with GSM Nexi from now on.

      • NaNa

        Hi there,

        You stated that you turn WiFi on. ST doesn’t interfere? Iam getting an iPhone 4 – unlocked from a friend and want to switch over to Straight Talk from MetroPCS. All this talk about being throttled for exceeding the data usage makes me think, “If I am surfing the net on WiFi will I still get throttled?” I don’t know if my question makes since now that it is typed but it hasn’t been touched on on any blog. I am just curious. In a couple of week I maybe making the switch.

  • Eman

    I just left verizon and switched over to ST with an Iphone, and coverage has been excellent in my area. Im also paying a lot less. I have no complaints so far. the activation was smooth

  • Bronson Fischer

    Yeah pretty sure my i phone got throttled. I used to have 1.5 mps speeds and now it 0.2 mps. Ridiculous. I loved it for the few months that it was fast. Anyway to circumvent the network throttling? Guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You always gotta pay the piper somehow or another…;(

    • Hue Three of Five

      In your APN settings leave the area for proxy blank. StraighTalk usually has you fill it in with “tracfone” proxy.

      • TG

        Does this indeed work?

      • daisy

        I have the ST galaxy 2 & it will not allow me to change the apn settings. I can see the field that would allow it but its faded and does nothing when I click on it. I haven’t had this phone a month yet, but when I first got it, my speed was much faster than my sprint it is soooo slow.I hope it will be fast again when I refill & I will be more careful with it

    • TG

      My wife and I have iPhones on ST, it’s only been two months and we aren’t huge data consumers…maybe 1.5-2 G’s max. So it’s working great

      So have you figured out how to get your speeds back? I’ve heard you can call in and have them reset your settings.

    • ButcherChop

      AT&T is throttling people too now. I was throttled and had 2 letters sent by them, hehe. I stream music all the time, but Jelly Bean gives you a feature that alerts you at your preferred setting and shows you how much you’ve used from month to month. It helps.

  • redraider133

    For those using straight talk I have a question. i was thinking about buying a sim and trying it out for a month or so to decide what i want to do. If I stop paying say for a few months until my contract runs out, will i be able to reactivate the sim or will I have to go back and buy a brand new sim when I go to use it again?

    • Brandon

      I don’t have ST, but I’m pretty sure you will be OK. On their activation page at it has an option that says: “Activate phone with a new number or Reactivate phone.” I don’t think you will be guaranteed to have the same phone number as the first time though, so that may be something to consider. My concern would be whether they would charge a fee to reactivate, but I haven’t seen that mentioned during my research.

  • Garrett

    Hi Everyone!

    I would like to put this discussion to rest: If you read the Terms and Conditions agreement from Straight Talk, you will find (starting with Section 6) all of the information you need to answer these questions.

    1. Does Straight Talk throttle? YES

    Read the last sentence in paragraph 2 of Section 6: “…Straight Talk reserves the right to deny service, deactivate or cancel existing service, terminate data connections and/or reduce data throughput speeds, to anyone for any reason at any time, in Straight Talk’s sole discretion.”

    2. Does Straight Talk have a policy AGAINST using their service for large data use, such as streaming audio and video (including sites like YouTube), using your phone as a “hotspot”, and P2P data sharing? YES

    Read, beginning at the second sentence of paragraph 1 in Section 6: “The Straight Talk Unlimited Plans MAY NOT be used for any other purpose. Examples of prohibited uses include, without limitation, the following: (i) continuous mobile to mobile or mobile to landline voice calls; (ii) automated text or picture messaging to another mobile device or e-mail address; (iii) uploading, downloading or streaming of audio or video programming or games; (iv) server devices or host computer applications, including, but not limited to, Web camera posts or broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections or peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing; or (v) as a substitute or backup for private lines or dedicated data connections. This means, by way of example only, that checking email, surfing the Internet, downloading legally acquired songs, and/or visiting corporate intranets is permitted, but downloading movies using P2P file sharing services and/or redirecting television signals for viewing on laptops is prohibited. A person engaged in prohibited uses may have his/her service terminated without notice or a refund.”

    This should take care of the questions people have about whether or not Straight Talk throttles, cancels service, and discourages against heavy data usage. I would suggest purchasing a plan from one of the larger providers if you have a need for ‘larger than normal’ data use… Thanks for reading! (No, I don’t work for a telecom company)

    • Garrett

      You can read the entire Terms and Conditions agreement for Straight Talk here:

      • Ellwood Howard

        One of many problems with the Terms and Conditions is the use of the term “continuous”. A one minute phone call is a continuous call as is a two hour phone call. Define continuous. This is one of many legal issues with blanket T&C’s like this and within the next two to five years there will be a class action suit against the company and its operators regardless of the arbitration clause. If enough evidence can show that the company intentionally or unintentionally defrauded consumers, the arbitration clause can be vacated by court order.

        Now that’s the bad stuff. The good stuff is that if you use a crap load of data, don’t use a plan like ST. Go with a standard carrier account and pay for it…or do all your downloads locally on a computer and transfer it to your phone. It’s easy to do and won’t take up precious phone data. per minute plans and 30 day plans like ST’s are not designed for heavy data use. I don’t work with a telecom either…just a loathly underpaid teacher :)

  • Octavio

    From what I am seeing is that Straight Talk is not for power users indeed, it’s really for casual to moderate users of data because they have to buy from the sponsor company. Today’s power user can vary on the economic spectrum for those who cannot afford to be on contract to get decent data speed and coverage and those who can. I am personally with t-mobile on contract and enjoy great data speeds and I would recommend to others if service is available in area if not then one has to get creative. I understand that certain carriers are better at certain locations and the price for service wont break your pocket but people must understand that all MVNOs have a data cap because it’s expensive to buy data wholesale and unlimited is not really unlimited even though the explanation of the word unlimited is quite clear to all, in other words it’s a sale gimmick to get you to buy their service and get your money. Sprints 3g ( CDMA Rev. A) is so overloaded that it does not matter if you have unlimited data because the network is already throttled by itself. I think Straight Talk should offer plans for power users or the ability to purchase more data. Legal jargon can be a bitch to understand and remember always read the fine print because it always has precedent ( legal priority) in its claims.

  • Octavio

    I have a question to those who had problems with Straight Talk, was ST was under AT&T or VZW when this issue of throttling and data cut off on your devices.

    My money is on AT&T.

    • gandi

      mine has been throttled through vzw

  • A.Woodbury

    I am on ST and loving it. AT&T has great coverage in my area so it works out. Much better than their prepaid Go Phone plans

  • fashion

    Straight Talk is not for power users indeed, it’s really for casual to moderate users of data because they have to buy from the sponsor company. Today’s power user can vary on the economic spectrum for those who cannot afford to be on contract to get decent data speed and coverage and those who can. I am personally with t-mobile on contract and enjoy great data speeds and I would recommend to others if service is available in area if not then one has to get creative

  • Will

    I tried to order the unlock code from for an AT&T LG phone. I instantly got a call telling me they could give me the unlock code, but much of the time the ST Sim’s does not work on the AT&T phones, so they would not guarantee. He did go on to tell me that most of the time the ST Sim’s will work in an AT&T phone without the unlock code, if it is going to work at all.
    Has anyone tried a ST Sim’s in LG Mitro and if so, you have to unlock?

  • ian

    will the new LG 4XHD by AT and T work on straight talk BYOP with an AT and T tower SIM? if so what type of SIM does it require? is there anyone reporting errors trying to put this phone onto straight talk BYOP? i am finding my Tmobile monthly 4g to be kinda weak data wise. i find at and t has a much better phone line up than sprint of tmobile, the latter of whom i think is in the red dwarf stage of its business in the US. their handsets at tmobile have slowed to a crawl with the exception of the samsung s3 and beyond that, theres windows phone rumors for WP8 and also the meizu MX4 but thats about it, except the HTC one X plus quad core. but i am an LG loyalist, i have owned their cell phones and one of their soundbars. i find them to be a better company than samsung. could someone please help me? i do not want to be paying 82 a month for another year for iffy coverage.

  • Shelly

    I bought an unlocked AT&T samsung focas. And hooked it up through ST.. but.. We still can not get internet or picture messaging. The reception is aweful. We all had verizon before. And we have lots of friends who use straight talk. They don’t have any problems… could some one plz help me?!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Did you change the APN settings? The Straight Talk SIM package should have all the settings.

    • Joe

      Shelly like Taylor mentioned you gotta switch your APN settings… with the Samsung Focus you gotta go to the market place and go into samsung apps and you’ll see an app called Wireless Manager… download it and you can switch your APN settings from there so that your Picture Messaging works.

  • James Voris

    I have a 4gs I phone jailbroken on ST, they gave me a warning via telephone about tethering. Said they could cancel my service and they were actually quite rude. It was tracfone that called since there still the mother company they deal with data tracking, also my down speed is now 6-10/kbs it’s horrible, I do stream a lot so I’ve probably breeched there limit or something but it’s still ridiculous. Every time I call they fix it on there end for 10 min. Then throttling begins agian alas I’ve given up. Prolly switch to h2o not sure. Oh yea and I live in Cincinnati perfect service just about everywhere incase anyone wondered if that may be the case!

  • TY

    I brought their nokia E5 and it comes with a tethering app from straight talk but when you use it they cut u off for to much data… but i was using somewhere between 8-10GB a mth.. they gave me a few warnings and then told me i forfited the remaining of my 30 card… few mths later i tried to activate the same phone for my wife, was told the phone was perminently blocked…

    now i have a android on their att sim service… i havent had any data warnings yet (been 3-4mths) but i use about 2-4GB a moth… Ive also noticed data is slowing down some… they claim not to throttle but in the settings shows a proxy server setup… ( when you browse the internet it directs your traffic through their servers and slows u down… theres no way around this… what use to be 3-5mbs is now 100-200kbs… i first thought this was the ROM i was using becuase i flash custom roms all the time but its not… also the throttling is continueing after my month is up and into the next 30day card…

    I to have a recorded phone call to a sales rep promising unlimited unthrottled data… i wonder what they would say if i had a lawyer call…

  • Yee Boiii

    This is the most accurate debrief of StraightTalk’s back end operation.

    MVNO is the middle man between you and AT&T (Assuming your switched over from AT&T with the same phone or using AT&T Coverage. Pretend AT&T is a Club, MVNO is the bouncer that lets you in, contracted from StraightTalk, Tracfone.)

    Straight Talk users are allowed Unlimited Data, however if you go over a certain amount, this case, 2 to 3.5GB and since its on AT&T’s traffic, its registered as an “external device”, this is when AT&T goes “Hey theres an unregistered device taking data or causing traffic to our Customers” then AT&T, legally, as signed with Tracfone, throttles your line. Until MVNO or ST refreshes your line for the month.

    You would then be at the kb/s at this point instead of mb/s.

    One solution is to wait out until your month is up and time for refill


    Call StraightTalk’s BYOD (BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE) DEPARTMENT, to reset your data to “Provisioning”. These “special (ironically, the contrary) representatives” will then reset your DATA (acting as MVNO Middle Man) pretty much puts you back on AT&T’s traffic again.

    I have the patience to F*** with customer representatives, so calling in to reset my data to full speed is no worry, but if you dont have the patience or the mouth to nag off, go to a premier provider.

    So far ST has saved me money for the same exact coverage.

    FYI for people who doesn’t have ST and has an unlocked phone or preferred phone, select ATT sim card, even though the TF64 simcard is universal with Tmobile’s version, ATT will more likely give you better data coverage.

    Please do not bad mouth a provider who actually delivers what they state, just cause you did not read the terms and condition.

    Straight Talk does not Throttle, the Coverage Provider does


    • Cuz

      Do you have that byod phone number? Also what do I say to them in order to get my data reset? I am about to switch to straight talk and I’m sure this will happen more than once. Thx

  • VCast

    wow. did you smoke a bowl and read letter-by-letter Straight Talks terms and condition? lmaoooo

    if so where did you get your shit from, cause i want to smoke something that makes me understand anything i read including terms and conditions lool

    other than that, well explained! :)


    Here’s a work around I found succesful on my end.

    Id get my shit cut off or slowed down because I am on YOUTUBE all the time, or downloading shit,

    i found out that staying on your BROWSER instead of the youtube app, I dont get cut off, with the youtube app your downloading atleast 200-400MB of content, try 600-700MB for HD, if you stay within your browser, using ST’s proxy (which i still dont use) its considered as “WEB BROWSING” because your using their proxy, but on their end they are seeing mobile web browser activity.

    I have gone over 15GB last month, YOUTUBIN’ via web browser, still fine on HD, knock on wood.

    but keep this info to the reader, and reader only, word of mouth will spread the virus quick and ST might find a ‘cure’

  • Yee Boii

    yeah its called common sense weed.

    i dont know whether to thank you or call your mother and insult her, but ok.

  • VCast


    i gave you a compliment regardless if it came off insulting.

    dont bring mothers in this DATA Throttling post.

    goodluck calling my mom she wont answer, just like your wife when you ask her shit

  • Yee Boii




    for terms and condition violation: your birth.

  • ian

    isnt a quick work around just to use stable wi fi?

  • guest

    whats the point of unlimited or mobile data?

  • Linda

    So I have straight talk right now I never has reception so im thinking to buy a at&t phone and put that on straight talk… If i do that will it be ran off of at&t towers? would i have more reception??

    • Laurel laurel25

      If you’re currently on their T-Mobile system, then, yes, switching to one of their AT&T SIMs might improve your reception. You should find out which system you’re on currently and then check the AT&T and T-Mobile coverage maps at each company’s website to see which one would provide better coverage for you. If your phone allows you to remove the SIM card, then you can probably just get a different SIM (the AT&T) one rather than getting a whole new phone.

  • Jordin

    I am a savy liberal data user I use my phone for everything (internet). So obviously I was excitted to see this plann. I had this for less than a month with at&t sim card. After about the fifth day my internet was throttled. I thought mayb my phone had to many apps so I deleted (sacraficed) a few . I only had downloaded 5. So I was really confused. I tried resetting my phone everything. I am a youtube addict and now its not even worth the wait a 2 minute video is made into a 15-20 minute issue. I can say I have great coverage in NLR, Arkansas. I can get on the phone without any problem no dropped calls yet nothing. Messages always come through. But data is definetly slowed after a certain point mayb they should have a disclaimer

    • John

      Yeah, it seems that ST doesn’t like you streaming video… I have been on ST / BYOP AT&T for about 10 months. Seems that I was throttled once big time. About 10 days were I could barely used any data. Called in to ST to reset my account after the new months cycle. But if you watch your data per month should be ok… AT&T voice/data coverage is pretty good compared to virgin/sprint and t-mobile(Northeast). I heard ST with be getting 4g speeds soon on AT&T. Not sure if you will have to get a new sim card / change APN settings or if the change will be automatic. ** If you leave the proxy blank, instead of using the “tracfone” this doubled my data speed.

      HTC Evo V on Virgin Mobile has rockin 4g speeds, but limited coverage if you travel a lot.

      • Virgin has limited 4g??? Try zero in most states tiny amount in others. ST ads say “Unlimited web access” NOT unlimited data, they are not the same thing

  • loodachris

    Question I have for people that ported their numbers is how long did it really take? I’m leaving Virgin Mobile if that helps any? Lots of good info on here by the way thanks!

  • Delisha

    I’m getting together a case lawsuit again straight talk for cutting off my phone without warning, and when I called to ask why they claimed I abused my “Unlimited” talking by talking too much. So if your straight talk phone has been cut off because of claims of “talking too much” or abusing usage as far as talking. Please answer to this, so I can get you in connect with my lawyer. Thanks.

    • redraider133

      I think they might be covered in their terms sadly i dont think companies should be able to use the term unlimited when it’s not unlimited. I wouldn’t waste your time.

    • Yeah lawsuit great idea, your lawyer gets a ton of money & you get a coupon for a free month. LOL

  • Josh Simpson

    So I’m on wifi 90% of the time, but I’m going camping this weekend and plan to stream some music. What is a ballpark figure of data used, say on a streamed album from amazon cloud player?

    With at&t, I could just check my data usage. Is there a way to check on straight talk?

    I’m enjoying straight talk very much after 3 weeks now.

  • orendz

    They will throttle you because they did me also. They said I was in violation and i have to wait until next cycle. So I would use as much wifi as you can. I guess I should have read the fine print. It is true that they give you unlimited data though. Ive had no problems with them since this has happened. I’ll still keep their service also because it does suit my needs for now.

  • thebigba

    no place should be covered by any terms of service you did not physically put your signature on.

    when i click a box to get something that does not mean I agree to your terms , it means i want to proceed with getting what im there for.

    so straight talk can go straight to hell and every other wireless carrier that says unlimited data bate limits it to barely being able to load a web page if you happen to go over a measely amount of data usage.

    it’s quite unfair to unlimited and then put a limit on it.
    and these companies should be sued for every last dime they have.

    • redraider133

      So because you just “click to get where youre going” you feel the terms do not apply to you? Good luck with that, you checked the box and therefore agree to the terms. Yeah they shouldn’t advertise it as unlimited but such is life and it’s not going to change.

  • moonstar

    Been a verizon cust. for 12yrs & decided to switch because I felt like I was getting ripped off so I switched. I’ve had ST now for a few months (at&t coverage) & for the first month I had great signal & data speeds but now I can’t even use my phone in my house unless its just sitting in a spot where there is signal & I have my bluetooth connected. I can’t get on the internet without it keep telling me error time out… I am so over ST & will be switching as soon as I figure out what service will be better other than verizon, wish I never switched.

  • Marilyn

    I was a Boost customer for years. Always good service everywhere I went LA,TX,MS,TN,SC. But I recently upgraded my phone to android. I was 2 miles from boost android tower where I lived. So had no choice but to go with a diff carrier if I wanted to upgrade from my dinosaur phone. AT&T go phones for android,well there weren’t very many choices. Also data was a killer. So now I’m stuck in a contract with AT&T paying about $100 a month. And now moved so Boost would be fine again by me. Only now I’d have to buy another phone. And have come to love the HTC ONE X! Any suggestions how to go about getting prepaid again or unlocking my HTC ONE X would be great appreciated. This phone does have a sim cardt also. I thought switch my boost sim card into it but they say it won’t work.
    I’m interested in Straight talk but if I get it for this phone use AT&T then if I get cut off for over usage…then what? No phone at all. Any way to get Boost with the HTC ONE X ??
    Suggestions please from someone who really knows! I have a $100 bill to pay by Oct 19th Gotta figure out something fast!

    • redraider133

      Straight talk uses gsm towers so you could choose at&t and still use the one x and save a ton of money. Check out straight talk

  • Marilyn

    I should gave added to my comment..I use wi fi at home. I do use YouTube a lot but read that you can use it from browser instead of the app & you’re good. I use internet to research & read a lot and ofcourse Face book a lot.

  • wes

    I usedkts of data like 4gb no issue for months I rooted my phone lastnite so I can change dpi and I’m throttled I think they can tell because after a phone is rooted it changes to modified in the status

  • Craig

    I’m on straight talk with a iPhone 4 with no problems and great coverage I’m in Muncie,IN it’s a lot better than AT&T’s so called unlimited plan you only get unlimited talk and text on a smartphone for $54 a month.Now I’m paying just under $50 and have mobile web and unlimited talk and text now.
    So basically if you don’t go crazy using tons of data and use wifi when available you’ll be fine and it’s well worth the money!!!
    Hope this helps

  • sj

    I’m just wondering how its not fraud if they advertise unlimited data when its not. Gonna try em for a month from Tmo prepaid; if it doesn’t work I’ll pay $15 more for the T-Mobile $60 2gb plan. On ST, you can’t steam video or music, acc to them.They refuse to give you a data limit but reserve the right to cancel you after 1 warning.I’m not usually a huge data user since I’m on wifi a lot but don’t want to be worried @ using data. From what I’ve been able to gather, it might depend on where u live & how many ST users are there. I’m currently in Atlanta so am worried. Some say they got cut off at 2gb while others claim they used 4gb without consequences. Mist say 100mb a day/2gb month. I still don’t understand how the FTC doesn’t go after the MVNO lies. They just say u can’t violate their terms but those are nebulous by just saying it can’t affect the network..but its 109% clear its not unlimited but ST says unlimited DATA; at least others like simple mobile says unlimited WEB which is a bit different

  • curtis

    i have been using straight talk for 5 months now with my unlocked motorola razr maxx and i use about 6 gigs of data a month and it never slows down or gets cutt off i use pandora and youtube and other video sites.. on average i get 3.7 mb of speed

  • Bill A.

    So after reading all these comments, I can only conclude one thing: UNLIMITED=LIE!! BS end of story!!

  • Josh

    Like most, I was suckered with unlimited data lies. I am not totally disappointed; for, I have used DLed approx 20 gig in first 20 days of service. I have been throttled to approx 15Kbps for most of this months service, and am waiting for next months billing cycle to make sure my data usage stats gets flushed. Right or wrong, you get what you pay for. Also: clearing the proxy address did not increase my speeds but I did not try this until after I was throttled. Using a Rooted Pantech Burst on the AT&T network.

  • jake

    i use les than one gb a month, would i be good to get this? i have horrid credit and verizon, att, and sprint all want about a 1000 dollar security deposit (identity theft problem, now my credit is in ruins) i

  • angy

    can i use my friends old at&t galaxy if i have straight talk with sprint? what do i have to do to get staight talk on the at&t galaxy?


      do you mean the captivate? or galaxy SII? either way… to get straight talk on an AT&T phone, go here:

      buy an AT&T compatible sim and port your number.

  • Marco

    ST has lowered my speeds and I’m

  • Current ST Cusomer

    They do throttle you can’t stream more than 20min of video/music PER day. If you exceed that you’ll be certainly throttled soon after. Personal experience with them after they throttle me I get 0.06 kps then I have to go through calling them and trying to trick them to trouble shoot my phone which takes them asking me to turn it off and while they update my service on their end then turn it on and my speeds will be back to normal I would do this 1-2 time a month depending on how much data I’ve used but it seems that now your profile on their end gets flagged so when you call they already see you have been throttled for the current month so when asked if they can trouble shoot it they will tell you that you have violated the terms and conditions and now must wait until you refill again on your next bill cycle…IT IS UNLIMITED FOR NON-SMARTPHONES…if you have a smartphone I would recommend not to go with ST…plus there customer service is horrible…a call can take 10-40 min

  • Kyle

    You have unlimited data on apps that are native to your phone I believe

  • Jim

    Bought a GS2 in Oct. Couldn’t believe the speed of the data serivce. Could stream HQ audio and video with no buffering. Then on 11/12 I awoke to find I had no data service at all. I called (on 11/13) and they “refreshed” my phone and data service has been lousy ever since. Constant buffering. I called today (11/27) to complain. You won’t believe what they told me…

    When I first signed up for ST about 5 years ago I lived somewhere else (i.e. a different zip code). They said I was “roaming” because I now used my phone in a zip code other than where I originally signed up. To make things worse, they said that in Oct they changed their policy and that they no longer allow roaming. With that they turned my data service off while I was on the call. Yes, I said off. They said the only way I could get it back would be to turn off my account, then re-establish it with my new zip code and a new sim card they’re sending.

    Even if I install the new sim card they no longer will allow roaming. That means if I’m at work, on a biz trip out of state or just in another freaking zip code I will have NO DATA SERVICE. I repreat: they are eliminating the use of data services when you are outside of your home area (i.e. zip code).

    So to recap, they sold me a phone for $349 with which I can only get data service if I’m in my home zip code. I shit you not. Straight Talk is going to loose massive amounts of customers when this gets out. They lost my business today. Anyone want to buy a ST GS2?

    • oooh

      i’ll give you 50 cents. Final best offer.

    • ck

      “they said that in Oct they changed their policy and that they no longer allow roaming” ??

      I’m thinking of going to ST, use very very little data, but this could be my big issue. Is this on their website anywhere? I don’t believe anything anyone tells me since everyone lies, but if it’s in print that’s a different story.

      • ck

        Oooh. That came out bad….didn’t mean YOU lie, I meant you can’t believe anything the people on the phone say.

      • ck

        Oh great. Now I just saw that someone posted above and is named ‘oooh’ so it looks like I was directing my comment to him. I give up.

  • Johnnyvee

    Yo…dudes and dudesses…chill (been watching too much breaking bad). Ever heard of wi-fi? It’s a cool invention where you can watch all the streaming video or listen to music all to your hearts content without going over 2g per month. At home, your office, the student center…thousands of places like libraries have free wi-fi. By using it, you won’t over use data. Remember…this is a phone we’re talking about. Just use wi-fi for your heavy content and you won’t have to worry about having your data throttled.

  • kirsten

    Hi I received the HTC one x as a b-day gift on tues night. It was activated on wed. Everything seemed to work fine till I left the house. I have no data connection. In the house I was running on WiFi. So I called the company for help. They said shut off your WiFi, that’s your problem and check your apn settings. So, after I checked the settings on the phone and hung up I went back and turned off the WiFi, the wireless settings said I had the wrong apn setting now. I called the company back and asked for help and they told me it was a problem with my phone. If anybody could help me I would really appreciate it. I waited a long time for this phone. And ps. I’m not dumb just can’t what to do next. Thanks

  • j carter

    I wish that I would have read some of these reviews b4 signing up for netflix. I have been using my ST phone as a hotspot for my laptop for about a week now streaming a bunch of videos thinking like it says that it is an unlimited plan but as of yesterday I am getting very very slow internet connection. I thought maybe I had some kind of virus or something on my phone so I tried to do a factory data reset and ran all kinds of fix it apps but still very slow. Now reading these reviews it seems they must have throttled down my data plan as well. I have been telling people how a great Straight Talk plans are but now I am eating my words.

  • jessica bennett

    if i have a at&t sim card can i still use a staight talk unlimited card

    • Chris Cringle

      Indeed you can. But the phone you use has to be a At&t phone inprinted with its logo.

      On the throttling subject for a second. This is how I see it, yeah you get ST and you feel like a genius that you’re saving some moola’ and for the most part you are definately right. But here is what I think happens when you perform a good ole’ test and gleam a nice grin in awe’ at how fast your download and upload speeds are right?

      Well “I” think this is their way of catching data hungry users and make them think they actually have such sustaining high speed downloads to use. This way ST can police and weed out people who are tempted into using massive amounts of data.

      Now I think if there is such of a app that can self-throttle your own phone, meaning if you had an app that can controll your download speeds and be under ST’s radar….now that would be the day. But who knows if it would ever work if there was such an app.

  • KingCrow02

    Strange they don’t state how much data you are allowed a month

  • Rebecca

    I have a question……
    Samsung Galaxy S2 Tracphone on Straight Talk. Unrooted. $45. Unlimited talk, txt n web/data.
    I downloaded 6, 45 minute tv shows n now I am getting hecka distorted phone calls from ST. Can’t make out whats being said. After reading lots on this thread….I got throtled, right?
    Not sure if your phones are rooted? If phones are rooted can they (ST) still moniture your data usage n throtle you???? If this has been covered….I musta missed it. Thx.

  • Kenneth Moriarty

    So I had to learn the hard way as usual. Straight Talk for my iPhone was a huge disappointment. If all you do is talk and text then by all means, save yourself a bundle and buy a Straight Talk SIM for your GSM iPhone. I found  service for these as good as the AT&T service I had for five years. This was the exact opposite for data however. Since STW is just reselling AT&T bandwidth, when it works, it feels like the same old HSPA+ 4G data I was used to. The problems begin when you learn that what your iPhone reports as Data Usage in Settings is different from what STW counts. I was shut off several times during my first month of supposedly unlimited talk text and data. OK, so you learn that its really 2GB of data, you can live with that right? Wrong. Theres no telling when they’ll decide to shut you off.Three weeks into my first month plan and many maddening calls to the goofy, transfer-happy customer service reps who seem to have been trained to try to baffle you with bullshit and conceal their crappy policies and crappier service offering by spouting nonsensical explanations and commentary and I was told “You violated such and such sections of the TOS, blah, blah 
    …and you must wait until the renewal date to restore data services. I ended up buying a new monthly unltd plan to get back online. You cant get a “straight” answer from these people. So, chastened, I went through my second month without running into a data cap but I hit another wall. Dont try using Google Maps (which I have come to rely on heavily) with this service because I found out that their service arrangement with AT&T is such that their subscribers aren’t allowed to “data-roam”. This means that if you’ve a cellular data transmission going on when your connection is handed off from one tower to another, your data service is immediately terminated, just as if you’ve violated their arbitrary data caps. More run-around and double-speak. Third month of service and my iPhone says 670MB of data downloaded (consisting of email, Google Maps, some web-browsing, no Youtube or otheraudio/video streaming, very conservative data useage) and Im shut off with two weeks to go. Maybe they reviewed my account and saw I bought another $45 plan three weeks into my first month to re-up on data and figured let’s see if we can get him to re-up in two. After abought eight calls and six arguments and so on, you get the picture. This is America. You pretty much get what you pay for. I like America. These Filipino and Guatemalan call center creeps can do without my money. I have Guatemalans in my family and I’m the son of immigrants. But you talk to these people and you realize that the words they use are English but they definitely are speaking another language. Half price is no bargain when half-service is unusable. Do you like having your data legs chopped off when you’re using GPS? Then go with STW. Me? I’m adopting an “American-Only” approach to my shopping habits, signing up with Verizon, gladly paying $100/month for USABLE mobile data, and posting this to as many sites as I can to let the American buying public know what a scam Straight Talk Wireless is. I can’t believe the Federal Trade Commission allows these people to advertise unlimited data. Total BS. And typical Wal-Mart vendor.

  • madavisart

    Can Att Aps be deleted from straight talk phone. my data is constantly going back to att and then I do not have service
    It is stating to happen every few minutes

  • WlfHart

    My father tried an international Note with them and at least in Southern California was getting horrific dead spots. In areas that claimed to have coverage… He was pretty unhappy with it.

  • Carrie

    Hey can someone please help me? I’ve read a lot of these posts. It mostly sounds like a good idea. Although, I don’t know how to unlock a phone or if it is unlocked. I don’t have an AT&T phone anymore, but I was going to buy one through Amazon or somewhere, maybe someone if possible, with no new contract or anything connected to AT&T.

    What do you have to do for it to work on ST? If the phone will work is all I have to do their SIM card?

    Thanks, I don’t know if this sounds silly.The phones are very expensive without a contract, so I wouldn’t want to buy one if I couldn’t unlock it or whatever needs to be done.


  • ibap

    Except for Sprint (where a lot of people think it is just inherently throttled all the time) all of the “unlimited” contract services have some sort of throttling embedded in them. Read the TOS very carefully for any service. StraightTalk and all of the Tracfone/NET10/StraighTalk family say you can’t stream.

    Even worse than the throttling is they can cut you off with no notice, and you risk losing your number. Now if Google Voice would just get MMS sorted out…

  • SLM

    I will be getting ST in about a week. I’ve paid for the phone and 3 months of service. I’m so glad I’ve read these posts. I’ll be very careful now. I will us wi-fi most of the time and rarely will I use the phone for data usage otherwise. I do hope I will have unlimited talk and text though. These posts have scared me a little, hope I am not disappointed.

    I’d love to go straight AT & T or Verizon, but I can NOT afford them.

  • Lroi

    See it’s crap like this that makes me hate Walmart. I was thinking of getting a GS2 from ST. Changed my mind. Completely. Thank you everyone.

  • Jay

    Hello. I have a routed unlocked HTC OneX. I just ported my number over to Straight Talk wireless and the cannot get my Internet and messaging working… I have loaded thier APNs and ones ive found on the net but no luck. Under Mobile networks tab it says disconnected in light gray.. Please HELLLPP!!

  • chaos4ever

    Thanks for all the info,but Wi-Fi is not an option if you’re in b.f.e. lol!

  • charles h

    Ok. Just got staight talk so far I can not say, have been with net ten im past ( more on that ) st same coverage as att however, as with net ten you do not get anywhere near the 4g speed I had with att. with net ten, No Warning, poof data cutoff, call thay say need to re-up buy knew card. So, if you feel like paying out the but when they cut your data, you call them and have ( with a new airtime card ) and have them end you service and reactivate it with the new atp number and you can do that all you want, I was first disconnected at about 4gig, so far with ST I am not pushing it, as pathetic as it sounds, my phone, online articals and tweets are my life. Cut off so sad bit rang up 160 bill with att so had to switch. BOTTOM LINE, YOU CAN ONLY EXPECT WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

  • Aliek Airaf

    hi. i have an att sim card from straight talk,its working perfectly fine. but now i bought a tmobile phone.1) can i use that sim with the phone? the web page said it was compatible with att tmobile and unlock phones but in the receipt it says for att. 2)do i have to buy another sim?…

  • Jenny Hilderbrand

    For starters,I am on a fixed income so I decieced to go with straight talk$45-00 a month unlimited plan, so I did not have to worry about how much I talked ,text, or used the internet, The first month no problems then after 2 weeks they shut off my data and said I had vialated their terms of use (thier unlimited plan) so for 2 weks I had no data at all, then when I renewed my plan they added my data back it went from running at a speed of 2045 mbps to 312 mbps so slow its alfull they are monor
    ting my uses and told me if I went over again that they would terminate my service. how is this possible sceen I pay for unlimited service? I do want to file a law suit so if anyone can help me with that please email at [email protected] ,My zip code is 35954 also my son and his wife are being done they same way they to want to sue same zip code

  • danny

    You can use an at&t phone on straight talk but it would have to be unlocked so you can use straight talks sim card, and for straight talks data speed its about 2 mbps but its not truely unlimited because they throttle there data once you use about 2 gb and the same goes for at&t and verizon even if you are grandfatherd in to the unlimited data

  • Prude

    f currently using straight talk att sim call customer service tech dept b4 reaching 1.5 g data/month for feature reset or use T-Mo sim instead..itl save u a lot of headache..=)

  • pwincezz

    yup even I am using it

  • revized

    i am just chillin and want to call ST to complain every day at least 20 times as i am off work for most of the year and i really get a kick out of this kind of stuff , i bought a s3 i wanted the verizon titiamun anyways and verizon in my area works alot better about 100x then att , bakersfield ca , on the box it says no where on the box of the phone that you cant tether and that is what i am going to hang on to every phone call till the world ends, i will keep the box too.

  • Footballer

    Check out this really interesting app – a cross between LinkedIn and Tinder and something new..

    PassingBy essentially seems to help you see what’s happening around you in real-time. They have a Facebook page at: or the app can be found on Google Play by searching for PassingBy.

  • Teri

    Here’s the deal on ‘unlimited’ ST data plan….each month you get 3G speed til you get to 3 GB. At that point your speed is reduce to 2G until your plan ‘month’ restarts in the next billing period and then it’s back at 3G again. I’ve had my Samsung captivate on ST since October of 2013 now and have had absolutely no trouble whatsoever! Course I don’t go wild with the internet while on it but do play games and netflix over the 3G.

  • jaya

    y my android mobile ruins more MB

  • Mike

    Anyone know if you can self throttle. I have a 5 g month plan. At 4 G speeds, just watching a movie destroys my 5gigs. I wouldn’t mind throttling down myself for no HD viewing. I probably only need 1.5 Mbps not 25 Mbps. If they are so worried about overuse why don’t they offer this?