Tech April Fools jokes

Posted Mar 30, 2012 at 9:48 am in Threads > News

I want to keep a list going of April Fools jokes over the next 24 hours. If you find one, add it to the list.


  • Taylor Wimberly

    And somehow that video is 3 years old, but it just appeared in new uploads today.

  • Jedediah Sweetser

    hahaha. maybe the posting of the april fools joke is the april fools joke in itself! Now i have to go watch Running Man to figure it all out…

  • AceoStar

    this makes me giggle :D

  • Clark Wimberly

    Google Maps ruled pretty hard this year:

    • Dmtdroid

      hahahaha i actually believed it fer a few seconds

  • theDL

    My absolute favorite was the Sony one with the quarter-sized laptops.

  • Bryan Stoner

    Kodak kitten printing~ XD