Tegra 25 Days Winner Page

Posted Dec 29, 2012 at 1:32 pm in Threads > Opinions

i have problem with loading this page because i think there is some error with CSS-HTML code Or Its just me , i cant see all lists because there is complication in words , tweet button cover them.

Does it show that with u?

  • mecky33

    I have the same problem. wasn’t like that the other day.

  • bryanizmir

    I’m having the same problem across multiple browsers…. Anyway, if you are a winner they will email you first, then you will see your picture up there. I’m guessing the chances of winning are pretty low if you haven’t already received an e-mail….

    • http://jwtear.blogspot.com/ cutiyar neriman

      i know iam not the winner :) , but wondering that there is some error with this page .

  • jerrbomb

    Im a winner and my picture still hasnt shown.. And yes I got the email.. I just wonder how long it takes to arrive

    • http://jwtear.blogspot.com/ cutiyar neriman

      Congrats Bro. We Also Hope to win.

    • LadyDi

      Congrats to you Jerrbomb!! Starting 2013 off right. What did you win?

      • jerrbomb

        I won day 5.. and thank yu

        • damambt

          Cool, so all the winnners have been notified? Awesome, theres always next year. Congrats to all the winners! :-)

    • azswift

      Congrats to you and all the winners. Everyone else, better luck next year!

    • freddiefan

      Congratulations. Had my eye on the Nexus 7 but hopefully will have better luck next year. Enjoy your prize and I hope it gets to you soon.

    • scubabum

      @jerrbomb. Congrats on your winning.

  • redraider133

    Same thing happens for me.

    • jerrbomb

      Yeah if anyone can tell me how long it takes for prizes to ship out and whats going on with the winners beung listed I would appreciate it

  • Bryan Stoner

    The article element with a class of “post-63483 page type-page status-publish hentry” was given an inline style of position relative and top -40px. Just take off the top thing if you really want to see it.

    • jak2rocks

      Layman’s terms?

      • Bryan Stoner

        The bottom section was positioned that way intentionally. Probably to position it correctly when they added in the picture of the prize package.

        On another note, they have some awesome style code here. The ‘post comment’ button isn’t an image! That’s awesome.

        • decker

          The web developer in me has to agree. Non image buttons are nice.

        • http://varemenos.com/ Varemenos

          Whats so special about it? its just some basic CSS3 styling
          Im not saying its crapy but its not breathtaking technology either…

  • VerticalCobra

    Yup, Same here.

  • overclockthesun

    Ok, so the winners must have been notified! Good news for them. Too bad, was looking forward to a Nexus 7 :) If anyone drops out of picking up their babies…. I got dibs on whatever was not picked up first :P

  • Shadowlore

    While it’s safe to say most of us didn’t win, it’d still be nice to be able to congratulate everyone who did win :)

    As of right now, when you goto the page, there’s very little to see other than numbers of the days, which when you click, do absolutely nothing :) (Tested on Chrome)

    Any chance we can at least get a list? (And, why wouldn’t the list of winners be announced on the front page is a bit beyond me. Wouldn’t you WANT to have a nice public congrats?


  • jerrbomb

    I am waiting to also be listed.. But the A&M team is out for the holidays.. They wont be back until monday I suppose.. But yes I would like to congradulate my fellow winners.. And would like to thank AndroidAndMe for the awesome giveaway

  • digvijaya07

    Are winners for all days announced & notified or still some announcements remaining ..???

  • jerrbomb

    Im sure they have all been notified

    • McLovin

      Yup, if you didn’t an email by now, you didn’t win. Sorry… LOL!

  • Alan Reboli

    If you noticed it’s counting down the days for January too.

    • kinkate18nic

      yes you are correct..i too noticed it

  • jerrbomb

    Good then I should finally be listed on day 5

  • hurric

    lol I still hold on my super slim non existent chance of winning … if they announce all the winners, then that chance will fade away and I can finally go about my normal business

  • mikesuds

    Not sure if anybody will see this, but I JUST got an email two minutes ago saying I was a winner! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF

    • Thomas Biard

      What did you win?

      • mikesuds

        Day 24!

        • Thomas Biard

          That’s awesome! Congrats! I keep checking my email now hoping a “Day 25 Winner” email will be sent to me ;)

          I suppose there is still hope.

  • jerrbomb

    Yeah I finally got the tracking number for my prize..

  • franrich

    I also received a notification that I am a winner but have no idea for which day.

    • jerrbomb

      It should state it in the subject of the email at least

      • mikesuds

        This was true for me. It said day 24, but I had to go looking what the heck that prize was haha

  • overclockthesun

    congratulations guys…enjoy your prizes

  • teacheronthego

    Congrats to all the winners. I still WOULD like o see all the winners on the page!

  • impromark

    Ditto here! I had great fun though, and am looking forward to sticking around and contributing until the 2013 edition. :)


  • gh0st665

    So… Still no complete winners page.