Tegra 4 – Wayne – Enough to get you to sign on?

Posted Dec 20, 2012 at 5:01 pm in Threads > Rumors

I’m looking at the T4 specs published recently and wondering if the new chip is a huge leap forward or not. I’m seeing 72 cores for graphics which SOUNDS awesome, but as I’m not a gamer I wonder if this is all there is?

I use my Android devices for more pedestrian uses – more media consumption for videos, etc. How much will T4 help with playing my MKVs? Will 1080p stuttering be a thing of the past?

I only upgraded from my Asus TF 101 to a Tegra 3 device because Tegra 2 was choking way too much on HD files. T3 is far better, but still a little wonky on higher end files. I think a good case for upgrading in 2013 can be made if T4 would decidedly render anything we throw at it – from what has been released, does it sound like it will?

  • sonicdeathmunky

    I’m happy with the performance of my Nexus 7 for gaming. What I want are chips better designed with audio quality in mind! I want to be able to plug a pair of high quality headphones into my phone without having to require an external amplifier to be able to get decent quality.

  • impromark

    Hadn’t even thought of audio, but you’re right – for my movies if I have a 7.1 codec I’d love to be able to plug it into something that can faithfully decode it and reproduce it to my home theatre system (via HDMI or whatever). Would Tegra consider that sort of thing?

  • JonJJon

    I’ve got my GS3 for two years and my Nexus 7 is powerful enough for the sort of casual gaming I do, got PC and console for the more hardcore/atmospheric gaming. I don’t see Tegra 4 being enough to make me shell out for a new tablet with the Nexus 7 being as good as it is and only having it for a few months, I’d like to make it last my money’s worth across my phone and tablet’s life cycles. Tegra 4 is looking to be awesome and look forward to seeing what it gets put into and the possibilities of those devices, but for me I’ll stick to my 2 year upgrade cycle on my Android devices :) who knows maybe I’ll get Tegra 5 in my next device!

  • redraider133

    I think it all depends on what devices this is in. If it makes it into devices on my carrier and getting good performance I would try it out

  • Nicko01

    I really hope Nvidia’s next SoC has better graphics performance the the iDevices. Tegra 3 wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t the best with graphics as I had expected from Nvidia. One would think that the leader in desktop and laptop GPUs would be able to create a powerful mobile SoC. It could have to do with a battery life tradeoff or heat problems, but hopefully now that they’ve been making these things for a while they will have ironed out the problems and bumped up the efficiency a bit. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Ardrid

    Now that I own a Nexus 4, nothing could convince me to go back to a carrier/OEM device. With that said, I really wish NVIDIA, Samsung, Qualcomm, etc. would stop pushing things so hard and so fast. I would much rather them focus on extending battery device and GPU performance than constantly adding more cores on the CPU end. It just doesn’t make any sense any more.

    • Nicko01

      In this case, they’re definitely focusing on GPU performance. Also, the 4+1 core architecture is designed to save power.
      I’d rather have a more powerful phone that’s thicker to make room for a massive battery right now. Being thin isn’t the most useful feature when battery life is still a problem.

  • dbcher

    give me battery life….or give me death…..(well a dead phone/tablet)

  • Teebor

    If they had called the GPU improvements Alfred I would have bought it just for the name :)

    But for now I will don’t even have a tegra 3 powered device, so I’d be happy with either.
    The speed improvements to Android that have been happening if they continue would make a lot more of an impact

  • kelltrash14

    I think tegra4 is going to be great. .. Should make 1080p stuff a joke. What’s maybe more interesting is it will give windows rt stuff the power they need to run at a level that may make them more appealing to me