The Best Android Vendor

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 11:27 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Looking back at 2011 and now looking at 2012, I have been thinking about who the best vendors for Android are. I have come up with the conclusion that ASUS is the top of my list because:

1. They have been on top of their game with updating their devices to ICS (meanwhile Samsung and Motorola haven’t even begun)
2. They are still updating their OG Transformer regularly

Acer is my second for the same reasons. Meanwhile, Samsung and Motorola are producing crap as far as no ICS updates in sight. Devices that should get ICS are being over looked and they just don’t seem to care about what the community wants.

I purchased 2 ASUS OG Transformers for my wife and son, and I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and I would happily give my GTab10.1 for an ASUS tablet any day of the week. The GTab is awful in comparison, and if my wife and son were not using theirs, I would commandeer them.

  • Chris Clark

    Definitely ASUS for tablets. But as I install custom roms all the time I don’t know about the upgrade situations, I would pick Samsung for the best phones right now.

  • cadroidman

    Agreed, for phones Samsung is it right now. HTC had it all at one point, then seemed to lose me.

  • timaaustin

    HTC, with their new one line coming out.

    • Nicholas Vettese

      I think the One Series will help HTC. Plus they are working on helping their customers with the Bootloaders, so that they can install customer ROMs without issues.

  • wild

    For tablets – Asus.
    For phones- Samsung.
    As for me, hardware and quality of the device have priority over software updates, because even if vendor will not update it, there will be custom roms from the comunity.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Agree with ASUS for tablets and Sammy for phones. But HTC is really catching up to Samsung. I love the One series.

      • Bryan Stoner

        Agreed on the ASUS for tablets and Sammy for phones.

        But on HTC overtaking Samsung? Samsung controls most of the manufacturing process for their parts. This is a big factor when considering distinction/quality. Samsung can gaurantee that it’s processors stand out from the crowd. HTC on the other hand may share similar components with other manufacture’s devices.

        Although both companies are understanding the importance of dedicated image processors. HTC does have a wonderful build quality + excellent design. And they are considering their own CPU line(right?). Darn maybe they are overtaking Sammy!

  • Slocken

    I have only had HTC phone and really like them. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy and it feels and operates horribly. I would stay completely away from that manufacturer. I was in hopes that the newer HTC One series phones would be coming out with stock Android but no dice. I still wonder why we need all those overlays when there is a plethora of customizing option available at Google Play.

  • RomanzDroid

    Personally, Motorola has not let me down. ICS updates are coming in the near future, I just don’t know what rigorous the process goes through until they update their devices.

  • Thomas Biard

    Through the years I have only had Samsung and Motorola Phones. Way back I got the Moto Q and that thing still works and is in my drawer. I also still have my Samsung i760 WinMo phone that works and is in my drawer, and my current is a Moto Droid X. I have loved the Droid X because it was fast to get updated to Froyo and was the first to get updated to Gingerbread OTA. I haven’t had any problems that weren’t self induced. My next will either be a Moto or Sammy. If I could afford a tab, I would either get ASUS or Sammy.

    • Nicholas Vettese

      I had the Moto Q… :)

  • Tim Baxter

    I would say Asus for tabs they just updated the og Transformer this week .They try to stay on top of needed updates.On the phone side I would say HTC if the carrier gets out of the way .

  • Nicholas Vettese

    I am not saying that Samsung doesn’t make great phones, but they are screwing around with the update process, which irks me. I think a vendor as close to Google with the SDK before anyone else, should have had the first upgrades in the community.

    I am looking forward to seeing what Samsung does with the SGSIII and the new Nexus. Personally, I think Google should sell their Nexus line through their online store and keep the carriers out of it, so that we can have a better experience.

  • orangestrat

    Moto always has such cool, innovative stuff. Remember the Atrix? The razr is so sexy! THe OG Droid/milestone is still such a stunnign design. I would never buy any of this stuff because of the locked bootloaders, but If the razr HD had an unlocked bootloader, I bet a lot of people would love it.

    • orangestrat

      Incidentally, the RAZR HD is supposed to have a snapdragon instead of an OMAP. Most of moto’s bootloader locking is done by really tough security features on the OMAP, so maybe, just maybe, some devs will be able to unlock the bootloader *crosses fingers && toes*

      • orangestrat

        I need to stop replying to my own comments all the time, Its getting weird.

  • antonio14reyes

    Samsung for phones!

  • Bryan Stoner

    If your comment on Samsung and Motorola was a post, you would be downvoted to oblivion.

    Check the update list for both manufacturers (Motorola and Samsung). Tons of devices from both sides are getting updated with ICS.

    I support ASUS 100% but when it comes to flat out denying other manufactures I give you a big booo. Android is about choice. Sure they may not have the same qualities but that does not mean they should not be considered.

    • Thomas Taylor

      Sammy and Moto have announced some ICS upgrades, but none have been issued yet.

      • Bryan Stoner

        This is true. However both of those manufacturers have a HUGE list of devices to support.
        Asus only has to work with the TF101, TF101G, TF201, SL101, TF300, and soon to be TF700 + padphone. There are variations in between there but my point is that Samsung and Motorola have to support multiple times this list.

        Another user tied up a thread on custom skins which roughly covers the update process as well. It’s extremely difficult. The less devices you have the easier it’s going to be.

    • Nicholas Vettese

      Motorola has phones that have been out less than a year, and they will not upgrade them to ICS. Samsung has waited too long to upgrade the SGSII, in my opinion, and should have been upgraded right after the Nexus went live, not a year later.

      I mean really? Samsung and Moto have had this code for a long time, and still cannot make it happen.

      Asus may only have a few devices out, but both them and Acer have managed to update their devices, with Asus being on top of it.

      I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1, and cannot for the life of me tell why it has not been updated. It is a WiFi tab, so it doesn’t need carrier’s approval.

  • danferan

    Asus is pretty good, yeah. I’d reserve judgment until this year finishes, though…I think 2011 saw too many models and that kind of messed up the average product line.

  • Mitch Samuels

    I have owned two HTCs, two Samsungs, and Two Motorolas.

    I have the Bionic now.

    I have to say Motorola is my favorite. Their phones just feel the best to me. I have never had any problems with the OG Droid, or my Bionic,

    They all have solid builds, and don’t feel cheap.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    Sony is actually ahead of all manufacturers with regard to ICS updates, AOSP development and unlockable bootloaders. But don’t believe me, ask JBQ and CyanogenMod.

  • Saif

    I guess Acer Phones & Tabs, I’ve seen people praising them for proper software updates. They don’t forget about their old users. Asus is also great!

  • txbluesman

    I would have to go with ASUS and Sammy. I have had Moto and HTC. I liked them both, but ASUS and Sammy are at the top of their game right now with HTC coming in at a respectable third for me.

  • IluvID

    I think:

    1. Samsung
    2. HTC
    3. Motorola
    4. Sony
    5. Nexus Series