The Blame Game

Posted Mar 22, 2013 at 10:08 pm in Threads > Opinions

I am not sympathetic to HTC’s launch problems. They have disappointed me two years in a row. First, they don’t bring their flagship ONE X to all carriers. Now, they screw up the launch of this device. Both devices I wanted to buy, but HTC failed to get them to the people in a timely manner.

I don’t understand why people are being downvoted because they are disappointed in this delay. When a customer is looking to buy an HTC phone and is told that there are delays, do you think they care about the supply chain? No, they will just be disappointed that HTC couldn’t deliver them the phone that they wanted and they will buy something else.

Also, if there is a high failure rate with the camera sensor, as Nick Gray alluded to, then this has the makings of a huge recall or outcry from users disappointed with the camera’s performance. Again, something that the users will blame on HTC and not the supply chain.

In my opinion, they hugely screwed up this launch, especially in the U.S. We know that phones only stay hot or on the cutting edge for 2-6 months before they are surpassed by other products, so they already lost a month by pushing it to “before the end of April” in North America.

Are you guys giving HTC a pass on this and blaming this on the supply chain? I blame HTC. What say you?

  • irishrally

    I don’t see the big fuss. The S4 doesn’t have any firm release date yet either. They are both tentatively scheduled for an “end of April” release. If you want to complain about something then Sony and the XZ North America release might be some fodder for you.

    I probably won’t buy the S4 or the One, but if I had to choose between the two I’d go for the One to support HTC and help balance the power in the Android manufacturer world. Samsung and their aggressive marketing budget running away from the other Android competition isn’t helping the overall success of Android, and choices for the customer. I’d much prefer three or four top notch Android manufacturers succeeding than Samsung dominating and every one else struggling to keep up. I won’t buy an inferior phone for these reasons, but the One is certainly not inferior to the S4.


      ” I’d much prefer three or four top notch Android manufacturers succeeding than Samsung dominating and every one else struggling to keep up”

      That is one reason I am disappointed. The other reason is that my galaxy nexus has turned into lag city and I am tired of this horrible camera that I have been using for a year. My upgrade has been ready since January and I can’t wait any longer. Looks like I’m gonna skip the ONE :(, pick up a Nexus 4 and sell it when the X phone comes out.

      Trust me, I know Sony is the horrible. The way they treat the North American market is the worst. I have never had a connection with their product so I don’t feel too bad but they should have been a major player by now. In fact I voted in a poll that I would like to see them make the Nexus.

  • redraider133

    I blame HTC, the suppliers are just looking out for themselves and if one of their customers cannot meet the demands that they set up and agreed to then it is their fault and the supplier deserves every right to lower their status as a customer. Not to mention they once again seem to be bending to the carriers(verizon in most likely making a variant of the one) they need to be like samsung and say take it or leave it rather than make a droid brand or variant for certain carriers.

  • MC_Android

    There are quite a lot of haters who outright downvote for the hell of it, despite you speaking in a personal, subjective manner or stating an indisputable fact that they don’t like. The quantity of these die-hard android fanboys aren’t as significant to their iOS counterparts but it is annoying.

    As for this article, I do agree with you, OP, as you do point out the fact that they usually stay on top for a good 2-6 months depending on time of release. Furthermore, HTC is fighting an uphill battle as they have long lost their once title as the king of Android manufacturer. Unless you are a techie geek who follows new devices, but rather you are just an ordinary consumer looking for a new smartphone – the majority of the population btw – they don’t KNOW HTC. People buy into brand culture because they think it’s safe and they know what they’re getting. My mom who doesn’t know shit about phones asked me recently if she should get the Galaxy S4 or the upcoming iPhone. When I asked her if she has seen the HTC One, she replied, “What’s HTC?” The company is in financial turmoil and a lot of pressure lies on this phones release. The fact that HTC is missing out an 1-2 month window of pre-Galaxy S4 sales does not help them.

    For the record, I think people are fucking stupid for saying “final nail in the coffin for HTC” or some unoriginal shit like that. When a company goes under, competition soon follows. No one should be glad to see RIM or HTC leave the market. Plus, HTC , whether you like it or not, makes the sexiest phone designs…if only they released the One with an expandable storage… :(

  • MC_Android

    According to a couple articles, the reason they are running into supply issues is because they are not considered a “tier one” manufacturer, which ultimately is their own fault.

    I want to point out that every Nexus device launch was horrible. Google is notoriously bad at device releases:

    1) Nexus One: No one knew about it. Pretty sure I was the only person in my school to own one. Google, the company that owns the most used search engine and Youtube couldn’t use one of their venues to let people know about their new hardware?

    2) Nexus S: Again, bad marketing and didn’t get on to many carriers. In Canada at least; unsure of USA’s state at the time.

    3) Galaxy Nexus: did better…got known and got picked up by carriers. Then Verizon (I believe) postponed the jellybean update by a few months…after I had 4.1 running on my Galaxy S2…

    4) Nexus 7: No one could order one for the first few months, and then every second or third tablet sold had hardware issues – screen lift, screen flicker, GPS issues…etc

    5) Nexus Q (that ball with wires coming out of it that looks like the War of the Worlds alien ships) and Google TV: Released and…then dropped from product line.

    6) Nexus 4: Wasn’t finally available via PlayStore just this month? The device is already outdated hardware wise in many aspects and the refresher of the Nexus 4(-s) or Nexus 5 should be coming out in a few months. It was released in November 2012…it only took Google a respectable 4 or 5 months to get this phone into consumers’ hands

    See a pattern? Google is the worst company when it comes to hardware launches. Yeah fanboys, it’s true. Google is perfect. Go worship something else

    • MC_Android

      Edit: Google isn’t perfect***


      I don’t understand google’s launch practices. How do you scree up not one but all your device launches? Amazing!