The future of tablets

Posted Mar 30, 2012 at 4:43 am in Threads > Opinions

A lot of people still question the need for and or usefulness of tablets today, whether it’s Android or an iPad, and even I have thought “eh, I don’t care for them unless it’s for movie or gaming consumption” but I got a little open minded reminder and realize that tablets just might change how we operate, case in point: school, imagine never carrying around giant text books and folders filled with notes upon notes, and all your have is your tablet in hand with every single thing you need all in one place.

It would be a grand idea if tablet makers start targeting school kids and college students more, I can see tablets replacing reading and note taking books in the near future, and I say why not, it’s more resourceful and more convenient to have a tablet to carry around all your books and files so you won’t be surrounded by paper and losing everything because you misplaced it somewhere.

I take a shot at Apple every chance I get, but their buying of text book app just might be the best idea and probably the most obvious one. I see our future having tablets in every classroom around the world instead of (text)books, soon enough I can see more novels being released via tablets instead of ink and paper. And with everything being synchronized with the cloud, even if you some how damage or lose your tablet you’ll still have your work at hand.

With that being said, though the dawn of tablets is fairly still early, I am now a believer that it will end up changing our daily lives.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Protip: Make your headlines longer than one word.

    • kwills88

      Is it too late to ask for an edit thread feature?

      • Taylor Wimberly

        There is an edit thread feature.

        • Clark Wimberly

          Haha yeah there is an edit feature, but the title is locked in. Since we’re early here, I can change it manually if you’d like.

          • kwills88

            Thank you, I was searching forever on how to edit it, thought something was wrong with the browser on my phone.. “the future of tablets”

          • Clark Wimberly

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  • spazby

    I believe in South Korea, they already ditched books and replaced them with tablets…

    • kwills88

      Yeah, but one country doesn’t equal the entire world.

  • Clark Wimberly

    Tablets are ready for this, textbook makers are not. They’ve got a somewhat weird grip on the market and taking things digital scares the life out of them.

    That being said, you’re right, and that would be an awesome use of tablets.

  • WlfHart

    I’d be ecstatic if I could go all digital. Problem I keep facing is even if all my textbooks are digital, if I want to take digital notes I have to “tab” between the text and my note app or have two devices, one displaying my text and the other being my note taking device.

  • anujahooja

    Call me crazy, but I think that Microsoft has the tablet game right. One device – two purposes. Kind of like the Transformer series.

    The reason I say this? I’ve been using my Samsung 10.1 with a keyboard for the past month or so, and it’s basically made my laptop a desktop. My next set of devices will probably end up being a desktop and a Transformer-style tablet because that just seems to work out for me and will likely work out for most other people as well.

    We probably won’t see this shift immediately, but in the next 3-4 years, I definitely think that’s where we’re headed.

    • anujahooja

      And, yes – I’m going through/replying to these threads on my tablet + keyboard.

  • orangestrat

    Google needs to get a textbooks app out there before apple completely owns this market. I spent nearly $5000 on textbooks getting a nanoengineering degree, its lucrative as balls.

    • anujahooja

      No. Google needs to make the textbook obsolete and make something that’s actually useful for education.

  • bolanrox

    nothing like being forced to buy a book for a class only to actually need to open it once, and then try and sell it back for 10% of what you paid for it.. learned second semester to hold off on buying any books…