The ICS design.

Posted Apr 22, 2012 at 7:32 pm in Threads > Opinions

Am I the only one that doesn’t care for the design that is ICS inspired?

Today I upgraded Teamviewer to the latest version and I was thrust into this new interface with a change that I really HATE. I understand that with ICS they are going for something a little more streamlined with less reliance on hardware keys. Why move the essential menu function to the top of the screen? The only way to make it harder to get to was if they put it at the upper left corner.

It seems like a pretty bad idea seeing as how Google’s reference phone is sporting an even bigger screen that I am using (sensation).

My phone is running the stock ROM not rooted. I’m patiently waiting for the ICS update to see how all of this will work together but at this point I’m skeptical that It’ll be anything great.

What are you opinions? Do you like using the ICS design? How would you change the design?

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I think ICS has the best design of any version of Android. My daily devices are the Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime, so I like the on screen buttons.

    The hidden menu button really needs to die, but Android 4.x is still only around 3% of devices, so there is not much incentive for devs to update their apps.

  • kwills88

    The ics UI totally grew on me I never cared for it but after adding to my galaxy sii I can’t see myself going back to gb…everything moves so smoothly and rotation transition is so flawlessly’ll get to love it once you’ve used it first hand.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    It’s not so much the look of everything its the placement of that menu button, the eclipse that is bugging me. It iss placed so far from where my thumb naturally rests in order to touch it I have to shift the device in my hand. Not much of an issue now but with a device like the Note I can see it turning into an issue.

  • Bryan Stoner

    This is going to be a big struggle for interface design. Usually for mouse enabled computers you should place the most important information / navigation icon on the top left. However as we move towards mobile devices we have to rethink that strategy.

    Should the most important icons now be placed closest to your thumb? What if you rotate the screen? Really simple questions like that will help developers find clues as to what the most touch enabled interface will be.

    In my opinion the settings button was a bad idea. Most people aren’t aware that the settings exist let alone the function of the button.

    Google did a great job with the UI design site and it’s up to the developers whether or not they will implement Google’s UI principles.

  • tmihai20

    I think there are more people like you that don’t care. You should care at least for the effort that was put in. with ICS UI, Google has forced the manufacturers to step up their game. I think there would not be Sense 4.0 if Google’s ICS would not look so good. You didn’t specify what phone and what stock ROM you are using. I remember there were a lot of people against the change in Google Search results (I was one of the one against). I do not care about it anymore, a lot of things were changed in ICS UI (as opposed to Gingerbread). The trend Google has chosen is the right one, in my opinion.

  • SGB101

    Ics is great, sadly HTC with the one x and sense, have all but discussed it. it is better than old sense and gingerbread, but as soon as I pluck up the courage it will be cm9 for me.

    re. team viewer, I love the new app.