The Next Big Thing?

Posted Dec 12, 2012 at 2:51 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Fifty years ago we had a completely different view of what the technology of the future would be like. People were predicting rocket powered cars, nuclear powered vacuums, and free university education.

Obviously some of those ideas never panned out.

What are your thoughts on the next big “thing” for cell phones and tablets?

What kind of technology would you like to see on a cell phone and tablet? surround sound? holographic video? smell o-vision?

What are your thoughts?

  • marcus1518

    I know that I would like to see tablets and cell phones integrate more tactile touch technology…as well as controlling actions by human movement and “air writing”…

  • scaarg

    This would be pretty great. Buttons that rise up when needed on a display… It’d solve all the issues and need for phones with QWERTY slider keyboards. I see functionality in them but I guess there are greater technologies.

  • uknowme

    I can’t wait until the fully functioning flexible displays become mainstream. Also lookup the Mozilla Seabird. That’s an amazing concept.

  • marcus1518

    Mozilla Seabird would be an amazing phone…. I think that concept would really start to expand the possibility of the medium in which we interact with our phone…

    I think the Mozilla Seabird coupled with some of SixthSense Technology ( would make for a pretty sweet device…

  • marcus1518

    What about any advances in cognitive recognition? …Any thoughts on how our phones could learn from our behavior and “think” of what we want prior to us wanting it…

  • heynomi4u

    I can see something like Project Glass and Transparent touch screens becoming the next big thing.

    • marcus1518

      I think a transparent tablet would be pretty impressive….I have heard of the IRIS Tablet that is being worked on…Are there any others?

  • sonicdeathmunky

    I think the next big thing would be having speaker and microphone in-ear (mic picking up bone vibrations for voice transmission) and completely fluid voice recognition.

    • vforvortex

      Google Glass is said to be using bone vibrations to send audio to user.

  • marcus1518

    I would be impressed if (semi) real-time language translation was mature enough….I can imagine talking to anyone in any different country and hearing always hearing your native language (or better yet if it was their voice in your native language)

    • marcus1518

      Also think if they made it a flexible tablet….Like in:

  • nicotinemind

    I’m a simple man.Support for 128gb (all though 256gb would be more kickass) microsd cards and a weeks worth of battery life.

    • MC_Android

      If we’re playing this game, why not make the 128/256gb storage internal? lol

  • jaysond

    has that bendable unbreakable glass from china hit us yet?

  • KingCrow02

    Solar charging? Dual screens?

    • marcus1518

      I had hoped at one point that the self- charging cell phone that used ambient radio waves would be a big thing, but I havent seen much buzz on it besides what Nokia did a few years ago

      • vforvortex

        or a phone that charges similar to watches via movement?

        • SGB101

          Wear it the correct arm and it would never run out ;o)

          • SGB101

            Lol, (laughing at my own joke now). It would change the meaning of ‘I’m just off to charge my phone’ wife answers could you charge mine too.

  • marcus1518

    What about the general shape and feel of phones….will we always have a brick that we put in our pocket?

    Could we imagine a phone that is less conspicuous…like the combination of a necklace or earpiece (microphone/speaker) and contact lenses (as the screen)

  • marcus1518

    Any more ideas?

  • aranea

    The contact lenses with a screen. So for many things we don’t have to take the hardware out and just see it on our eyes. A clever control unit can be on the finger tips or on a wrist and the movement will be sensed.

  • TheVoodoo

    While I’m looking forward to working Google Glass (Goggles), I really think the next great innovation should be much longer battery life for phones.

    It would be amazing, convenient and safer to be able to have phones whose battery power lasts for a few days.

  • jaysond

    wish they made a tablet that thin lol

  • reyame

    In 1999 they said it was jst around the corner. I’m still waiting on my dam flying car and NO i do know mean that fugly thing that was at this year’s auto show. flying car aka “the fifth element” style.

    as for tablets i want google to FINALLY give wifi only tablets the ability to make calls without the need of a phone number

    and maybe some dirt cheap tablets(under 50) imagine…..i could check my mail or watch a movie in the tub and not to worry about losing $200+ in the tub. u maybe askin how? suction cups on the wall attached to the tablet. why would a guy use a tub instead a shower? because life can be soooo life sucking that we need to decompress, slow down, not be bothered for at least 30mins. Also the beach is too far away and its winter…..

  • marcus1518

    What are your thoughts of implementing tablet technologies in everyday life? For instance I saw an article not that long ago about Smart Windows…

  • marcus1518

    What are your thoughts on what new things can be done with cameras? lock/unlock device via facial recognition?

  • Thomas

    I would like to be able to control my phone with my eyes with cameras picking up what my eyes are doing longer battery life bigger storage also the ability to play online games so JavaScript built in and emulators so it’s playable on phone thanks XD

  • vforvortex

    The future if going far out, would be us using our own senses, but having the computers in our brains to enhance our thought and life. :)

    • SGB101


  • kazahani

    Micro fuel-cells. Or that green-algae battery that was supposed to last for years. Something! I don’t care, I’m just sick and tired of charging my phone!

  • bacon

    First, when tech is out it doesn’t nessecarily mean people are ready… imo Lapdock was/ is the future (motorola screwed up BIGtime with product execution). When the price bottomed out i got one. I use it constantly and based upon verizons stupid new plan setup and inability to be grandfathered with unlimited data. I will be staying with my razrmaxx for a long time since motorola stopped supporting webdock / lapdock software. so upgrading would mean losing features. DUMB

    Anway, When the blackberry storm came out i was carrying a Car gps, a digital camera, and mp3 player and of course a phone. I wanted all of those things. enter droid x. got em. then I started thinking I want netflix and the ability to stream to my TV ( i HATE cable company). and while we’re at it why should I even need a computer? since this phone is a hundred times more powerful than my first pc? lapdock.

    Honestly, Each of these changes caused my life to be simipler. and in the big picture cheaper, and exeecdingly convenient. IPhone users are still a little left behind (no hdmi out). So I am sitting here thinking what will be the next thing. Obviously if my gps and google maps could drive my car that would be something to make me upgrade. But really what is left to replace?

    MAKE EASIER LIFE EASIER in a big way. ummm garage door opener app. maybe it is the apps that really need to catch up with the tech.

    • SGB101

      You can control your garage Door via phone, you just need a wifi enabled on off switch for it. There are companies that do it, but would be hard or expensive to hack your own together.

      Bt tbh if you have electric doors, the included fob(s) live on your sun visor, so it’s an effort and expense not really needed.

      My wish, is can nuclear powered phone :o) while we are at it, it could also dock in your car / house to power those.

      Im off down the cellar to make a start on it. I’ll update her when completed. Who would like to beta test my nuclear phone.

      We can work on the name later ;o)