The oldest Android device you still use?

Posted Jan 21, 2013 at 11:19 am in Threads > Opinions

Just wondering… Heck, is anyone still using a Cupcake device?

My oldest is the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. Not even two years old. Running 2.3.5, though it’s my prime candidate if I ever wanted to get intot he ROM world, as I know there’s a 4.0 out there. You?


  • decker

    Sony Xperia X10 and it shipped with cupcake.

    I have been using FeraLab’s ICS 4.0.4 custom rom for the last couple months but recently downgraded to 2.3.7 Gingerbread. The reason, all the ICS CM mods for X10 are missing hardware video encoding. I from time to time I like to be able to watch Netflix on my phone.

  • thymeless

    My son rocks an old Galaxy S. Not as a phone, but as a pda/game/entertainment platform. It’s rooted to Jellybean and runs quite well.

    • CTown

      My brother, father, and me still use the T-Mobile Vibrant as our main devices. Thanks to a hacker named Pawit, The Galaxy S devices are still among the first old devices to get the newest versions of Android. Actually, he has already made a slightly buggy Android 4.3 build since the end of July:

      The only problem is that the phone eventually starts to lag a bit.

  • Thomas Biard

    My phone that I still use as my ONLY phone, is the oldest and only Android device I own. I have my Droid X that I got the day it was released in 2010. I have it rooted running stock Gingerbread. Love this phone. I’m on my third battery now.

  • pjamies

    My son used my HTC Desire HD when his iphone4 was stolen.
    and he has not looked back at IOS since !!!

  • MC_Android

    My Galaxy S2 got on launch running Lion rom 4.1.2, Pleasantly surprised how nice TouchWiz Nature UX is

  • Teebor

    Galaxy S with Jellybean on it, its my plaything now so I will use it for games/etc and I will be using it I hope for developing some apps

  • digvijaya07

    Sony Xperia U ICS 4.0.4

  • sandy105

    optimus one running cm 10.1 and ironically it works smooth :)

  • yellowjello

    i believe the oldest is the ancient htc touch diamond2

    • SGB101

      That is a windows phones, and if it wasn’t wouldn’t the touch diamond (1) proceed it?

      I did dig my g1 out the other week, I need to find a factory 1.1 it came with to flash it back one day, it on 1.6 atm.

  • Albin

    Thread interests me since I bought my first smartphone ($50) in June to go with my Bell Canada pay/go plan ($100/year): LG Optimus Net, Android 2.3.4. I’m running it with a 16GB class 10 microSD, and it’s great.

    The one problem I’ve had, took a while to solve since I’m new to it all, was that Google’s giant updates to preinstalled software clogged up internal storage and nearly bricked the phone. Now I’ve learned to uninstall all the updates until/unless I actually need that service: for example, revert to “Market” except when I’m actually downloading a new app, when it updates to “Play”. Also do without anything that needs the Play Services framework. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that a lot of these “apps” are pretty much the same as what you find in the browser running nicely enough with HTML5.

    I’ve got a good list of apps on microSD, a set of mobile-friendly brower bookmarks, and enough ROM on my antique to run everything comfortably.