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Posted Mar 22, 2013 at 4:05 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

DISCLAIMER: This is an opinion so don’t get all upset if you read something you don’t agree with.

In all honesty I wanted to get the One when it was detailed at HTCs event. I wanted to skip over Samsung’s S4 and just buy it outright even. Samsung doesn’t need to own the high end android market entirely and there needs to be competition. I hate just being limited to one manufacturer and it doesn’t help the market if Sammy is the only one.

I really wanted to get this phone and I wanted it to succeed because HTC took the time to find what people want out of a phone’s design and hardware. But this is all until I noticed some of its critical flaws during its release and The Verge’s early review of the device.

I was excited for this phones release when they displayed what it would look like. It was a masterpiece. They started to talk about the IR blaster being built into the lock button and I thought that was interesting then I noticed the lock button would be on the top of the device. I began my quest to find the dimensions and was heartbroken. Its somewhat bigger than my E4GT (Sprint SGSII). I have somewhat normal hands so it would be a pretty big annoyance un/locking the device and I imagine it could be that way for a lot of people.

Even compared to the S4 it seems Samsung was able to but just a little bit more (battery, screen[front facing speakers use a lot of space but also don't appeal to my usage as I have my V-Modas on my 24/7] etc.) into phone that’s thinner and shorter (1mm) on each dimension. My E4GT is about the same size as the S4 and I’d hate reaching the top of my phone to lock. It just makes more sense for it to be on the side imo.

The phone being rounded on the bottom also kind of irked me. It seems like it would be odd to hold or set on a surface (or scratch the camera) without being annoyed by it but I haven’t held it so I can’t make that judgement too fast.

I know LCD has also come a long way but does it match the battery-saving potential of AMOLED? I personally prefer AMOLED to SLCD on that principle alone pentile (not sure why people complain about pentile anymore) or not.

I know the S4 doesn’t have this but HTC could have done a bit better with on screen buttons instead of the awkward but cool looking layout of capacitive buttons. Even better if they made the logo the home button instead of just a logo.

Software doesn’t matter too much to because I’m going to root the device and flash AOKP on it more than likely but Sense. Some of the layout looks a bit confusing in the menus and Sense still isn’t as good as AOSP.

It’s a beautifully looking phone with great features but poorly designed for some of the market. That doesn’t mean it will be a failure, but it might not appeal to a significant portion of the market on the lock button alone.

GSM arena comparison between the two.

Verge Review

What do you think?

  • kazahani

    You and I might be the only two people ever who prefer AMOLED to LCD. I know that colors can be reproduced more accurately on an LCD thaqn they can on an AMOLED, but I kinda like the way the saturation makes the colors pop.

    Anywho, I tend to agree with you. Sammy did a great job keeping the GS4 as small and thin as possible, and I think that if I had to choose between them, I would go with the Galaxy.

  • thymeless

    I think the failure to include an easily expandable back plate for larger batteries, user serviceable battery and uSD card slot relegate the One to a lower tier.

    The One has a lot of design elegance, but elegance without function and power isn’t enough.

    • thymeless

      Wanted to add, that the reluctance of Samsung to release code as required under the GPL for building good ROMS is a concern as well.

      • redraider133

        luckily that seems to only be with their exynos chipped devices.

  • irishrally

    I wouldn’t worry too much about a 1 mm difference in dimensions. That’s about 4 human hairs worth, something you’d have a hard time noticing.

    “… a signification portion of the market” doesn’t care about the power button location.

    Wait until they are released, go play with them, and then decide.

  • redraider133

    You have to choose what works for you. I dont think you will be disappointed with either as both are great devices. Personally I have just had too many bad experiences with htc, their lack of support and the phones having a ton of issues. I am going to wait though and see what google unveils at I/O and if it will be on verizon before choosing.