The State Of The Mobile OS Universe

Posted Jun 21, 2012 at 2:41 pm in Threads > Opinions

So I just wanted to start a post about the how the new OS’s are shaping up and what you guys think of them. Here’s my opinion~

I thought Apple dropped the ball here. Terribly. IOS6 was a huge disappointment to me and to most IOS users.

Maps-A bold move that could backfire on them and I think it just might. Google maps is one of those things that just is. just like you “Google” something, when someone says, “can you find me directions to the hotel?” Google maps is usually the first choice.
Siri-Meh. The voice assistant seems to be the new battle but Siri is just a thing that really serves no purpose, save for driving maybe or while your working out and you dont want to fumble with your phone. However Apple doesn’t market it that way so its just a gimmick.

Facebook intergration-Android has been doing intergration better than any mobile OS. Period. This feature is one of the many “finally” moments for IOS.

Passbook-This feature to me is probably one of the best features from IOS6. It’s useful, convenient, and helpful.

The rest of the features are knick knacks basically. Apple played catch up again this year and showed nothing really compelling.

BB10 remains to be fleshed out but the previews look interesting.

Windows Phone 8 to me is winning (at least until we see what Google is cooking up)
Even though alot of what they announced was more on the technical side, it is still very exciting. I actually found myself contemplating trying a windows phone. The only thing about there announcement was the slap in the face to people who bought current windows phones (i.e Lumia 900) which will not go any higher than 7.8.

I’m very interested in seeing what Google brings out now. The competition is getting a little heated with Apple stagnating and Windows stepping up. Even though BB is still getting stomped on, they are making an effort.

My question is what do you guys think of the announcements so far?

  • Hue Three of Five

    It will be interesting to see what happens with web OS when it becomes open source in the fall. I always like webOS, just not the hardware that it was on.

    iOS still seems very limited for me, but I can see how people would like for a simple phone experience. I can see why first time smart phone buyers or people that don’t want to explore tech jump right on the iphone. I don’t think iOS has had any innovations for years, it’ still very similar to the way it was three years ago. I think iphone sale will suffer this year if they don’t at least increase the screen size and make it look like a more modern device…but who knows Apple is one the best at brainwashing people through advertising.

    Android needs to fix the massive problems it has with carriers trying to control every aspect of the OS, from held updates to bloat. I got sick of it all and decided the unlocked GSM Nexus is the only way to go for now. It would be great if Google could provide their own cell service too. I hope to never use a carrier or non nexus phone again.

    BB10 just doesn’t look go to me

    Windows looks cool, but after having to fix my employees brand new windows computers every couple weeks, I can see that windows is still very unstable and it makes me wonder about their mobile devices too.

    • Ironzey Lewis

      I don’t think anything is wrong with Google allowing carriers or OEMs to customize a users experience. The way I see it there would BE A LOT of confused people if everyone got the ICS update. Most people want consistency and if an OS changes as drastically as the jump from Gingerbread to ICS all those people would be lost, confused and unhappy with the new design and interface. As much as I don’t like it having those add ons or skins is mostly a good thing for Android.

  • jd

    A lot people will hate this, but…

    Apple will still remaining the winning one, just because. I have too many friends who adore Apple just because it’s an iPhone. The insisted that iOS is the best device, because it’s so easy to do everything. I was most like, wtf, but they would consider the remote possibility that there is better systems out there.