The True Power of Android

Posted Apr 18, 2013 at 6:54 am in Threads > Opinions

Facebook Home is the greatest thing to happen to android since the Holo UI/UX.

Now before this thread starts a forum fire of Facebook pros and cons I say the above statement hand on heart but my reasoning has nothing to do with Facebook itself.

Please watch the video article from the verge and then let me know what you see.

I saw Facebook home last week and unlike the majority of the smartphone blog world I saw this as the most accomplished launcher developed to date. Where everybody saw the nightmare of being fed endless baby pictures and cras statements I saw an escape from TW, Sense and any other over the top and unimaginative UI a brand chooses to force on us.

After watching the above video article the realisation that androids true power has been found by Facebook Devs who let’s face it served up the worst Facebook experience for Android users hit me and made me smile.

For a moment forget the endless kitten pictures and the fact that some of the “friends” you have on Facebook you don’t really consider to be friends and their posts make your skin crawl.

Forget that!

These Devs wanted to do something new with chat/messaging and despite “the failings android is supposed to have” it was possible on Android first and foremost. Chat heads losses is punch if it’s only available within the Facebook app (IOS) and can you see the same working on Windows? Not before Facebook home gets to a more refined version 2.

I see this as a doorway for all Devs to create better smartphone experiences that don’t need to be ROMs struggling to make the camera work without the driver source code (exynos for example). Why void a warranty at all when a new and deeper UI/UX can be achieved through the means of and app from the play store? That’s not to say this is easier at all but it must be better that hit a brick wall all the time and getting frustrated at manufacturers interpretation of open source.

I’ll have to be honest with you I have Jelly bean on my i9305 but it means nothing to me if I can’t use photosphere or have lockscreen widgets. When Samsung is done stripping out the Google from the Android version you wonder why you were screaming for the upgrade.

Oh great I have the latest Api’s and I can hover over the phone screen making a previous task a second slower than simply long pressing or hit the menu/action button…

Now I’m fine with it because Android’s true power has been illustrated for all to see and I only hope a revolution in thinking comes sooner rather than later for when I upgrade in two years time to whatever phone I like because the UI/UX I want is a download away.

  • bear831

    I fear that sadly for this to happen there would need to be a demand for the HTC First on par with the iPhone from consumers for manufactures to even consider it. Facebook is offering another way to enjoy their services while manufactures are using skins as a differentiator for marketing. Yes, the people like us who love stock (or at least having the option of using it) would flock to a device like that but the average consumer only cares about being able to use their phone and have no idea what we are talking about. I agree that it would be great if under every Samsung, LG, and HTC phone was a beautiful stock Android experience easily accessible by every user but that day is not today and may not be in the close future.

  • Nate B.

    I think Chat Heads alone is one of the best things that happened to Android in a while. FB home itself isn’t all of that in my opinion. I don’t need FB all in my face like that. I think if you’re really on FB all day and want to see what everyone is doing all the time then maybe it’s for you. But the Chat Heads is pretty darn epic and the UI and functionality of it. Even the new large and lovely emojis is pretty darn neat.

  • Simer

    Facebook Home is the most retarded thing i have ever seen on a smartphone…..almost as bad as ios maps

  • Matt K

    Facebook Home is terrible. They didn’t figure out how to unlock the potential within Android, they took away everything Android is known for, ie Widgets. Its the WORST launcher I have used to date. Literally anything on the market provides a better experience.

  • h0ruza

    Like I say in the thread Facebook itself is meh at best so forget it for a moment.

    How we use our phones is first and fore most what we see and how we interact with the UI.
    If underneath everything the api’s are there but slapped on top is Touch Wiz, Sense or whatever UI mess but you can make a cleaner UI (Other than facebooks first stab) or even the nexus UI/UX experience over the top availiable rom the play store then wouldn’t that raise an eyebrow or two.

    500,000 installs of a version one partially interesting Facebook launcher pays testament to users wanting something other than Touch Wiz or Sense.

  • SGB101

    I put it on my spare phone, and I liked it, if you filter all your friends out, and subscribe to the tech and news pages, it’s turns your home screen into a live personal news feed.

    FB home is a very polished bit of coding, for me it did add to my FB contributions, but I did find I viewed more. My main issue was it put extra clicks on everything I wanted to do.

    I’d like the FB home as a live home screen, that my app could sit on top of. I think that would be best of both.

    I did try FB home on my main phone, but couldn’t live with it day in day out.

    My spare phone (one x) died after 3 days of FB home use. I’m doubt it was FBs fault, but the X may of died out of protest.

    I do like chat heads tho.

  • kazahani

    Guys he’s saying to forget that it’s Facebook and look only at the fact that a huge company with a household name has made their own customer software for Android. This is not even possible on any other mobile platform.

    If I could +1 this thread I would.

    • kazahani

      That should say custom not customer.

    • h0ruza

      That’s what I’m getting at. Thank you. I lost them with my waffling.