The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us (zombie games)

Posted Aug 18, 2012 at 7:03 pm in Threads > Games

I wanted to post this during the whole florida “zombie” crisis, but i held off cause idk if it was insensitive to do so, but i now have a perfect reason to post this now. i love the whole zombie genre so i figured i’d share what I’ve been playing lately plus some that i like.

1. Deadtrigger: Easily the best zombie game on the playstore, while i do love COD zombies, Deadtrigger’s graphics shows the capability of how great mobile games can look, showing that you don’t need blocky 2d characters running around in order to have a smooth game play, while the game is fun, it’s a bit limited, you’d think with a game like that you’d be able to have some form of co-op online, I assumed that would be the case since you can actually add a friend..which now i say what the hell was the point of that?


2. Plight of the zombie: It’s pretty weird for me to even have a game like this at number 2, but the game is fun, and how often do you get to be the zombie in a game and actually get to eat people? it’s a simple game that can easily fall in with the likes of angry birds, sure, but as a hardcore gamer, this thing grew on me, it’s a strategy game where you have to be careful with your approach or you’ll get blown to bits by the humans you’re trying to eat, the game at first seems fairly easily, but as you progress, you’ll see that you have to carefully plan out your attacks.


3. Shoot the Zombirds: It’s fun, what can i say, you shoot these creepy looking zombie birds out of the sky that are trying to steal these little pumpkin kids, you get power ups which you can earn by playing enough to have coins saved up, or pay for it with real money, the controls are really great, the game can get challenging, but if it doesn’t get that way, then where the fun in playing it would be? The graphics and colors for this game is really great to look at and you can easily end up playing for hours.


4. Zombie Smash: I first got introduced to this game when i borrowed a friend’s iPad, i fell in love with it and got my wish when i hoped it reached android, and my love for it didn’t die, it’s only this low because the above games are fresher, the game play is a bit scary because, well, it almost feel like you can get a bit crazy and break your phone’s screen because of how fast this game can get, swiping, tapping, swiping, tapping, is the endless motion you will have to do, but while your movements are the same, the fun always remain.


5. iGun Zombie – Reloaded: This game was good enough to almost make me pay for in app items, almost..the game is fast paced and it’s fun, the guns are great, and the zombie hoards will in fact piss you off, and that’s why i like it, slow annoying zombies get annoying, but here you have zombies literally running to your face to kill you, your reaction better be fast, or you’ll die even faster.


6. Contract Killer – Zombies: Ain’t nothing better than aiming up, and counting how many times you can get a head shot off zombies who are about to die without even seeing it coming, the graphics isnt the greatest thing in the world, but the game play makes up for it…It’s a Glu so you already know where this is going.


7. Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie: Now, you’re wondering why this game is so low compared to the aboves, it’s simple, for a game that i was so obessed with on the PS3, it came off lacking, the graphics are meh at best, the controllers need a lot of work, and it need to be a bit more game without hard controllers friendly, and for the price of $6.99, you’re basically paying that much because, well, it’s Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie.


8. Mutant roadkill: Can i call this a zombie game? By definition, yeah i think so..It falls in the category of running games, except you’re using a car, and you have much more to do, and there’s zombies* or mutants whatever you wanna call them. The fun part of this is that when a zombie hops onto your car, you’re gonna have to find a near by car and brush it off you or else you’re pretty screwed, just like running games, the longer you keep moving, the more points you get per mile.


9. Gears and Guts: If you like zombies, and if you like killing zombies, what better way to do so than to run them over with your car, best part about this game is that you can customize your cars with weaponry to make your killings more effective, but this is a Glu mobile game, so expect repetitive in app purchase request.


10. Samurai vs Zombie Defense: Don’t get me wrong with this game, i do like it, i do however don’t like defense game, but this is the one exception to the rule of that, i love the graphics of this game and i love the power ups and the assist you get from Samurai ghost..I got this game thinking it was gonna be a run, hack and slash game but it was normal patience is a virtue defense, game, but like i said, it was worth breaking my normal rule of not having a defense game on my phone.


  • nuri

    I was the same way, Plight of the Zombie didn’t seam that appealing at all to me at first, however slowly but surely it grew more fun and endearing. I think CoD should be a little higher on that list, though. :)

    • kwills88

      I forgot to fix that, thanks, i would had it at number 2 just cause, but i will bump it when they get some things worked out in an update or something.