Thoughts on CM10.1

Posted Dec 20, 2012 at 12:29 pm in Threads > Opinions

so what do you guys think of the recently released nightlies of CM10.1?

  • JonJJon

    They look very nice.

    Haven’t tried it myself (last version I tried was CM9) but I will eventually put CM on my GS3 once I’ve had it stock for a while :)

  • MJM128

    I don’t like that I can’t bring down the pull down all the way on a tablet, other than that, I love it! Very smooth on my galaxy tab 10.1 I/O edition.

    • JonJJon

      That’s just what Android 4.2 has brought in not CM specifically, and I agree; why they decided to allow infinite pulling down of the notification panel is a little pointless in my opinion and actually feels less polished and more gimmicky.

      • MJM128

        Yeah, I know that it’s not particularly a 10.1 feature more so a 4.2 android thing. Regardless, I just hope CM changes that one thing, I love the notification panel though! It looks great, and I got use to the phone/tablet mesh layout pretty fast. CM10.1 is actually running quite well on my device.

  • jonstle

    Put the nightly on my Sprint Galaxy S3. So far running smoothly (3 days now) no issues yet. The one thing I miss from the stock ROM is the ability to play videos, music and show pictures through the stock gallery, music, and video apps via dlna.

    Looking for a good replacement for today.

    For me it is really a small negative. I think there are more positive than negatives but then I love to tweak things, then wait a minute, and tweak again. LOL

    • clearzero

      Interesting. I have the TMO version running CM 10 and was hesitant to move to 10.1. Is that the only issue so far. I thought there were more that made it hard to use as a daily driver. Things like bluetooth and wifi issues.

      • jonstle

        I have been using WiFi for 2 days with no issues. Bluetooth only a few times. Tomorrow I will be using Bluetooth all day so I can give a report of my success or failure.

        • jonstle

          Used Bluetooth all day today with no problems! The one thing I need to do is make it so when I push the button my earpiece it opens google now voice actions and not the older voice dialing.

          • gmaninvan

            I really don’t know why that voice dialer app is even still there! It is super annoying that you can’t get voice actions or google now to work with a bluetooth headset due to the automatic rerouting to the voice dialer app on activation of the bluetooth headsets button!

  • Keith

    I really miss integrated DLNA in the gallery app, has anyone found a suitable replacement app, most of them seem to be specific to music or video, where I would want pictures and video. The integration of dlna on the HTC gallery app seamless and works really well. I would pay to have this available in CM.

  • christiaangombert

    I love CM10.1 on my HTC Desire Z (a.k.a. Tmo G2). Developer Flinny and the Andromadus team did a really nice job porting it. CM10.1 runs great on a 2.5 year old device!

  • sandy105

    i like the cm 10.1 or rather the 4.2 features -lockscreen widgets ,lockscreen camera,quick settings .and it is smooth ..

    and yes wifi works well,but bluetooth i didnt try..

  • Zach

    How long did it take to finish reboot on the Galaxy S3?

  • LukeT32

    Running 1.8.13 Nightly on my GNex.

  • Diabsoud

    Have it on my Galaxy S2…works so smoothly…love it!!

  • Alec Waddelow

    Runs smoothly on my S2

  • rob

    I flashed cm10.1 m1 2 days ago and I have to say it’s by far the best ROM out there especially when combined with Franco kernel and nova launcher

  • shane

    Use BUBBLE UPNP app from play store for awesome DLNA streaming etc

  • CJ LaFleur

    has anyone tried out the new updates since Android 4.2 came out (still CM 10.1). i saw the new font on the lock screen and the clock and immediately flashed back to an older nightly. I really hated the design and the way the notification bar had changed. i like having swype, but swiftkey is just as good or better. are any of you liking any of the recent release candidates?

    • LukeT32

      I flash a few times a week.

      I thought the new lock screen font was a Google thing… Maybe not though.

  • lou2cool88

    I’ve been really enjoying CM 10.1 on my Galaxy Nexus but I just switched to Paranoid Android and I’m loving it.

    • CJ LaFleur

      How is Paranoid Android different/better?

      • lou2cool88

        You’re able to use a tablet hybrid experience so you get more screen real estate because the area at the bottom of the screen where the home/back/multitask buttons is smaller. Plus, you can choose whether you want the tablet version of an app or a phone version. It’s just more customizable in those regards.

        • CJ LaFleur

          nice. i don’t use soft buttons on my GS3 because i prefer the physical buttons. that in itself saves screen real estate. i don’t think i’m looking for my phone to be a tablet, unless i was using the note 2 or the Galaxy Mega lol