Thoughts on Sony Xperia Z?

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I know that this thread is premature.. But ive been considering the Sony Xperia Z and I wanna know what you’re thoughts are AAM… I currently have the Galaxy S4 16 gb Tmo version and its a great phone and all but I’m always itching for something new…. Spec wise.. The Sony seems that it can’t hold its weight when compared to the S4.. But it’s still seems to be a decent phone.. And I’ve been contemplating on whether or not I should get it or not.. So I’m coming to my fellow AAM homies for help.. What are your thoughts on the Xperia Z especially when comparing it to the GS4.. And if you have the international version or the Tmo version from a Sony store.. What are your thoughts as well.. I need a good comparison between the two.. Lol.. Help!

  • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal .P

    How is this premature? Xperia Z is released or did you mean the Ultra?
    Go for it if you need the performance the camera is a 8 mp on though.
    Or if its Z the s4 is better.

  • jerrbomb

    Well I meant premature as in its been released.. But I thought there might not have been enough time for people to give an official say… But.. Idk.. Lol.. Maybe I worded it wrong.. Seeing as to how the only place it hasn’t been released is online.. Lol… But hmm..

  • MC_Android

    I have its same spec cousin Xperia ZL. I actually really enjoy the phone, and I could say that the Xperia Z is even more durable and better looking.

    I have had the phone for the last 3 months and here’s my breakdown:

    -Ease of Handling:
    For a 5-inch phone it is easily used for one-hand use. It can easily be put into any jeans pocket. I believe the Z has sharper edges than the ZL, which has curved sides, so it might be a bit less comfortable to hold for longer amounts of time.

    It is sleek and sexy. Enough said. Plus, the Z is water-proof.

    -Battery Life:
    Don’t let the 2330 mAh battery fool you. The Stamina mode option easily extends the phone’s battery life to last the whole work day. Its effectiveness depends on how often your phone goes to sleep, so don’t expect the mode to do much if you’re just going to be gaming or whatnot on it.

    -Expandable Storage:
    Allows for 64gb microsd card. All my media easily fits. 16gb Internal storage is enough for apps

    Despite complaints about viewing angles, I find them quite tolerable and the screen is vivid and sharp when viewed straight on (95% of the time you’re using it).

    Although Sony is known for the quality of its camera and sensors, the method of compressing its photos on the ZL and Z makes the phones average relative to the S4 and HTC One. Compared to those phones, the features are also lacking and software optimization is needed to make the photos focus better (I find the photos to be a bit blurry when taking the shots) and launch faster. The fun features you find on the S4 and One are light-years ahead of the Xperia 2013 phones but don’t get me wrong – it is still so much better than the stock interface. I think stock camera is utter crap and the most unintuitive app ever.

    When capturing details: S4>Xperia Z/ZL> One
    Low Light: One>Z/ZL >= S4
    Features: One = S4 > Z/ZL

    The ZL has a dedicated camera button so that was a plus; the Z does not have one.

    Depending on your region, the Z/ZL is running either 4.1.2 or 4.2.2, I just got my OTA for 4.2.2 yesterday and it completely changes the phone. The software did get pushed by sony a while back so unless you’re running region-free firmware, you have to wait for your carrier to push it out.

    Also, Sony’s UI is probably the most “stock” out of all the OEM UI’s so that could be a plus or negative in your books. They did not add much and the stupid decisions when designing Sony Launcher could easily be remedied with an alternative launcher from the Play Store. Unlike Touchwiz and Sense, they added quite a bit of useful features exclusive to their interface but Sony did not.

    Something never talked about in review websites are Small Apps. They are simple apps like browser, calculator, unit conversion, notepad…etc that can open like multiwindows for the Note 2. You can only have one open at a time on top of your main app but I find it useful! Unlike the Note 2, you cannot choose any app to act like that; only ones predesigned or on the app store can be used.

    The Bravia engine makes photos and videos when displayed on the phone really pop. It’s minor but worth mentioning.

    -On-screen navigation: Some people like it, some don’t. Personal preference. IMO, I find them annoying but they disappear mostly when they should. I just prefer physical buttons.


    It is a still a very good phone! I enjoy it a lot and find the ZL incredibly comfortable to use. I got mine for $350 on kijiji (Canadian version of craigslist) from a chick who got it for a week but wasn’t comfortable with the bigger size relative to the iphone. For a 5″ phone, it is does not feel like one (in a good way). If you could get it for a reasonable price, I highly suggest getting it. I’m using this until the Note 3 comes (most likely my next phone).

    Hope that helps!…now back to studying for finals :(

    • jerrbomb

      Thank you so much.. That was very descriptive… And it helped alot