Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Camera

Posted Aug 30, 2012 at 10:56 pm in Threads > Entertainment

4.8 inch LCD display with 720p screen at 308 ppi
3g+4g+WiFi+GPS micro sim and microsd card only (Does not have phone function)
1.4 ghz quad-core processor
16mp+21x optical zoom+android 4.1 point and shoot
8gb internal storage+1650 mAh battery

This thing has crazy specs but I don’t see this being sought after by consumers.
What are your opinions?There have been products like this (Altek Leo 14mp, probably no one has heard of it).
The Galaxy Camera has crazy specs for a camera phone. The android part is redundant imo. It is too awkwardly shaped to be used as an android device (the butt part sticks out too much). Samsung has good sensors but why put android on a camera. In the end this is just a camera with great specs with android on it. I don’t see people using it.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    It all depends on the price. I’m not a camera person, but I want it bad.

    • Anjie Cai

      Do you use instagram and stuff a lot? It would be a good camera but i don’t see myself using the android part of it. Why do you want it so badly?

      • thunsaker

        I hope users realize that they will be destroying a high resolution picture when uploading to Instagram. I know you can save them elsewhere in full res, but I kinda wish Instagram had an option to upload the full version, for desktop viewing/archiving.

        The advantage of Android would be Dropbox Camera Sync? I’d think, but I’d have the problem of not carrying this camera around, since I already have my phone…

  • redraider133

    I think this is great(depending on price) for samsung. Expand beyond just phones and onto other things. People will always use cameras and if they make it good enough I am sure they can get many to buy a camera with an OS such as android on it.

  • mojeda

    For a camera it almost seems they went overboard and it seems kinda like what they did with the Galaxy Note being a Phablet, I guess making this a Phamera? I’m not saying this is bad but it’s just interesting why they would be cramming a whole phone into a camera.

    Either way, It’s nice to see some new devices other than Phones, Tablets, and consoles running Android. I am still waiting for my [email protected] though :P

    • Anjie Cai

      lol phamera xD

  • Saif

    People will use it! The possibilities are endless.. It will sell at both phone shops & camera shops! Normal consumers will buy it..

    • Saif

      Uploading photos directly from camera, Google Plus, Instagram is pretty big deal

      • Anjie Cai

        can’t leave out any meals unphotographed now can we.

  • fc1032

    U_U probably being a specs whore… but:

    If they had made this a MFT camera, I’d be all over it. I strangely also wanted it to have calling capabilities.

    I’m a little curious to the LCD screen. Did samsung make that themselves?

  • Jim Rogers

    Seems it would have been better to made a camera dock that my Samsung S III would slide into making it a super camera. Now that I would stand in line for.

  • Francis

    I like it and will be looking for it once it’s out in Canada. I was already looking into the Nikon 1. DSLRs are too complicated for me. If having Android means the features are exposed and easy to use via the software/UI then it’s already more useful to me. 1080p video and 720 slow motion sound great to me too. The Nikon 1 only does 640 slow motion. Having wireless connectivity is great too. Doing dumps of images to backup/laptop via ftp/ssh while filming/shooting means my stuff is ready to be used/viewed/edited asap. I like where this is going. Also using this cam for live streaming shout be good.

    • Anjie Cai

      check out the videos showing the settings. Cameras are too confusing for me xD Wouldn’t the radios just eat up battery faster thought.

  • peabody

    It is marked as a camera, it’s really just another media device. The camera will have to outshine camera phones or its just another device to shell out $$$ for.

  • Nick Gray

    While I’d rather snap pictures with my DSLR, the idea of a good point and shoot camera with full Android integration is extremely appealing. Yes, I can’t swap out the lens and the image quality won’t half as good as my D800, but the issue is that you always have to wait to get home to share any of your pics. This is especially frustrating when you are on vacation since you typically don’t want to take time away from your activities to sit down on your PC to transfer pictures and them upload them to the web.

    The Galaxy Camera solves all that since you can upload everything to Facebook, DropBox, Google Plus or any other photo sharing service that has an Android app. Just think of the amazing pictures you’d be able to share in Instagram and you won’t even need to muck things up with a filter (I’m a huge #nofilter Instagram fan).

    The possibilities are endless really. And if you don’t need to take pictures, you can use the camera as a media device to watch a movie, play games or listen to music. Keep in mind, the camera on your Android phone is the biggest power grain around. You’d be lucky to capture 100 pictures with a single charge and then you’re left with a dead phone. DO that with the Galaxy Camera and you still have a fully charged phone (which can still take some pictures if you need to).

  • bob

    Broadcasting from a distance is key for me. If it runs talkatone for calling and costs $300 or less, give me a tracking number.

  • orangestrat

    You could have Photoshop touch directly on the camera. Apps open a lot of possibilities

  • XanLoves

    I wish it had calling features… holding it up to your face would look rather funny.
    I assume you could skype, or use other voip services? This is a strange device indeed…

    Software hacking is always a good possibility with the android software. If it was a generic or new firmware the knowledge base would be a lot smaller. I’m sure in the hands of the right devs there could be some awesome roms/aps/camera software developed.

    I’m sure it has a demographic. Android fanboy Haxor photographers. Theres a bunch, right?