Too early to freak out about the GS3 design

Posted May 03, 2012 at 3:48 pm in Threads > Opinions

So you just saw the Samsung Galaxy S III and you hate it. Its a little too soon don’t you think? When stacked up to all the other older international versions of the Galaxy S, It fits right at home with the physical home button. I never thought I’d say this but…im looking forward to the carrier variants.
What do you guys think? Which carrier variant do you think will look the best?

  • Joel

    I’m voting on Sprint, just looking on their track record:
    Galaxy S I – only version with a keyboard AND flash.
    Galaxy S II – kept the Exynos processor, LED flash, 4.52 in screen and 1800mAh batt.
    Both arguably the best SII variants.

  • Bpear96

    Well the sprint version probably kept the exynos because they where using wimax, which would have required a separate radio anyways. But now there going lte things might change

    • Joel

      That’s true I hadn’t thought about that. in either case, I’m more anxious to see what tweaks sprints gonna use than any other carrier.

  • Dillan

    hopefully they change the buttons cause thats the only problem with the phone. other than that the front of the phone is nice but the back doesnt match the front

    • Joel

      So your cool with the colors then? Very rare these days to have a release without a black/grey finish…blue is even rarer

      • guest

        Yea the blue is really unusual…but at the same time I guess its a refreshing change. I know I’m gonna opt for the white tho lol

  • professandobey

    The material selection is disappointing though, and I don’t see that changing with the US versions.

    • Joel

      That may be true, but at the same time you never know. HTC EVO one seems to have 2 different material types on the back which I didnt see coming at all. Hoping for something unexpected with the carrier variants as well lol.

  • CTown

    Go ahead, freak out however and whenever (just not wherever – that’s just asking for trouble) you like. It’s not like you need my permission!

    • CTown

      Now that I have re-read my above comment, it sounds really aggressive. I should leave the comedy to the professionals…

      I haven’t heard of any news about Exynos doing LTE. But Krait is supposed to have integrated support and OMAP has LTE support since “Droid does LTE”. I hope all of Sprint’s new phones will have LTE support considering how slow their 3G network is.

      I think there is main ugly points to the GSIII’s hardware. That hardware button looks ugly in the pics. The main four US carriers will hopefully “fix” that for us. Also, the back is terrible. Hopefully the US versions will come with a different back cover (like the AT&T’s Galaxy S had a metal back).

      • Joel

        Yes, I remember the back of the GS on at&t, I remember touching it and saying “this feels way better than the Vibrant!” lol. But the international version usually has a that look so I dont know why its tripping everyone out now. I have a feeling the carriers are actually gonna deliver on this one.