Top 10 racing games for Android?

Posted Aug 07, 2012 at 11:11 am in Threads > Apps & Games

Yesterday I started curating a list of best first person shooters, and today I’m looking for the best racing games. There have been so many awesome racing games, but I’m trying to select the top ones that are still being updated and are playable on a large number of devices.

My Top 10 list on Springpad:

Got any suggestions I can add to the list?

  • Himmat

    I saw your list right away. Firstly, Shine Runner is NOT a racing game. Like seriously, you don’t race anyone in the game.

    I would vote for Riptide, but it just isn’t challenging enough. I can go round all 6 courses without needing to hit the brakes.

    Something I would add is Mini Motor Racing. Not too shabby.

    You say “are playable on a large number of devices.” I laughed there, because A7 and RR2 don’t officially work on my tablet. But both of those are really good. If you like arcade, A7 takes the cake otherwise its RR2 for sim fans. Played them on the iPad 2 since not on my Android device.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Anyone have any other suggestions for their favorite racing games? I updated my curated list that I was working with and I plan to post the final Top 10 list by the end of the week.!/wimbet/explore/topracinggamesforandroid-6808/blocks

  • Walkop

    Definitely Real Racing 2 for realism. That thing is absolutely incredible, the graphics are great and its a solid performer. Its a bit glitchy on my TF300T, but when it works…its great. I haven’t tested it under Jelly Bean, but considering that JB is insanely smooth (and stable!) I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked much better.

  • rewagner

    How about Beach Buggy Blitz? Hour of fun

    • dino13

      Yeah, I play that too. Really great game and totally free.

  • SGB101

    Mini motor racing is my go to game, when I have a few mins to kill.

    It’s the first game I install on all devices. It looks great on my note2 and N7.

  • pol biswas

    GT racing from gameloft best racing game .

  • pol biswas

    You can add raging thunder 2 on your list.

  • decker

    Thanks for making this list. I don’t have a device that can play Asphalt 7 yet, but from the videos this one looks sweet.

  • sandy105

    hey where is need for speed most wanted ,its infinitely better than asphalt 7 .
    and the good ol nfs:shift which is very good and lot better than most racers out there.

    also bang bang racing dropped tegra exclusivity and is available for all devices ,its fun too :)

    in my opinion most wanted is the most graphically intense ;well made racer on android.
    and i ve played most games on your list ..

  • MC_Android

    1) Need for Speed Most Wanted

    2) Real Racing 2 (RR3 is coming sometime next year)

    3) Asphalt 7

  • digvijaya07

    Asphalt 7 is really awesome game and love playing it

  • christiaangombert

    Great thread.
    I always loved the NFS series.

  • christiaangombert

    Whit asphalt I had the feeling that the steering by tilting was a bit to sensitive and responded a bit to late.