Top dollar for a new, on-contract phone?

Posted Mar 27, 2012 at 2:07 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

What’s your top dollar price for a new, on-contract phone? The last time my line was up for renewal, I (wisely) spent $99 (before a $99 rebate) on my Optimus S. I love it, but it was wildly outdated in about 10 minutes. Now I’m up again in September, and I’m thinking about the HTC One X (or the EVO One X or whatever they’ll call it). My issue is, how much am I willing to spend to attempt to stay “relevant” for as long as possible? What about you? What’s your limit on a new phone, knowing full well it’ll be outdated before you get a new one?

  • Sean Riley

    I haven’t bought a phone on contract in about 3 years, but I might actually do it next time as I’ve realized I’ll never likely leave my unlimited plan on Verizon. I’d say $250 is my top price, but anything is going to seem like a bargain after paying $550+ for my last 3-4 phones.

  • AceoStar

    $300 is about my limit for on contract.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I paid $299 for the GNex on contract when it came to Verizon. I normally buy stuff off-contract, where I think $699 is about the top price to pay for a smartphone.

    • Dylan Andersen

      I’m right with you. Never going over $299 for on-contract and never going past $699 for off contract. The phone has to blow my mind for that kind of cash.

      Speaking of which, I recently got the AT&T Galaxy Note for $299. Worth the price, but ouch – that price hurt.

  • Nick Gray

    That the hell is a contract? My last 5 phones have been purchased off-contract (Nokia 3650, i-Mate JAM, HTC Touch, T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile G2) and I plan on purchasing the HTC One S off-contract as well.

    If you’re on the GSM carrier, it make a lot more sense buying a phone without a contract since you save a lot of money over time. My off-contract limit would be around $650, but if I was forced to buy a phone with a contract I guess I wouldn’t for for anything more than $200.

  • jsweetser2

    My limit was $200 3 years ago, but now $300 is the limit. If i have to wait a month or two for a better deal, I have patience for it. I bought my Gnex for 300 but it went down pretty quickly a few months after i bought it. Even the best phones usually float to $200 a few months after they come out.

  • AvantGuard

    My hope is that the Jet (or whatever) will be close to the price AT&T is selling the comparable model for. I think I heard a rumor they’re starting close to $100, but that seems WAY off. Anyone heard anything different?

  • pekosROB

    $300 for on-contract top of the line.

    Shit, I spent $497 off-contract for the Droid3, not because I had to get a new phone, because I had to get a new phone with a keyboard (from an EVO then DX2 then D3). But I had a little extra green on me so it didn’t hurt that bad, especially when I sold my DX2 for like $200 to a friend (he got a sweet fucking deal).

    But with a kid on the way, gone are the days of buying phones off contract without a necessity (i.e. losing/destroying your phone with no insurance).

  • Trinhbo

    $200 for on-contract for me. I refuse to cave into carriers starting the trend of charging $300 for top of the line phones.

    I wisely spent only $99 to get the Samsung Galaxy SII by waiting a few months and getting it on sale at Radio Shack.