Toshiba Excite 10 AT300: upgrade to Jellybean

Posted Dec 06, 2012 at 9:36 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I’ve been contacting Toshiba for weeks now inquiring about an upgrade to Jellybean for the Toshiba Excite 10 AT300. So far, I’ve heard no response. I have found articles dated back in July 2012 stating that Toshiba will upgrade to Jellybean, but they refuse to say when. Of course, the new Excite SE comes with Jellybean. I’m hoping the rest of us can get Jellybean soon. I’ll keep everyone posted on this thread. And, if anyone hears of anything, please add a comment (and link, if possible) for the update on the upgrade.

  • Bill F

    Yes, please let me know about this update. This is my first tablet, its been a great experiance.

  • Tom S.

    I I’ve got an Excite 10 LE . Will Jellybean be available for my tablet soon, like within a month? Just curious.

  • JohnnieB

    I’ve emailed Toshiba and posted the question on their website. The weak response I got was, “there hasn’t been an announcement on that subject.” To which I replied, “Yes, I’m aware of that and that is why I’m asking this question.” From what else I’ve read online, Toshiba is very bad at announcing future upgrades. They just refuse to do so. Also, they can be slow in responding…if they respond at all. They will gladly take our $ for their products but won’t provide good customer service. I like my Toshiba Excite 10 but I want Jellybean and I want it now. Next year, I’m going to purchase a Google Nexus 10…although I’m still torn between the Nexus 10 and an iPad, but I really love the Android operating system. Regardless, I won’t continue to purchase Toshiba products.

    So, that’s the update, which isn’t really an update. If I hear of anything, I will post it here. Thanks!

    • J

      just root your tablet and install it using a custom rom I highly recommend cynagen. the excite is way better than the nexus mainly from having an sd card slot and a better screen from my perspective. an hd gorilla glass screen vs a fragile standard hd screen

    • Roger Eagle

      Man do I agree. I could have bought an IPad for what I paid for my Excite 10. Guess just thought they were a company you can trust. Had my tablet about 18 months, has been to shop three times for different things (under warranty). Now out of warranty the screen locked up several times but began working. The last time no dice, still frozen. Can use a mouse with an adapter, I did two factory resets the problem persists. I may take a run at their support department again, maybe a supervisor.

  • JChapa

    The Toshiba Excite 10 AT305-T16 has a locked ROM. So rooting and updating to newer version maybe be close to impossible as the system resets itself to the factory install.

    If they already have a new product with the latest version of Android I would gather they are not going to update the older models that come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream as it would be detrimental to their sales of current products.

    It’s a great product but it is locked, there’s a reason for that, same reason Apple is proprietary.

    Give your Excite to your kids or grand kids and invest in an Android device that is not locked like the Samsung or Asus, they are good about updates to Android. The choice depends if you want scratch resistant glass or not that will determine which one you’ll get…There are others out there as well but scratch resistant glass either Corning or Gorilla glass is nice to have especially if the price is right and the device is root-able.

    • kookeetree

      I have this exact model. It was my first tablet purchase ever. I’ll have to do much better research for my future tablets.

      • Banksg7

        true that, i went out and ordered the thing without doing any research, it should be here in a couple days, ama just put it up for sale and get me a tf700….. shoulda been my 1st choice anyway..

    • Chris

      Uh, you totally misinformed about the glass. Corrning invented Gorilla glass way back. It was known as Chemcor with no practical use at that time. Apple and Corrning resurrected Chemcor and called it Gorilla Glass for use with the original iPad. Now its the defacto prod for all tablets, cell phones and who knows what else. Further you are incorrect about scratch resistant glass or not. Gorilla and Gorilla glass 2 and 3 to be annouced shortly glass is standard on all Samsungs, ASUS, Acer etc. I dare say there are none without Gorilla glass except maybe way off cheap Chinese Knockoffs as CHINA loves to make garbage products and con the consumer with them.

      And before you recommend the ASUS tablet line, expecially the ASUS transformer Infinity, check out on Google the 3,200 plus complaints about quailty build issues (i.e. glass warps and misalligned installations to pixilated screens) and sub-standard customer service and product support.

      People like yourself really annoy me as your lack of knowledge influences others into believing you know what your talking about and purchase based on what people such as yourself state as fact.

      To all you folks out there do not beilve one persons recommendations, especially before a purchase. Do the research yourself.

      Merry Christmas 2012

      • MC_Android

        I agree that Asus has some issues with quality control and product testing. I’ve had Transformer Prime (GPS, Wifi issues), and 2 Nexus 7′s (screen flickering, loose back cover, slightly lifted screen etc). I think the initial batch of Nexus 7′s had an issue that could be explained with pressures of lowering manufacturing costs, and the Transformer Prime was just not tested. It seems like the the OG Transformer, TF300/700 all have pretty good build quality though.

        Nevertheless, Asus has a reputation of bringing their most of their products to current softwares though. You have to give them that.

    • Rabid1

      The Excite series does not have a locked ROM. They do have a locked bootloader, which many other tablets do as well. It in no way makes it “close to impossible” to root, just harder. There is already a temporary root on XDA and I believe ThriveForum as well, but there are still issues. It is best to know what you are talking about than just shill for other companies.

      • Peter

        besides, there is already a confirmation on the jelly bean update for the former at200 and at300 tablets. apparently a hard-to-brake root has nothing to do with android upgrades. and another thing – DON´T give the old at300 to your kids, because they won´t use the hdmi port, whereas you might wanna do that. and the new toshibas lack them, god knows why.

    • J

      look it up on the xda forums its not to hard to root it. If you haven’t upgraded it to 4.0 do the upgrade first otherwise the root exploit will not work. the xda forums are a great utility to use as well as being a wealth of information.

  • Ben

    I asked about this on the Toshiba UK Twitter feed, and they said it would be January

    • kookeetree

      omg, omg, omg, yes! I’ve been checking Toshiba Service Station since I purchasd my Excite 10 for Jelly Bean!!! I’m so happy there is a release date!!!

      • bigpipe219

        hahaha. I too have been checking the service station on a daily basis waiting on that update. I think I’ve developed some mild OCD and anxiety from it :-\

  • Ed

    Great news about Jan update! On another note have read a lot about light bleed on excite. I have a at300 and NO light bleed problems. Might be the 305 series have different manufacture for consumer line. Anybody have any thoughts? I loved my thrive and crazy about my excite. Kids took thrive away, so I got to go skinny! Yea me!

    • bigpipe219

      I am also excited for the jellybean update! Although I purchased the Excite 10 at300 about a month ago and it was faulty out of the box. Had major screen issues with scrambling video/images, would not hold a charge, had major color bleed on all black screens and was over all glitchy and had to be restarted often due to freezing. I immediately called the retailer and after about 3 weeks I finally got a replacement Excite. Seems they were discontinuing selling the At300 as it took them so long to find one in their stock. Out of the nearest 3 regions, Chicago included, they found 1 new excite 10 which I’m now using. Could not be happier. So far I’ve had no issues with the newest one, no color bleeding, no scrambling, and decent battery life. And being that I only paid $320 USD and Toshiba confirmed an update for JB I’m ecstatic and a proud owner!

  • skyquest25

    Toshiba just realeased Jellybean for excite 10. And its fast !

    • jonstle

      Good to see them updating it!

  • Christopher Rhame

    Indeed just got mine !!!!!!

  • strider_mt2k

    Downloaded and installed the JB update on my AT300 yesterday.

    This thing was slick under ICS, now it’s hella slick under JB.

    I love this tablet, it’s easily the best Android device I’ve ever owned.

    • Marie

      hi.. just bought mine.. since you’ve already down loaded JB i just have question is it normal that my tablet is rebooting on its on while power or charger is on but the battery is going down. Strange as I am new user is this normal? Taking time to upgrade the system for more than 1 day now? Please help.

    • Roni

      where did you download the jb for at300? can you please share? thaks.

  • Rolando Barredp

    Hey guys, for some reason, I downloaded it, tried to install it, but then it says that there was an error copying the image file. How can I fix that or install without service station? Please help. Thanks

  • dac

    How did you update to JB? My service station doesn’t say that there are updates available…

  • sonicdeathmunky

    I understand that it can sometimes be a long road to getting a device upgraded to the next version of Android, but these companies need to understand that writing a simple “we’re currently working on it, and trying to have it ready by this date” message is all that users require! It’s easy to do, and without it they stand a huge risk of losing customers who have no idea what the plans of the manufacturer are.

  • tksjewelry

    My Excite 10 just received the JB update, so it is rolling out.

  • Ezy03

    Is it smoother!! Project butter working?

  • Ken Ferrari

    I’m not seeing the at300 update … how do I know if I have the se model

  • Ken Ferrari

    Update: I do not have the se model and I don’t not have the le either .. I have just a plain at 300 .. why can’t I find this update

  • Alex

    I’ve also not received this update – I have a AT300 – why is it not working ?

  • Alex

    I’ve got a AT300 – 101

  • Patrick

    Still no update in Canada, kinda jealous of UK and US folks. Can’t wait to have it!

  • Peter

    Its not out in the UK, I have checked every day

  • Nigel

    Nothing for me has yet in the UK either. For those folks that got it, did you have to do a manual check or did it just notify you?


  • Nigel

    Got mine from Amazon 32GB version for £250 – bargain!

  • Robert

    So JB is definitely coming to the at300 then? I’m UK resident and eagerly awaiting it if it is.

  • Ales

    When is this released for the UK ??!

  • Dave

    This has to be sorted out !! BONKERS IS THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS !!



  • Daniele

    I also look forward to this update from Italy…

  • Nigel Webber


    Staged roll-out is the norm for android updates. It allows them to a) manage both web traffic and b) use the initial subjects to gauge public reaction to the update to save them having to test if themselves.

    I have known updates to get pulled when the initial subjects found them to be a load of tosh!

    On my Galaxy note, I changed the CSC to ‘Germany’ cause they always seemed to get the updates before the UK. Maybe Germans are good guinea pigs – perhaps they are more tech savvy than your average UK resident.

    Nigel (in UK, and also awaiting the update)

    • roberto

      nope – i´m in germany and still wait for this to happen :)
      i was teaching the other day android at the local community college and HAD to wipe my carefully setup´d at300 to show them how a new device works, google registration etc.
      later yesterday i found out about the android upgrade :D now i wait with all the installations so that i don´t have to do it twice. i hope toshiba is quick on this, can´t live without my precioussss…

  • Nick

    If it does happen to update to JB in the UK, does this mean that flash suport will be dropped and stop working?

    • Nigel Webber

      Hi Bogdan

      Interested to know why you ask about flash support being dropped? Have you heard something that I have not? I won’t be updating if it stops the card reader working – but I don’t want to start rumors about this being the case!


      • Nigel Webber

        Sorry Bogdan, wrong person – question should be directed at Nick’s comment above!!

      • Nick

        Ah when i say flash support, i was meaning adobe flash player. I should have been more specific. Ive read a bit about how JB doesnt really suppost flash player.

        • Nigel Webber


          Ah, yes indeed. Flash Player is not supported for install from the Play Store for Android devices beyond ICS (V4.0.x). It can, however be sideloaded from the APK (google ‘Flash apk’). Unfortunately, the default browser ‘Chrome’ in JellyBean does not know how to talk to flash player even if it is installed. You would need to load a browser that will talk to flash player.

          Dolphin removed support for flash in later versions (can get earlier APK off XDA-Developers). Firefox browser apparently supports flash on Android.

          I hate flash with a passion, but unfortunately, some stuff still needs it.

          Still no Jelly Bean update in the UK (I sure do hope that tosh don’t withhold this from us!)


          • J

            just root it and install an updated rom on it the instructions are on the xda forums

  • Bogdan

    I have the at300 bought from US and the jelly bean update is available from 27 dec.

  • PV

    Am in the UK, anyway to fool google/Toshiba that machine is US-based rather than UK in order to receive update? Thanks

  • Patrick

    Canada update: I sent a message to customer support on Toshiba Canada’s website. They replied, thanking me for getting in touch with them…without an answer to my question. Terrible.
    So I tweeted to them, and the AT300 will get the Jelly Bean update at the end of the month.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it were around then for UK as well.

    • PV

      Hi Patrick
      Thanks for the update

  • Dominic

    Hello guys, can you tell me when it will arrive in Italy to upgrade to Android 4.1?

    is not available now

  • Barry

    Conversation with Toshiba tec support today, they confirmed jelly bean will be available by end January 2013. For download.

  • Juan

    I recently bought the AT300 and I’m not able to install the jelly bean update and the update is available since Dec 27. Does anyone have experienced sound problems in the excite?

    • Bogdan

      The 4.1 update is available since 27 Dec. only for the US version (they released another 2 updates since then), if you have another version it isn’t available yet.

  • Niklas

    Hi there.
    I live in Greece but bought the AT300 from UK.So I will receive the 4.1 update only when it’s out in the UK?

    • Bogdan

      Yes. The update system is based on the Manufacturer part number.

      • Niklas

        Thank you Bogdan.

  • Peter

    Just had a reply from Toshiba technical and my Toshiba account manager.

    The UK update will be available by the end of the month.

    • P

      Hey thats good news, thanks

  • Alex

    From Portugal here.
    And still waiting for the JB update…

  • roberto

    a general question/concern – will the usb stick support via otg cable go away with jelly bean? one thing that attracted me so much with the at300 was the possibility to use external usb sticks without any extra tweak or app unlike for instance the nexus…

    • Nick

      Yeah i would also like to know this as i have just found out with someones nexus 7 that you cant connect external storage without root/apps/tweaks etc. So would this mean no external storage for the at300. If anyone who already got the update, if its been released anywhere yet that is, could you see if it is still possible to mount external storage devices. Maybe a consideration for not updating seeing as though you cant root the at300 so most usb mounting apps wont work.


      • Roberto

        yes, could anyone with jelly bean already on the toshiba could confirm/deny this pretty please?

  • Nigel

    On that same note. Has anyone had issues writing directly to their SD card (in the slot). I can write to mine using the built in file manager app (from Toshiba), but I cannot write to it from a 3rd party app. Es file explorer, folder sync etc?


    • Roberto

      If it´s exFAT formatted, you can use any file manager, ES for instance works for me at least.

  • Nick

    No JB update here in The Netherlands yet. Has anyone seen this in Europe?

    I guess we still have some days to go before the end of the month.

    I need to stop going to the Service Station….it becoming a disappointing habit :-(

  • simonmay

    the same here: called toshiba canada and a rude tehc support told be “it will come when it’s time”….

    I own 2 tables, the toshiba excite 7.7 (amoled, the only reason why i bought it), and an ipad 2.

    From my point of view android is still young in the OS, and wors than apple you get problems with the tablets manufacturer for their specific updates…..

    It’s the first and last toshiba product that i buy.

    On the other hand if you don’t want oled or amoled and just wanna stick to lcd, go for an ipad 4 …..but android notifications system is really well organized, apple’s ios is crap….but apple devices are strong, powerful….but you’re stuck with apple forever …..a bit like we are with toshiba at this moment. I like having both android and ios for comparison….really great, especially the excite 7.7 wit its amoled screeen that gives you “real black”

    Please keep us informed as soon as you get an update…..TOSHIBA S*****KS

  • simonmay

    What would be nice would be to get some sort of zip file containing all the toshiba update from someone in the us or uk….

    • pete

      you cannot use it, even if it would be possible to extract it from the toshiba update file. the bootloader is locked, no chance for manual updates i suppose… that must be the reason for the xda-guys not really having luck on the custom firmware and root front…

  • magicSATAN

    These satanic developers at TOSHIBA EURO need to update AT300 to JELLYBEAN … ASAP, we are awaiting …………………………………………………………………..

  • kr3g3r

    downloading the JB update right now in Canada :)

    • Patrick

      Did that as well! It works like a charm!!
      CANADA, IT’S OUT!!!!
      Great news!!
      …and now back to the undergrad life

      • roberto

        could you please check if the usb stick is still showing up with an adapter on the usb port? thank you!

        • Patrick

          I’ve never figured out how to connect a usb, even with ICS, maybe my usb OTG adapter doesn’t work, so I have no clue if it works or not, sadly.

          • roberto

            thanks anyway! in my case it worked with a simple OTG adapter cable from ebay/hongkong for 3 bucks, and an exFAT formatted usb stick. if you check it in the toshiba file manager, it shows up on the left side as a drive.

            would be great to know if that still works out under jelly bean BEFORE i update…

    • Ryan

      From the service station, there is OS update on Jan 23rd 2013, but it is, I didn’t see any 4.1 available.



    USA (tick)
    CANADA (tick)
    GERMANY (tick)


    WHERE IS THE UK UPDATE ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nos

      They haven’t distributed the update in Germany. (at300-103)

  • jan

    here in the Netherlands still no jb 4.1 for the at300-101 grrrr

  • Ramunas

    Ireland _ no joy so far , still at waiting for JB :-/

  • fhd

    still no jb in France for at300-101 +1

  • Nick

    I see from another source that it was released in New Zealand today …25th January. A release schedule would be nice…but impossible it seems. Nothing in The Netherlands



    NO JB


  • Baiju

    Hi!! Jb is out in uk!!!

  • Nick

    It’s out in The Netherlands also !

  • Marcel

    Finaly in the Netherlands…jesss!

  • martin pearson

    JB Here in the UK. But update failed and now bootloader corrupted. Well done Toshiba – idiots

    Make sure you’re in warrranty before updating.

    Anyone else with issues?

    • Roy


      I still feel reluctant to upgrade, due to reading about yours and other users’ problems upgrading. I contacted PC World yesterday where I bought my AT300 in September 2012, and they said if the update fails and the tablet ends up corrupted, I wouldn’t be able claim on the warranty for a new tablet nor would the ‘Whatever Happens’ warranty that I bought with it get me a replacement, they say its because it would be a software issue that isn’t covered by ANY warranty. I have sent Toshiba a question on their support desk based on this and am still waiting for an answer.

      I’ll return with another post with Toshiba’s reply.


  • Nigel Webber

    Jellybean now available in the UK

    Not yet installed, I see others have had issues. Has it gone smoothly for anyone?!


    • Nick

      Worked fine for me yesterday. Took about 45 mins. Now its smooth and fast.

  • Andrea

    JB 4.1.1 available in Italy now!!!!!!

    Tanks Toshiba!!!

  • Marie

    hi.. just bought mine.. download JB yesterday, is it normal that up until now it is installing while power or charger is on but the battery is going down. Strange as more than 1 day now? Please help.

    • Daniel Underwood

      Definitely not normal. I’d suggest powering off and back on

  • Niklas

    Great news. Although I still dont get the JB update in Greece (bought from UK).

    I wanted to ask you if there is a place where I can place my serial number and then give me the origin of the ROM. I suspect that there is not from UK if I still wont get the update!


  • G

    JB avialable in sweden about 2 days ago. Uptade went smooth and JB feels nice :)

  • Nigel

    Installed last night without issues. All apps/settings still intact including Widgets, replacement shell and keyboard. More than can be said for Samsungs updates which mess with your home screen.

    Noticed that when connected via Bluetooth to phone for Internet access, it no longer reports ‘Bluetooth tethered’ in status, rather it reports ‘no internet connection’

    Niklas above: maybe you can install hideman vpn from the play store and use one of their UK servers. Updater should think you are in UK. Do the update check and download while connected.


    • Roy

      Nigel, That sounds encouraging.

      I’m still a little reluctant to go ahead and upgrade my at300 due to reading about other users’ issues. I contacted PC World where I bought my tablet in September 2012, and they said if the update fails and the tablet ends up corrupted, I wouldn’t be able claim on the warranty nor the ‘Whatever Happens’ warranty that I bought with it, they say its because it is a software issue. I have sent Toshiba a question on their support desk based on this and am still waiting for an answer.

      Anyway, how long did your tablet take to update….I guess the speed of your internet connection would have a bearing on it. Did you turn off any features, like sleep timers & was it plugged into the mains during upgrading? Did you have an SD card inserted? Is the user experience better? Would you say its quicker than ICS?

      Sorry for all the questions, but this is the family tablet and I don’t want it broken.


      • Roy

        Reply from Toshiba; as long as any anti-virus or spyware software is removed, along with any other software that might cause the bootloader not to update is removed, Toshiba would then collect the tablet and re-flash the ROM, but only if ALL possible precautions have been taken beforehand. I have an email that says this. Well, here goes….will report back again later.


        • Roy

          upgrade to JB complete. took about 45 minutes.

          • Bill Neurauter

            I received my at300, says at305 on the box, last week. The day I received it after charging battery it froze up. Left it on over night & charged it up again. It was OK for several days until it froze up again. This time I held dowm the on/off switch until it turned off & has been OK since then. I found the service update it it looks like JB got installed.
            Yes it would be great to access the root.

  • Nigel

    Or vpn in touch which is free for 7 days

  • Nigel Webber

    Bugs found so far on JellyBean:

    1) When bluetooth tethered for internet access, status says ‘no internet connection’ rather than ‘bluetooth tethered’

    2) Since updating to Jellybean, tablet is turning its-self on randomly, and then staying on until default sleep time expires. This might be an app causing this, but it is different to 4.0.3 ICS with the same apps installed.

    3) For some reason, the old, manky stock browser for ICS has remained installed. In jellybean, chrome is the default browser, Jellybean is not even supposed to include the old ICS browser. I suspect its a left-over, but unfortunately, it cant be uninstalled.

    4) Swipe up from LHS of screen to access google now – bug is that it only appears in portrait mode.


  • Nigel Webber

    Stuff that’s changed for the better

    - External SD card accessible as /storage/sdcard1

    - Internal SD card is on /storage/sdcard0

    - Both are still accessible via /mnt

    - External SD now accessible from 3rd party apps (es file explorer) even if format is FAT32. Previously it was read-only to 3rd party apps unless you reformatted at extFAT


    Suff thats changed for the worse

    USB-OTG appears to be broken. Tab does not see my OTG adapter and will not connect to mouse, keyboard or flash stick. Rather annoying!

    • Nigel

      Just tried my other OTG adapter and that works fine! Adapter that won’t work with tosh works fine on my galaxy note.

      • Nick

        My USB OTG Work Fine After The Upgrade

  • Stuart Battersby

    Anyone got any problems with micro HDMI port under JB? I just got an at300 and did the job upgrade immediately. Can’t get any life from HDMI, but as I didn’t try it under ICS I don’t know if its a hardware or job issue,

  • gladwin

    not in Sri lanka also

  • Dragos V.

    After reading all posts I decided to delay the JB upgrade, because ICS is doing it’s job quite good, despite one tiny miny annoying problem: playing videos in chrome or youtube freezes the tablet from time to time and I have to restart it.
    If I’ll upgrade to JB, and decide that is, let say disappointing, will I be able to downgrade to the original firmware? If yes,how?
    In JB when bluetooth tethered for internet access, status says ‘no internet connection’ rather than ‘bluetooth tethered’ it is connected or not? Thank you

  • bathagte

    JB doesn’t apear in Bulgaria and we are still waiting to unlock the bootloader!!!!!!!!!

  • Erick FLores

    Hi everybody, They just released an update to Jellybean on the Toshiba excite 10 at 300. Just go to the service station app on your tablet and download the upgrade. Good luck!

  • Michael

    I just upgraded my AT300 to Jelly Bean 4.1 this morning. I’m in the UK!

    • Paul

      How u did that ? Official or root ?

  • Rad

    PL. I still waiting for the JB update…

  • Rob


    Could you please confirm what OTG USB cable model is really working in the Excite AT300 after installing the JB update in their tablets? I’m planning to order this cable to use it with my external mouse but I need to know what OTG cable really will work after appliyng this update.


  • Felix

    My a305 updated to jelly bean works great

  • nic

    which AT300 model are you guys having?. My AT300 with 3G is not getting any updates yet from the service station. :-( does anyone know when will jelly bean update be released for the 3G model?.

  • K.saseenthiran

    I am using toshiba AT 300 3G model. i’m in tired of waiting for jelly bean update. I think there is much lack of coordination between android and toshiba. The faith is that i have done a major mistake by selecting both.

  • Nigel Webber


    OTG works fine after update. I originally had an issue (Flash disk in OTG was not detected). but this turned out to be the OTG cable. Another OTG cable I have works fine. What is a little odd, is that the OTG cable that failed to work on the AT300 works fine with my phone.


  • Will

    It’s May n still no update here in AUS.
    The tablet is freezing all the time. The power button usually cannot turn the tablet on. Don’t know its freezing or the button is wear off. In this case, I have to hold it to turn on and restart.

  • Dennis

    Any word if the excite 300 will be upgraded Tobin 4.2?

  • Dennis

    Running a AT270 in Canada. Still no JB!!!!

    come on Toshiba!!!!

  • Tommy

    I’ve just gotten myself a Toshiba AT300-100 running 4.0 ICS, any word on a jellybean update anytime soon?

    • Tommy

      Scrap that, I found it on the service station app.

  • Tobie Arfstrom

    So will there be an upgrade to 4.2?

  • Ayeshmantha

    Pleas Help…. SIM CARD NOT FOUND (sim icard is not detect) what is solution?

  • Ayeshmantha

    Pleas Help…. SIM CARD NOT FOUND (sim icard is not detect) what is solution?

  • jasfell

    hi there! anyone can help me where to find a link to download a firmware update on my toshiba at300 tablet stock in toshiba logo only. i tried a hard reset on factory default but it hang up on formating process.. please help me…

  • paco

    What about an upgrade to kitkat”?

  • Noah

    GooD Day!!,.

    guyz!,. i need your help, about Regza AT300-1000,.
    how to update my Firmware to JB?,.

  • Bart Rosenberg

    Hello. My AT300 shuts itself off, even within the standby period. Pressing the on/off switch ten times, then holding in it will reboot, but I have to do that sequence 4 or 5 times (ie ten short, one long, ten short, one long…). This happens even will a full battery. Toshiba support is less than helpful. Any ideas? Thanks. April 28, 2014.

  • zozimos

    I’ve got the AT200. Where do I go to upgrade?

    • faxmodem

      You don’t Upgrade it and you don’t root it. I’ll trash mine and buy anything else but a Toshiba. This brand is dead to me

  • Theodor

    Als “nähmlicher” Käufer in 2013 des TOSHIBA Tablet AT300-103 empfehle ich es wie die schönen Spiele “Mensch ärgere Dich nicht” oder “Schatz, Dein Bild ist weg!”. Wer braucht denn Firmware-Update, Root oder Verschiebung/Sicherung von APPs auf SD? Aktuelles System, Speicher nicht voll, keine Sorge wegen Datenverlust, Platz für Fotos die zeigen wie man mal aussah, furchtbar ohne TOSHIBA…

  • karen

    does anybody know the e-mail address of toshiba rosenburg germany