Touchscreen or Gamepad?

Posted Aug 18, 2012 at 5:02 am in Threads > Games

I’d like to see some opinions as well as recommendations on this matter. I understand there are some gamepads out there made for android specifically for gaming which I can see to be a HUGE plus when it comes to a lot of games. My only problem would be are there are enough games out there that would allow you to use a gamepad? Or is it better to just stick with the touchscreen in most situations?

Also, I’ve heard you can pair a PS3 controller to android devices. Anyone one with experience on that matter?

  • Taylor Wimberly

    The number of games that support a gamepad is limited. I’d only suggest it if you have a Tegra device.

    • Manroth

      I agree. Sadly the on-screen controls for a lot of the games are terrible (The X-Men game, and the Sonic titles are nearly unplayable for me).

  • George

    Taylor is mostly right. There really aren’t many Android games worth considering. But controllers make playing games on emulators fun, and the two Android shooters Shadowgun and Dead Trigger are better (although Madfinger makes the best touchscreen controls, so the games are still awesome). Besides a couple other games, there aren’t many games that use controllers at all. Don’t go for a controller too expensive. About the Sixaxis controller: You need to be rooted to pair wirelessly, but if you can connect the controller to a device running ICS or JB it should recognize it and it can connect over Bluetooth. For games that the controller works in, there are no problems. Although not all games recognize the controller.

  • shadowxof

    I read some more into the matter and like taylor said I did see that there aren’t a lot of games that support this feature (at least not yet) but like george said its a great ally of emulators. I know there are some steps required for both (and possible micro usb to female usb connector cable required) an xbox 360 controller and a ps3 controller but I can’t seem to get my ps3 controller to pick up on my one S by itself. Any help on that?

  • jrichardsMav

    The idea of using a ps3 controller is awesome. But for portability, it is a bit lame. I’m interested to see if any sort of portable controller is being made, I heard of one that is going to be the official tegra three controller, but even that wasn’t too impressive.

    I see the games are definitely improving, Dead Trigger is awesome (yet to try a controller). But better quality games need to come out before it really catches on I think.

    Ouya seems like it will change the android gaming market immensely.

  • nuri

    I really enjoy a gamepad, but as Taylor Wimberly pointed out, the support for one in mobile games right now is few and far between. I imagine this landscape changing soon with all of the capable, hybrid processors coming out and making games that require controllers more prevalent.

  • rsanchez1

    I would love to use a gamepad. The problem is that compatibility is very different depending on device. I know it’s a cliche by now, but fragmentation…

    For example, I would love to use my wiimote as a gamepad, but my HTC EVO 3D cannot do that, and neither can most older HTC devices. The HTC One X is supposed to be able to use a wiimote, but it’s out of my price range for now.

    I mainly just want a gamepad for emulators where using a gamepad makes the most sense, since you’re running games that were originally designed to use a controller. But for regular mobile games, designed from the ground up to run on touchscreen interfaces, I don’t really need one.

  • pliu.2014

    touchscreen because the is better configuration.

  • shanu

    I have a tegra 3 device pls help me to connect usb flash drive and xbox controller to my lg optimus 4x hd

  • tragram

    Touchscreen, of course… But I don’t like any PC gaming peripherals either. And I guess, there will be more games for the touchscreen.

  • mattkelly

    I was playing the X-Men Arcade Android port the other day, and I was frustrated at the touch screen controls. Touch screen is great for things like Angry Birds, but when it comes to console/arcade ports, I definitely prefer a game pad.

  • tylerfoy

    I’ve played many shooters in my Asus TF201 and the gamepad (PS3 controller) is a far better experience. Although the setup does take some time.

  • chestont

    emulators and fps work great with a usb xbox controller. But I think the games that are meant to played on a touchscreen and are optimized to do so are generally just as fun so I usually stick that and leave my xbox controller in my xbox.

  • sm.komo

    For right now I prefer touch screen, but a more universal controller that works with more devices would be great!

  • bdub

    I’m still on touchscreen but am looking at the different gamepad options and I definitely think it would be more comfortable for a lot of games out there.

  • marcus1518

    I am definitely more inclined to use a touchscreen….

  • friendlyfire

    There is project on kickstarter for a gamepad that looks promissing, unfortuatly it doenst look like it’ll work on a 10 inch tablet

    • doublin

      I’ve seen that thing yesterday and all i can say is that it looks badass!

  • dino13

    The Gamepad from Archos doesn’t look to bad and it is afordable. I think if you want to use your tablet for gaming it’s better to buy a gamepad.

  • kookeetree

    It is so difficult to do touch screen gaming that offers the virtual dpad and buttons.

  • YodaDaCoda

    Game pad all the way. I like my physical buttons. I think it’s important that you done have to look to see where you’re pressing.

  • crossbred900

    I prefer gesture based actions to virtual sticks. I’m quadriplegic so I can use a stylus but not virtual sticks.

  • Nwemo


  • KingCrow02

    I still game on a gamepad. Touch controls still feels strange to me.

  • doublin

    I play Shadowgun Deadzone using touch controls and I can say I’m doing it pretty well.I tried different layouts of the buttons until i found one comfortable for me.
    But I know some people playing this game with a controller and they are, monsters!

  • kraigs

    I have to say, I cna’t get use to the touch screen gamepads. so I guess a physical one is the only way to go, or find something that changes the style of play.

  • juno23

    I think for the portability a touchscreen would be more appropriate but the fact that people get into their games so much, the controllers would be more ideal, then they can go mad ;)

  • fux

    xperia play has game pad I couldn’t play gta without it I don’t like touch screen can’t see with hands in the way