Transformer Docks Infinity vs Prime

Posted Jul 02, 2012 at 9:01 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I’m going to buy a Transformer Infinity as soon as it’s announced and have heard throughout that the Prime’s keyboard is compatible w/the Infinity’s tablet. Can anyone tell me why you would go for the Infinity’s dock instead of the Primes?

The Prime has a larger battery in the dock 22 Whr vs 19.5 Whr for the Infinity and the Prime’s dock is selling for $40 cheaper on Amazon right now!


  • Sean Riley

    I’ve heard that the trackpad is improved on the new keyboard dock, but that’s about it so for $40 and a decrease in battery capacity I doubt that’s probably worth it.

    • epps720

      Thanks Sean! I believe it’s been released abroad already, I’m going to have to scour the internet to see if anyone has any issues using the Prime’s dock.

      • Johan

        I’ve bought the infinity including dock yesterday.
        The dock is the 201 keyboard no difference, same modelnumber as the dock for the prime.

        • epps720

          Thanks Johan, good to know!! But where did you get it, I’m assuming you’re not in the US. I’m dying for this thing to be available!!!

          • huh

            how can it be the same dock?? Info directly from ASUS said that the infinity would be compatible with the prime dock, but the infinity dock is not compatible with the prime. How can that be the case if they are the same model?

          • huh

            ok, I see I guess some early buyers who bought the tablet dock combination got the t201 instead of the new dock.

            In any case, both docks will work with the infinity, but the new dock will not work with the prime.

  • huh
  • Edi

    hey guys, check on eBay, there is a seller buyspry who I bought my infinity tf700 gray keyboard from who confirmed it is the new model and not the tf201, if you are interested. Other sellers also have the newer keyboard. I wonder how Asus will deal with the angry customers who got the prime dock instead :/