TV Apps – Question and Help

Posted Jul 31, 2013 at 12:44 pm in Threads > Apps

My wife lost her iPhone and since then she now rocks a Nexus 4 like myself. She keeps complaining about the lack of TV aps as she used to watch CTV (Big brother and all that crap) on her iPhone.

There seems to be no apps like this on Android that I can find and trying to run Flash on FireFox/Puffin works but zooming in and trying to get it to play full screen like a normal video is a joke.

Does anyone know of any apps that will allow her to watch her shows or tips on how she can better browse their websites (like …etc)

I want to get her to love her phone but she wants those shows, lol.

Another quick question – Does my Carrier release the 4.3 Nexus update or does this come straight from Google? Wife received 4.3 about 4-5 days ago and I have not :(


  • uknowme

    Look up TV Portal from your browser. It was taken off the Play Store real quick. You will also want to download either MX Player or BS Player. The only issue with the players are they don’t play nice with 4.3 yet. MX should be updated very soon.

    As far as your 4.3 update you can shutdown your phone for about 10 minutes and then restart it. That usually does the trick for me. Another thing you can try is check for the update in the settings.

  • Mix

    Thank you I will have her try that TV Portal, it is a 3rd party app or just a web browsing site?

    We are in Canada so a lot of the browser stuff doesn’t work that great.

    I actually got the update this morning but I will try that out next time.


    Any more work around for watching TV shows and stuff via browsers or apps is still appreciated!

  • Nick Gray

    I’d give Skyfire browser a try. The intent of the browser was to make it a lot easier to watch web video. Have not used it is a while, but the browser picks up on embedded video code and makes it a lot easier to play.

  • Mix

    Sweet I will also give that a try, thank you!