T’was the night before Droidmas

Posted Dec 24, 2012 at 12:39 pm in Threads > Entertainment

Here is the rewrite I created last year. I hope you all enjoy! Merry Droidmas! May all your Android dreams comes true!

Twas the day before Christmas, But I couldn’t care less,
I’m on the Android site, that we all claim is best.
The comments were made with hopes and dreams,
That only a huge Nvidia giveaway could solely bring.

The avatars were chosen from Gravatar.com
So when day nine came, you know it was on.
BigMerf has a 100, others coming up from behind,
Everyone giving upvotes, just to be kind.

Even In the comments there was quite the chatter,
Everyone was posting, records were shattered.
The front page was spied, the contest revealed,
It’s anyone’s game, a level playing field.

Many thanks to all of the And Me Staff,
And a special big thanks goes out to Clark Labs.
Without them, this site would not exist,
How nice of them all, to give us the gifts.

Not only gifts, but the latest Android news,
If I could pick but one site, you know which I’d choose.
You want the rumors; this site cannot be outdone,
They’ve been around since the first days of the G1.

Yes, the bugdroid, which brings us all here,
With its two big eyes, and antennae for ears.
With Its counterpart on Google’s front lawn,
You know soon, a new version will dawn.

From Alpha to Beta, from Cupcake to Donut,
From Éclair to Froyo, (a yogurt that’s frozen),
Gingerbread came next, then Honeycomb for tablets,
Now, we all want our Ice Cream Sandwich.

Yes this is the OS, you can make your very own.
One that’s called being able to truly own your phone.
So many versions, yet so little time,
To tweak, to root, and to customize.

Speaking of rooting, let’s give it up for the devs,
That are there to help us out, when we get in over our heads.
They are the ones that breathe new life into our old devices,
Got a problem, XDA will quickly solve that crisis.

Nvidia Tegra is the processer with power,
It keeps me running, like Jack Bauer.
Dual core, or four cores with a companion,
It pushes the graphics out like a champion.

Sony, Asus, Lenovo, and Samsung,
A bag full of goodies not to be outdone,
Toshiba, Acer, LG, and Motorola too,
Not to mention a Jambox to enjoy your tunes.

25 days of Tegra, that’s the way to be,
It’s called Seasons Treatings, from Android and Me!
I am done with the rhymes, done with this post,
If you like what you read, please give your upvote!

  • juno23

    This is amazing… Merry christmas to all :)

  • TheVoodoo

    Well put! Have a great Holiday season, everybody.

  • jak2rocks

    That’s awesome. Whoever you are, keep being awesome.

  • Charlong666

    That was quite creative BetterWithRoot, I can only imagine the amount of time you put into that. Merry Christmas everyone.

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  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    Amazing! Especially the shout out to XDA. So glad that site exists! Thanks BetterWithRoot for this crazy fanatical poem… I mean that in the best way possible :)

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • xxTigerShark

    This is insanely good.

  • azswift

    Great job!

  • gh0st665

    Very enjoyable (*sips eggnog).

  • Laurel laurel25

    Nice job!

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