Ubuntu for Anddroid: How Do You Feel About It?

Posted Mar 17, 2013 at 4:44 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

So guys, in case you didn’t know the Ubuntu for Android release date has been pushed up to October of this year. So what do you think of the upcoming Ubuntu phone OS? will you dual boot on your Android device? would anyone consider completely converting? And how excited are you for it?

SO in case you haven’t heard, there is a preview version that is barely working, but is fun to play around with. There is also a version of android that has been highly modded to look like what Ubuntu Touch might look like.

Dev Preview:Your text to link…

Android Mod:Your text to link…

Play around with them, try them out, and tell us what you think.

  • Ryan Gails

    I think this OS is great looking and awesomely simple just like the desktop OS. I fell in love with the preview video for Ubuntu Tablet OS when I first saw it. I’m not sure that I would switch completely over on my daily driver for a cell phone but would consider it for a tablet. There is a thread over on XDA for the AT&T SGS2 (My current phone) that is making a good amount of process and I’m tempted to make a backup and flash it once it is closer to being complete just to see if I would like it. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with it and the app base!

    • CJ LaFleur

      Is it possible to dual boot if you have an external sd card? If it is I’m trying it. Maybe I’ll also try it on my tf201 if possible.

      n another note, is anyone an ubuntu user who is looking forward to having their phone, tablet, and desktop all interconnected? And does anyone have any idea if there will be like a file synchronicity or way you can control one remotely from the other?

  • Dannyhyu

    Definitely a cool OS, would love to see Ubuntu Mobile OS grow. Saw my friend use the developer preview and it had some great features. It was also virtually unusable but can’t judge yet since it’s just a dev preview. The look of Ubuntu is really nice and I actually wouldn’t mind using it on my phone as a daily ROM. (Since it’s basically that) Definitely love stock Jellybean, but I also love the look of Ubuntu.

    Of course, I’d have to be able to use Play Store and normal Android apps for me to want to use it.