Ubuntu OS Announced

Posted Jan 02, 2013 at 2:44 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Here is the link

I have been waiting for this for a very long time. I feel like the possibilities than can sprout from such a thing are endless. The ability to dock your phone and have it become a desktop seems revolutionary! I wonder how the app market will work out?

  • azswift

    This could be pretty fantastic as more TV’s add wireless display options. If that trickles down to desktop monitors you’d have an easy time with a desktop computer replacement setup.

    I’d love the ability to set my phone down and begin working with the mouse/keyboard without the need for a dock or cables

  • redraider133

    This looks like it could be really confusing for users at first. Just seems they may get lost in it, but it does look good other than that

    • gmaninvan

      I was thinking the same thing. As nice and intuitive as gestures are, the average user does not want to take the time to learn it. That is why the iPhone is successful. It is dumbed down.

      Although the success of android can debunk that theory to an extent due to its complicated nature in earlier versions, newer versions are very intuitive and user friendly which supports it.

  • thymeless

    It’s a corollary of running ubuntu off the Android phone, something they demoed about a year ago. Plug in a keyboard and monitor, bang, desktop ubuntu.


    Don’t know that the kernel is the same anymore, but it’s been coming

    • dcortright

      Agreed. I did hear about this a while ago too. Seems like they kind of skipped a step and went straight to the full OS. I really like how it focuses on recently used content.

  • damambt

    Im definitely looking forward to the competition. It may push those devs to achieve new breakthroughs in our mobile OS’s.
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpWHJDLsqTU&w=1280&h=720

    • gmaninvan

      Heres to hoping that google implements a proper desktop mode for android as a response to this.

  • damambt
  • aranea

    It is certainly interesting but look at the data: Motorola’s atrix had the laptop looking dock didn’t fair much. I didn’t buy it even for $60. There is the phone to tablet convertible devices that don’t get much user base either. I think we like our phones as phones and to me dedicating a phone as a desktop sometimes doesn’t seem feasible most of the times.

    And we have to take into account what service providers will do. they like to lock things and charge us arm and a leg. Did you know that ATT was charging extra $20 tethering fee if you used the laptop dock for atrix? It’s not like I’m using the phone as a hot spot. It’s the same phone same data.

    On the other hand flexibility is great! If it can run real office tools at a good speed I see adoption of such an OS more on tablets than phones. Especially if they can manage to keep a standard dock structure that businesses can keep on hand and who ever comes can plug in and present.

  • scubabum

    @dcortright: Thanks for the info. Clicking on the link in your text doesn’t work for me.
    I extract the correct link here (just in case anyone else has the same problem).


  • Bryan Stoner

    The ability to use desktop apps on a mobile would make me switch in a heartbeat. Isn’t there also Ubuntu for Android?

  • Stoxystocks

    You can dock the Samsung galaxy note 2 into a desktop but then again I do like the Ubuntu OS

  • sebastianyuke

    Finally it’s not always about tech spec, good camera and screen. Ubuntu add really impresaive feature. Plug your phone into pc, and boot it.
    Whoa it’s really revolutioner!