Uncommon Square-Off: Nexus 4 vs Galaxy S2

Posted Dec 06, 2012 at 4:05 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I’ve been searching around on google, youtube…etc. Everyone you try..type “Nexus 4 vs ” …you get the S3, iphone 5, and G.Nexus. But it seems like everyone altogether has forgotten about the Galaxy S2. I mean, the fact of the matter is, it’s the phone that put Samsung in the healthy stature it is sitting at right now. It was the most sold phone of 2011…and yet it seems to be all but forgotten.

The specs are respectable even against all the 2012 contenders…S3, One X, and even the Nexus 4. I personally really value expandable storage and it seems like the trend manufacturers is adopting is the opposite: non-removable battery, non-expandable storage. That’s the main reason keeping me away from HTC this year.

Anyway, with a 8mpx camera, exynos 4210 dual core, and enough support from xda and cyanogenmod…it still kind of shocks me that the S2 is all never talked about anymore :P

Anyway, say you had a S2., would you upgrade to any of the 2012 phones: S3, One X, Nexus 4…etc. Think with your wallet too!

  • amIT29

    nexus 4 is almost as good as s3 …surely above s2 and htc 1x and given the price score way ahead of s2 no doubt.

    • Bpear96

      Unless you need/want more then 16gb the Nexus 4 is miles ahead of the s3 in my eyes.

      I updated a few months from a S2 I9100, to a HTC One X (AT&T Snapdragon model) and I have really loved it. fast CPU , despite “only” having 2 cores, and marvelous screen and camera. Also it has great dev support, which makes me very happy because after using it i despise sense so very much. So glad AOSP based rom are pretty much rock stable thanks to some awesome devs.

      But if had to chose what I would update to now, I would go with the Nexus 4 hands down, was actually considering selling my One X for it, but decided not to. I use Straight talk so thats another reason the nexus 4 would be best for me. I paid $400 for my One X used in mint condition.

  • ReaL_MaD

    Nexus 4 no doubt – latest updates from Google, monster specs, mind-blowingly affordable and it looks super sleek. It`s a no-brainer for me ! :)

  • sravi_in

    I do not know how can you compare S2 with Nexus 4. Other than expandable storage, I don’t see any benefit at all in S2. If expandable storage is your concern, then look something other than S2.

  • piyush159

    If you’re concerned about your pocket then, I must say that S II is not a bad choice at all. WIth 8 MP Camera, 1.2 GHz Dual Core and jelly Bean, its actually a good choice. I agree that Nexus 4 is the latest but its all up-to your buying capacity.

  • dino13

    Why upgrade to any of this years phone if you have the S2. It has Jelly Bean has some big community support nad is not much slower even if it has “only” 2 cores. Rather enjoy you S2 one more year and get your self a better phone next year after mwc in barcelona.

    • R_Leslie

      Agreed! I’m not in a rush to go get the Nexus 4 when the phone I have now is doing the job for me.

  • lou2cool88

    My girlfriend’s T-Mobile S2 is a great phone (and sports a bigger-than-usual screen size for an S2) and you’re right, it’s never talked about anymore. It keeps up with my Galaxy Nexus (sometimes outperforming it, especially in the camera category). I’d say the S2 is fairly on-par with the Nexus 4 except that the Nexus 4 will be supported directly by Google and will probably be updated long past Samsung will be willing to support the S2. I’d upgrade on that basis alone but I love the Nexus devices. Someone who doesn’t mind the OEM skins may disagree with me!

    • dino13

      You are right about the updates but since S2 is supported at least till some time next year wouldn’t it be better to keep it till the next round of smartphones? The fact that Nexuses don’t have a skin is always a good thing but shouldn’t be a decider for spending 350 euros/dollars.

  • ccurran985

    Have an S2. Got it launch day in the UK. Love it but am upgrading to the Nexus 4. Got my order in on the google play store there on tuesday! :D

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    The Galaxy S2 is still a great phone but if I have to choose between it and the Nexus 4 ….then Nexus 4.

  • MC_Android

    The thing is, the Nexus 4′s camera is going to be outdated by next year with the standard probably set at 12 mpx. The S2′s camera still manages to outperform or at least be comparable with 2012 phones but the same probably cant be said about the Nexus 4 with 2013 flagships

  • chestont

    I think you need to consider just how satisfied you are right now with your S2. Phones keep improving so the longer you wait out the better phone you could get, or save that much more on this current crop of great hardware.

  • Jordan

    I am having a serious battle with myself over buying an unlocked Nexus 4 for ST or just going with the S2 already offered by Wal-Mart for ST. With no concern for money spent, which would be the better buy? And Why?

    • SGB101

      Moto g, cheaper, unbelievable battery nicer screen . Like the nexus the g is stock and will be on 4.4 before the end of the Year.

      It’s water resistant too.