Verizon – Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, Droid MAXX, or other?

Posted Sep 05, 2013 at 2:41 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

So, I’ve really liked Sony’s design recently, and would probably pick up the Z1 if it came to Verizon, but that looks very unlikely right now. So, I now have to choose between the three in the title, or something else if you guys can think of a better suggestion.

My most recent phone was the Galaxy Nexus CMDA, but I broke it and am now using a Samsung Fascinate (don’t laugh). I hate it, and I’m looking to upgrade very soon, and don’t know if the Note would be worth it, or if I would really even use the stylus much. Any previous Note users have any feedback on that?

Coming from the Galaxy Nexus, I definitely appreciated the removable battery, but all of these phones have huge batteries in them that I think would be more than sufficient, so I don’t really care about removable battery that much, but it’d be a nice addition.

I’d like a big screen, and I have fairly big hands, so I don’t think any of these phones will be “too big”. I’m wanting to get a phone that will last me a long time, so I was thinking Snapdragon 800. I don’t really care all that much about the quality of the camera or if it has expandable storage.

I could use your help, though! What do you guys think I should lean towards?

  • Sean Riley

    I’d lean towards one of the first two at the moment, with the obvious caveat that I haven’t handled either. If you don’t find the pen component of the Note 3 compelling, which many people don’t, then go with the G2.

    I’ll have the DROID MAXX review up soon so you’ll hear what I have to say about that one.

    • emaciscool

      I suppose that the pen just reminds me too much of a PDA, or like I’d be stuck between old technology and new technology, but I suppose they’ve added quite a bit of functionality to it, too. I’m sure I COULD use it, being at college, I’m just not sure if it’s compelling enough to make that my first choice or not?

      • thymeless

        I don’t think you ever have to use the pen if you don’t like it. I personally prefer the Note 3 and it’s not for the pen features. I like the phablet aspect of it, something more important to me with my aging eyes now. It will be better for data, surfing, entertainment, video, but still be pocketable. I still have my distance vision and can drive without correction, but I use reading glasses for closer work. With my Galaxy Nexus, there are times I struggle with the size of the content on the screen now. For example, with incoming calls or notifications, I probably don’t have my glasses on and just looking at the screen, it’s not always clear to read. I don’t have that problem with my friend’s Note 2.

        And I’m afraid of the support the G2 will have going forward. LG has not been supporting the G Pro very well at all.


    I say go for the G2. In my personal rankings, as far as what I want to buy, its the Z1 then the G2.

    • LukeT32

      I’m in the same boat and was excited about getting a Moto X until I heard about the G2. I will be snatching up a G2 on launch day.

      • LukeT32

        After a month of the G2 I love it…. Battery life blows my Gnex out of the water. I just went 42 hours over Saturday and Sunday. Mind you it was light usage compared to my normal amount but that was connected to 4G the whole time with no WIFI usage. I generally can get 24 hours out of it with streaming 6 hours a Pandora every day at work.

  • JJ

    I have the droid MAXX and it is amazing it will easily last at least twice as long as the other phones on a single charge. The build quality is amazing and it feels premium unlike the galaxy s4. Customers are falling in love with my droid MAXX. The only con is the steep price but come on a32gb iPhone is 300 with the MAXX you get 32gb and the best battery out there.. Six months free of Google play all access and a sexy phone.

    • kyle

      I have the droid maxx and it constantly freezes and force closer the music player. You can’t take the back off to get to the battery and it takes 5-10 mins for it to shut down. I would rather have my optimus L9 back.

    • Chuck

      Hi JJ,

      Do you still like the Razor Maxx? I am getting ready for my upgrade and I am torn which way to go. I have been hearing that the Note 3 has as good of a battery in it.

  • thymeless

    I’d get the Note3. It will have the best support from the maker and the community. There will be a lot of accessories to encase, boost the battery and more as well.

    LG makes great phones. But they have been poor about pushing out updates. And their market penetration has meant that the development community has struggled for these phones as well. The G Pro is great phone, but there’s no ROM for it yet for example and no Android updates, still at 4.1.2 as I recall.

    The Droid has been a good line of phones. I think the Moto X is going to overshadow it in the market though leaving it with lesser support and sales.

    Note3 for the win.

    • LukeT32

      I rooted my G2 within days of getting it…. Running custom ROMs a few days later. LG/VZW actually pushed an update in the first week to block root, but that was quickly fixed also.

  • SGB101

    I’m a note2 veteran, the pen is next to worthless on such a small screen, so I’d forget the pen aspect.

    Also the batteries are big in the devices, heavy use will have them plumbing in 12 months.

    I’d go removable battery and 16gb + hopefully with sd, 32gb with out sd,at a push!

    Another thing you may be interested in is CM support.

  • Charles Easton IV

    I TOTALLY would love to get the Sony Z1 just like you but am also on Verizon.

    I did a phone research outing recently at the mall to check out some of the new phones recently released. Here’s what I thought:

    + The [Verizon/Silver] HTC was really nice looking and felt great with the metal body, and the screen was fantastic. I’m just not sure the two button layout is the best. The speakers are killer.

    + I actually REALLY liked holding the Droid MAXX, It felt the best and looks super sharp. Very bold. I know the specs are not as powerful as others on the market today but It really shouldn’t matter, it was a freaking awesome phone. I was very surprised.

    + I did not like the Droid Ultra, felt gross with the shiny coating.

    + The same goes with the Samsung S4, don’t like the way it looks or feels.

    + Since I couldn’t see an LG G2, I went over to the AT&T store and looked at the G Pro. I loved the size of this phone and its screen was beautiful, the best I looked at that day. I just hated the case of the phone (Keep in mind, I loved the Droid MAXX, that the design I enjoy) so I know it’s not the G2, but from the reviews I’ve seen its similar.

    + Also at AT&T I did not enjoy the Moto X at all, It was too small and It looked like it should have a textured back but It was actually glossy so it messed with my head.

    So that’s what I found from walking around the mall. As for what has yet to be released, I’d wait for the HTC One MAX, that should be the right sized phone (Big, but not overly huge) with the best build. At least wait till you can compare it in person with the Note III and the G2.

    But if I had to decide right this second for a phone for Verizon, I’d go Droid MAXX.

    • Andrewkpopboy

      Sir, That Phone Is Going To Be Bigger Than The Note 3

      Same Size As The Pantech Vega No.6 Though


  • Willie

    I’m going with Droid Maxx

  • thehandcoder

    I’ve got the maxx and love it. You get the features of the Moto X with 32GB and a huge battery. It’s nice to really not have to worry about plugging in so much. I take my phone off the charger. Stream audio via bluetooth for an hour drive to work. Use the phone throughout the day(games, twitter, facebook, etc). Stream audio on the way home. Play with the phone off and on before going to bed, then put it back on the charger with 40-50% battery still left. With My GS3 I’d have to plug it in any time I was in the car and usually at least one other time during the day.

    I seriously considered the g2, but the near stock android of the motorola, and the extra features they’ve added(active notifications, assist, touch free) are awesome. I don’t think I could go back to a phone without active notifications. I know I roll my eyes when I’ve read reviews say things like that, but now that I’ve used it for a couple of weeks it really is awesome.