Verizon grandfather unlimited plan

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 10:30 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I have my unlimited plan and my contract is up in August. I bought a droid Bionic off the best buy private marketplace for $200. my plan is to sell my charge and then sell my charge and use that money (plus some more) to get the Galaxy S III without ever signing a new contract.

back when they first introduced tiered plans i read they would let you sign another unlimited contract a couple of times then force you into the tiered plans.
has anyone experienced this yet? has anyone upgraded with a grandfathered unlimited plan? what did they tell you?
do we have any new news on this?

  • Robert C.

    Hey, Luke. I had this concern too. I just got a new 3G model and they let me keep my unlimited data. When I asked about the next time I’ll get an upgrade when most phones would be 4G the sales staff assured me that there wouldn’t be a plan difference just because the phones run on their newer network. Additionally, I made sure to extract an explicit reassurance that I would never be forced off of the plan. However, they can be mercurial. If I had the money I’d do what you’re doing, to avoid having to re-sign and risk them telling me that. Also, if you do decide to upgrade make sure you go to a Verizon corporate location. I almost guarantee anyone who was told they needed to switch was told by someone who works at one of the authorized retailers. Those places are scuzzy and in my experience, the people who work there are poorly trained and sometimes dishonest. They tend to steer you toward the option that gets them the most credit for signing you to a 2 year contract and switching someone to the tiered data plan probably works in their favor.